单选题 (每题1分,共100道题)

1[单选] 公司计划发布一款新的软件产品。应对市场需求,项目经理组织一次与所有内部项目相关方会议,讨论并整合输入和想法。 项目经理执行的是下列哪一项?

A company plans to release a new software product in response to market demand. A project manager organizes a workshop with all internal project stakeholders to discuss and consolidate inputs and ideas. What is the project manager performing?

  • AA.思维导图
    Mind mapping
  • BB.决策分析
    Decision analysis
  • CC.亲和图
    Affinity diagramming
  • DD.头脑风暴

正确答案:D 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:D 解析:与所有内部项目相关方开会,讨论并整合输入和想法。头脑风暴是一种用来产生和收集对项目需求与产品需求的多种创意的技术。

2[单选] 一个产品按时按成本交付,并满足质量期望。但是,项目团队不确定生产的产品是否满足客户需求。下列哪一项说明了这种情况?

A product is delivered on time, delivered within cost, and meets quality expectations. However, the project team is not sure if the product produced meet the client’s requirements. Which of the following explains this situation?

  • AA.相关方之间的沟通不良
    There was poor communication among stakeholders
  • BB.项目章程不完善
    Project chart was incomplete
  • CC.在需求识别阶段未使用专家判断
    Expert judgment was not used during the requirement identification phase
  • DD.未更新需求跟踪矩阵
    Requirements traceability matrix was not being updated

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:需求跟踪矩阵:把产品需求从其来源连接到能满足需求的可交付成果的一种表格。

3[单选] 项目经理正在整理用于验收产品可交付成果的文件。验收可交付成果时,项目经理应该 做什么?

A project manager is assembling the documents for the acceptance of product deliverables. Upon acceptance of the deliverables, what should the project manager do?

  • AA.收尾项目可交付结果
    Close the project deliverables.
  • BB.将可交付成果文件存档
    Archive the deliverable documents.
  • CC.转移可交付成果的所有权
    Transfer ownership of the deliverables.
  • DD.获得客户对可交付成果的反馈
    Obtain customer feedback on the deliverables.

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:验收,是看客户对于可交付成果是否可接受,是否满足了他的需求。接受就签字,不接受就不签字,这是反馈。

4[单选] 公司正在开发一些新产品,在测试阶段,客户发现该产品的一个严重缺陷。项目经理应该使用什么来确定合适的解决方案?

A company is developing a new produci.During the testing stage,customers identify a serious defect with it. What should the project manager use to determine an appropriate solution?

  • AA.因果图
    Cause-and-effect diagram 
  • BB.六西格玛
    Six Sigma
  • CC.专家判断
    Expert judgement
  • DD.面向X的设计
    Design for X

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:修复缺陷,要先找根本原因。


A local project is expanding and will now include stakeholders from different countries, what existing documentation must the project manager adjust to effectively manage these global stakeholders?

  • AA.变更控制程序
    Change control procedures
  • BB.沟通管理计划
    Coirmiunication management plan
  • CC.组织沟通需求
    Organization communication requirements
  • DD.风险登记册
    Risk register

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:题目考管理相关方工具,B正确。

6[单选] 一名新项目经理被任命管理一个正在进行当中的项目,发现一些必须整合的可交付成果不兼容。进一步审查后,项目经理发现问题是由于待执行工作的描述造成的。 项目经理查阅的是哪份文件来确定这一点?

A new project manager assigned to an ongoing project realizes that some deliverables that must be integrated are incompatible. After further review, the manager discovers that the issue resulted from the description of the work to be performed. What document did the project manager review to determine this

  • AA.工作分解结构(WBS)字典
    Work breakdown structure (WBS) dictionary
  • BB.工作分解结构(WBS)
    Work breakdown structure (WBS)
  • CC.需求跟踪矩阵
    Requirements traceability matrix
  • DD.项目范围说明书
    Project scope statement

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:可交付成果不兼容,查看文件后发现是由于描述出了问题。说明是查看了wbs 词典,这是对 wbs 的补充和名词解析。


A new team member joins a project.The project manager is highly disciplined and expects timely participation in weekly meetings. The new member comes from an organization with a liberal culture and,out of habit is continually late for meettings.When asked why,the team member responds that they are busy working on deliverables,which they believe have priority.What should the project manager do?

  • AA.暂停该团队成员的工作并解释这种行为是不允许的
    Suspend the leam member and explain that this behavior is not permitted.
  • BB.再次与该团队成员会面,解释守时至关重要
    Meet with the team member again to explain that punctuality is crucial.
  • CC.忽略这种行为,因为这名团队成员正在确保工作不受影响
    Ignore the behavior,as this team member is ensuring that work is not affected,
  • DD.强调基本规则并影响团队,以便所有人都了解并遵守这些规则
    Highlight ground rules and influences the team so that these rules arc understood and followed by all.

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:规则问题,应人人遵守,不是只针对哪一个成员,也不允许任何成员有特权。

8[单选] 任命的项目经理获悉,相关方对已识别到的项目问题和风险非常担心,他们对一个多月没有收到任何沟通表示不满。 项目经理应该怎么做?

A newly appointed project manager learns that stakeholders are concerned about identified project isues and risks. They are dissatisfied that for over a month no communications have been received. What should the new project manager do?

  • AA.实施现有沟通管理计划和相关方参与计划
    Implement the existing communications management and stakeholder management plans.
  • BB.更新沟通管理计划和相关方参与计划,并立即向相关方提供有关问题和风脸的信息
    Update the communications management and stakeholder management plans and provide immediate communication regarding the issues and risks to the stakeholders.
  • CC.与相关方开会以确定沟通所需的频率,然后立即向他们提供有关这些问题和风险的信息
    Meet with stakeholders to determine the frequency required for communications, then immediate provide them with information regarding the issues and risks.
  • DD.与关键相关方开会,然后更新沟通管理计划和相关方参与计划
    Meet with the key stakeholders then update the communications management and stakeholder management plans.

正确答案:D 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:D 解析:典型沟通问题,选沟通管理计划。D好于 B,先见面了解需求,再更新沟通管理计划

9[单选]家公司聘用一名项目经理来管理与之前完成的一个项目类似的新项目。在该项目执行 期间一项新的政府规定获得批准。项问经理下一步应该怎么做?

A company hires a project manager to work on a new project that is similar to one previously completed.A new government regulation was approved during tliat project.What should the project manager do next?

  • AA.请求专家判断
    Ask for expert judgment
  • BB.获得这项政府规定的相关培训
    Obtain training on the government regulation
  • CC.参阅经验教训知识库
    Refer to the lessons learned repository
  • DD.修订项目管理计划
    Modify the project management plan

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:做过类似项目,应首先参阅该项目的经验教训。

10[单选] 在举行了几次会议来确定项目活动之后,项目团队仍然不赞同许多事项。项目经理应该 使用什么来达成共识?

After holding several meetings to define project activities,a project team still disagrees on many items.What should the project manager use to achieve consensus?

  • AA.名义小组技术
    Nominal group technique
  • BB.亲和图
    Affinity diagram
  • CC.大多数原则
  • DD.—致同意原则

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:多次会议还不能达成一致意见,就不要再追求一致同意,可以使用大多数原则。

11[单选] 在一个IT基础设施设备项目的执行阶段,IT经理要求提供比预算中最初包含的服务器更昂贵的服务器,项目经理应该怎么做?

During the execution phase of an IT infrastructure project,the IT manager requests a more expensive server than the one that was initially included in the budget.What should the project manager do?

  • AA.执行风险评估
    Conduct a risk assessment
  • BB.提出变更请求
    Initiate a change request
  • CC.在范围说明书中核实该请求
    Validate the request with a scope statement
  • DD.批准该请求
    Approve the request

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:典型变更问题,走变更流程。

12[单选] 项目经理负责管理一个正在进行的项目,该项目具有跨多个职能领域的大量依赖关系。 项目经理首先应该准备什么?

A project manager assumes an ongoing prdjectwith a large number of .dependencies across multiple functional areas.What should the project manager prepare first?

  • AA.鱼骨图,以了解项目成功的根本原因
    A fish-bone diagram to understand the root causes of project success
  • BB.与利益相关方的沟通管理计划和相关方参与计划
    Communications management and stakeholder engagement plans with relavant stakeholders
  • CC.项目估算,以与实施团队讨论
    A project estimate to discuss with the implementation teams
  • DD.成本效益分析,以了解最终用户效益
    A cost-benefit analysis to understand end-user benefits

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:相关方之间依赖关系比较复杂,属于识别相关方和管理相关方问题。

13[单选] 在制定资源管理计划时,一位项目经理得知,完成一项关键任务所需的技能组合供不应 求且需求很高。项目经理将这个问题记录在资源管理计划中。若要包含这个问题,应该更新哪一份其他文件?

While developing the resource management plan,a project manager learns that the skill not needed to complete a critical task is in short supply and high demand.The project manager notes this in the resource management plan. What other document should be updated to include this issue?

  • AA.采购管理计划
    Procurement management plan
  • BB.风险管理计划
    Risk management plan
  • CC.培训手册
    Training manual
  • DD.团队开发过程
    Team development process

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:事先发现能力缺乏,要在计划中安排培训。

14[单选] 项目经理已经完成识别相关方的工作。之前,由于没有对项目经理和相关方的影响力或 职权方面规定区别,项目经理在管理相关方方面有困难,在相关方登记册中需要包含哪一些信息?

A project manager has completed the identification of stakeholders.Previously,the project manager had difficulty managing stakeholders because no distinctions were made among them regarding influence or authority. What information needs to be included in the stakeholder register?

  • AA. 新相关方的变更请求
    Change requests for new stakeholders
  • BB. 相关方效益管理计划
    Stakeholder benefits management plan
  • CC.相关方参与计划
    Stakeholder engagement plan
  • DD.相关方分类
    Stakeholder classification

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:本题考相关方登记册的内容。

15[单选] 在项目执行过程中,一位关键相关方对应项目经理实施一项风险规避策略的大量成本表 示担心,项目经理应该告诉相关方什么信息?

During project execution, a key stakeholder expresses concern about the significant cost of a risk avoidance strategy being implemented by the project manager.What should the project manager tell the stakeholder?

  • AA.如果这个风险变为现实,则项目成本可能高于风险规避策略的成本
    If the risk is realized, the cost of the project could be higher than the cost of the risk avoidance strategy.
  • BB.这个风险变成现实的概率很高,因此风险规避成本是必要的
    There is a high probability that the risk will be realized and, therefore, the risk avoidance counts are necessary.
  • CC.这个风险在风险登记册中的优先级和影响均较高
    The risk has a high priority and impact on the risk register.
  • DD.他们将终止风险规避策略,以减少项目开支
    They will terminate the risk avoidance strategy to reduce project expense.

正确答案:C 你的答案:C


16[单选] 项目经理正在收集正式的项目需求。在进行相关方访谈后,项目经理意识到有些目标与项目章程中的目标不一致。根据在启动阶段获得的信息,必须高度关注该项目,以保持符合预算限制。 若要管理需求并满足相关方的期望,项目经理应该怎么做?

A project manager is gathering formal project requirements. After conducting stakeholder interviews, the project manager realizes that some obieeti\?e&; are inconsistent with those in the project charter. Based on information learned during the initiation phase, this project must be highly focused to stay within budget limits. To manage requirements and meet stakeholder expectations, what should the project manager do?

  • AA.将相关方的期望与项目章程中的目标调整一致
    Realign the stakeholder's expectations with the objectives in the project charter.
  • BB.扩展项目章程以包含新识别到的目标
    Expand the project charter to include the newly identified objectives.
  • CC.删除项目章程中与相关方目标不一致的目标
    Remove objectives in the project charter that are not aligned with the stakeholders’objectives
  • DD.忽视可能超出项目章程中详述的范围的相关方目标
    Disregard stakeholders’ objectives that may be outside the scope detailed in the project charter.

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:13 章的主要作用是让相关方支持项目(包括项目目标)。相关方目标和章程目标不一致,要影响相关方,而不是改变项目目标。

17[单选] 一个构建月度报告的项目涉及两个团队。团队X从事后端数据库的工作,团队Y从事构建报告的用户界 面前段工作。项目经理要求两个团队的代表在需求收集过程中担任主题专家(SMEs),其中一位主题专家 是该领域广受尊敬的人物,项目经理担心可能出现偏差。 项目经理应使用什么工具或技术?

A project to build monthly reports involves two teams. Team X works on the back-end database,and team Y works on the front end that will build the reports’user interface. The project manager asks for representatives from both teams to be subject matter experts(SMEs) at the requirements gathering process.One of the SMEs is widely respected figure in the field, and the project manager is worried about possible bias. What tool or technique should the project manager use?

  • AA.德尔菲技术
    Delphi technique
  • BB.多标准决策分析
    Multi-criteria decision analysis
  • CC.石川图
    Ishikawa diagram
  • DD.头脑风暴

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:多名主题专家参与决策,要确保客观意见,最好使用背靠背的形式,即德尔菲技术。

18[单选] 项目经理识别并登记多个风险,然后为项目起草一份风险应对计划。然而,由于资金限制以及发起人不愿意为不确定的活动创建预算,风险应对计划未获批准。项目经理应该怎么做?

A project manager identifies and registers multiple risk, and then drafts a risk response plan for the project. However, due to funding constraints and the sponsor’s unwillingness to create a budget for uncertain activities, the risk response plan is not approved. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.将该问题升级上报给高级相关方
    Escalate the issue to senior stakeholders.
  • BB.请求批准风险应对计划,以解决高优先级风险
    Request approval of a risk response plan that addresses the high-priority risks.
  • CC.将其他项目的预算利用情况审查组织过程资产
    Review the organizational process assets regarding budget utilization from other projects.
  • DD.接受发起人的决定,并继续执行项目
    Accept the sponsor’s decision, and continue with project.

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:风险应对,超出项目经理权力范围,上报。

19[单选] 项目团队在交付产品增量时遇到困难,项目经理安排一次回顾总结会议以找出差错。谁应该参加这次会议?

A project team is experiencing difficulties in delivering product increments.The project manager schedules a retrospective to identify gaps.Who should attend this meeting?

  • AA.指导委员会成员
    Steering committee members
  • BB.所有直接参与项目生产进度工作的成员
    A11 members directly involved in producing progress work fir the project
  • CC.项目管理办公室(PMO)的负责人和项目经理
    The head of the project management office (PMO)and the project manager
  • DD.参与该项目的每个团队的团队领导
    The team leaders of each team involved in the project

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:回顾会议是敏捷开发中管理质量的工具,敏捷开发质量管理是全体成员的责任,包括质量控制。

20[单选] 项目的状态更新与相关方参与计划不符,项目经理应该怎么做?

A project’s status update was not accordance with the stakeholder management plan. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.请求高级管理层提供建议
    Ask senior management for advice
  • BB.审查沟通管理计划
    Audit the communication management plan
  • CC.进行项目审查
    Do a Post- project review
  • DD.执行检查和审计
    Perform inspections and audits

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:项目状态更新,即向相关方发布项目最新状态,是沟通问题,要根据沟通管理计划执行。沟通管理计划的制定,要参考相关方参与计划。题目问题可能是沟通管理计划制定得有问题,选 B

21[单选] 收到供应商建议书后,项目经理应使用什么来确保最低报价在当前市场范围内?

After receiving vendor proposals, what should a project manager use to ensure that the lowest price is within the current market range?

  • AA.独立估算
    Independent estimates
  • BB.建议书评价技术
    Proposal evaluation techniques
  • CC.专家判断
    Expert judgment
  • DD.分析技术
    Analytical techniques

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:对于大型的采购,采购组织可以自行准备独立估算,或聘用外部专业估算师做出成本估算,并将其作为评价卖方报价的对照基准。

22[单选] 项目经理通过电子邮件向所有项目相关方(包括本地和海外团队成员)发布每周项目更新,一个海外项目团队担心由于对项目需求的误解而无法实现目标。项目经理应该怎么做?

A project manager distributes weekly project updates via email to all project stakeholders,including local and overseas team members. An overseas project team expresses concern that it cannot meet objectives due to misunderstandings about the project’s requirements

  • AA.单独与该海外团队谈话澄清该问题
    Independently speak with the overseas team to clarity the issue.
  • BB.将该问题记录在问题日志中
    Document this in the issue log.
  • CC.分配另一个海外团队来帮助/指导他们
    Assign another overseas team to help/coach them.
  • DD.与所有相关方开会,讨论这个问题
    Meet with project stakeholders to discuss the issue.

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:担心未必是是事实,但是要当成一个问题来处理。A,是否要单独和对方谈,不影响事实情况,不好。

23[单选] 在项目的风险评估会议上,观察清单中的一个风险项发生概率急剧增加。项目经理应首先更新哪一项内容?

During a project’s risk assessment meeting, the probability of one of the items on the watch list occurring drastically, what should the project manager update first?

  • AA.风险管理计划
    Risk management plan
  • BB.风险登记册
    Risk register
  • CC.假设日志
    Assumptions log
  • DD.风险应对计划
    Risk response plan

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:监控过程中,某一风险的量化信息发生改变,应及时更新到风险登记册中。

24[单选]家组织正在开展一个软件应用程序开发项目,有不同的相关方参与到该项自的不同阶 段。项目经理应该如何让相关方在整个项目过程中参与?

An organization has a software plication development project undcrvvay.Dificrcnt stakeholder’s are involved in different phases of the project. How should the project manager engage stakeholders throughout the projects?

  • AA.使用来自相关方的信息来制定项目需求
    Use information from stakeholders to develop project requirements
  • BB.定期与所有相关方确认关键项目决策
    Regularly validate key project decisions with all stakeholders
  • CC.让相关方参与制定项目商业论证
    Involve the stakeholders in the development of the project’s business case
  • DD.不断与所有相关方分享项目状态报告
    Continuously share the projects status reports with all stakeholders

正确答案:B 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:B 解析:BD都是整个项目过程的参与,B参与程度更高。


Some previously unidentified stakeholders report that they have not been kept informed regarding the status of a critical project even thought their functional areas are largely impacted . What should the project manager do first?

  • AA.审查项目的沟通方法
    review project communication methods
  • BB.检查并更新相关方登记册
    check and update the registries of the stakeholders
  • CC.确定沟通项目状态的新策略
    to determine the status of communication projects
  • DD.邀请所有相关方参加状态会议
    Invites all stakeholders to the State meetings

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:既是沟通问题(没有持续通知项目状态),又是相关方问题(识别了新的相关方)。这种情况,首先考虑相关方问题,选B


A key project is behind schedule and over the budget. A detailed analysis by the Project Management Office (PMO) reveals that not all key persons are identified and there is no active process to approach and manage these persons. What corrective action should the project manager take?

  • AA.改进相关方参与计划
    To improve the Stakeholders' Participation Plan
  • BB.查看权力/利益方格
    To view power/interest grid
  • CC.控制相关方参与程度
    To control the degree of stakeholders' participation
  • DD.更新沟通管理计划
    To update the communication control plan

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:答案:A 解析:题目是相关方参与问题,改进相关方参与计划,可以增加相关方支持,降低相关方抵制,形成有效的相关方氛围。

27[单选] 在生产某个新产品时,确定某个过程的两个数据点超出控制界限上限。由于这个过程是项目管理计划中其它活动的依赖,所以如果没有得到适当控制,整个项目的绩效都将会受到影响。项目经理下一步应该怎么做?

During the production of a new product, it is identified that two data points of a process are above the upper control limit. Since this process is a dependency of other activities in the project management plan, performance of the overall project could be impacted not properly controlled. What should the project manager do next?

  • AA.将这个过程与其他类似产品的过程进行标杆对照,以提高绩
    Benchmark this process to others of similar products to improve performance
  • BB.使用实验设计(DOE)方法来确定这些偏差的根本原因
    Use the design of experiments(DOE)method to identify the root cause of these deviations
  • CC.创建石川图来确定这些问题的根本原因
    Create an Ishikawa diagram to determine the root cause of these problems
  • DD.审查这一过程的强制性依赖关系,以评估对项目的影响
    Review the mandatory dependencies of this process to assess the impact on the project

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:可以判断过程失控,应该对过程进行修复、改进。改进过程首先需要识别过程失控的根本原因。

28[单选]位团队成员通知项目经理有一个问题可能会破坏项目。项目经理将该问题添加到问题曰志中,并要求团 队找到解决方案。 项目经理下一步应该怎么做?

A team member notifies the project manager of an issue that has the potential of disrupting the project.The project manager adds the issue log,and the team to find a resolution. What should the project manager do next?

  • AA.更新风险登记册
    Update the risk register.
  • BB.修订项目管理计划
    Revise the project management plan.
  • CC.确定适当的风险应对
    Identify the appropriate risk response.
  • DD.通知相关方
    Inform the stakeholders.

正确答案:C 你的答案:C



29[单选] 公司的新产品系列将在两个月内发布,95%的项目任务均已完成。但是,管理层却决定终止产品发布并取消项目。项目经理下一步该怎么做?

The Company's new product line will be launched in two months, and 95% of the project tasks have been completed. However, the management decides to terminate the product launch and cancel the project. What should the project manager do next?

  • AA.立即停止所有项目任务
    To stop all project tasks immediately
  • BB.按原计划完成项目
    To complete the project as per the original plan
  • CC.释放资源并记录项目状态
    To release resources and record the project status
  • DD.收尾项目并更新经验教训
    To close the project and update lessons learned

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:答案:D 解析:项目被提前终止,意味着项目应该进入收尾阶段。CD选项相比,D选项在前,C选项在后,所以D选项更好。

30[单选] 基于不断变化的立法,项目团队识别到大量额外的需求,项目经理要求团队针对每个需求提交变更请求。 项目经理下一步应该怎么做?

Based on the changing legislation, the project team identifies a large number of additional requirements, and the project manager asks the team to submit a change request for each requirement. What should the project manager do next?

  • AA.变更范围和基准
    To change scope and benchmark
  • BB.审查变更管理计划,并按该计划执行
    To review the change control plan and execute it as per this plan
  • CC.安排召开变更控制委员会(CCB)会议,加快批准
    To arrange the Change Control Committee (CCB) meeting to accelerate approval
  • DD.向发起人提交时间和成本偏差请求
    To submit the time and cost deviation requests to the sponsor

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:答案:B 解析:发生变更时,需要按照变更管理计划中的规定进行执行,B选项为通用答案,更加全面。

31[单选]家公司计划推出一个新的数字银行解决方案。在项目启动时,识别到一个关键依赖关系,需要在产品推出前获得监管部门的批准。这被添加到风险登记册,并由项目经理积极监控。目前,仍未得到监管部门的批准,这可能会导致产品推出延期。 项目经理如何能够减轻该风险?

A company plans to introduce a new digital banking solution. At the project kick-off, a key dependency is identified that requires regulatory approval before the product launch. This is added to the Risk Register and is actively monitored by the project manager. Currently, it has not yet been approved by the regulatory authority, which may lead to delay of product rollouts. How can a project manager mitigate this risk?

  • AA.准备风险应对措施
    To prepare for risk response action
  • BB.在风险登记册中更新并跟踪该风险
    To update and track the risk in the Risk Register
  • CC.调整项目进度计划,包含应急应对措施
    To adjust the project schedule, including emergency response action
  • DD.评估被监管拒绝的可能性
    To evaluate the possibility of being rejected by the regulatory

正确答案:A 你的答案:B

解析:答案:A 解析:要想减轻相关风险,需要首先制定风险应对措施,通过各种规定的方式来减轻风险,A选项为最佳答案。

32[单选] 客户希望增加股东权益的总和,提高其在全球市场的品牌知名度。客户的主要目标是什么?

Customer wants to increase the total shareholders' equity and increase their brand awareness in the global market. What is the main objective of the customer?

  • AA.为组织战略改善整体业务支持
    To improve the overall business support for organizational strategy
  • BB.增加营销预算
    To increase the marketing budget
  • CC.提高商业价值
    To increase the business value
  • DD.通过重新投资其他业务组合提高市场份额
    To increase the market share by reinvesting in other business portfolios

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:答案:C 解析:提升商业价值,包括有形的(资产)和无形的(品牌、口碑等)价值,是客户关注的最终目标。

33[单选] 客户需要批准的产品指南,以便在新的站点实施己完成的项目解决方案。但是,客户却无法实施解决方案,因为可交付成果不能按照已批准需求的规范执行。 若要避免这个问题,项目经理应该事先做什么?

Customer needs the approved product guidelines to implement a completed project solution at a new site. However, the customer cannot implement the solution because the deliverables fail to be executed in accordance with the specifications of the approved requirements. To avoid this problem, what should the project manager do in advance?

  • AA.完成统计抽样分析
    To complete the statistical sampling analysis
  • BB.应用质量检查
    To use the quality check
  • CC.执行质量审计
    To perform the quality audit
  • DD.核实变更
    To verify changes

正确答案:C 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:C 解析:题目强调了避免,考管理质量(质量保证),只有C是管理质量(质量保证)工具。


A new member joins the team and the team's reporting structure has changed for several times. Which document should the project manager review to quickly get the new team member adapted?

  • AA.项目组织图
    Project Organization Chart
  • BB.层级资源图
    Hierarchical Resources Map
  • CC.责任分配矩阵(RAM)
    Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM)
  • DD.资源管理计划
    Resources Control Plan

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:项目组织图以图形方式展示项目团队成员及其报告关系。基于项目的需要,项目组织图可以是正式或非正式的,非常详细或高度概括的。A选项最准确

35[单选] 某个新项目将使用特定软件发布。在项目启动大会上,一名团队成员记起在之前的一个项目他们已经使用了该软件工具的第一版,但该软件造成许多问题。该项目经理接下来应该怎么做?

A new project will be released using a specific software. At the project kick-off meeting, a team member remembers the first version of the software tool they used in a previous project, but the software has caused many problems. What should the project manager do next?

  • AA.项目团队成员解释说,自上一个项目后,技术已经发生了很大变化,以后不会发生问题
    The project members explain that since the last project, the technology has changed a lot and no problem will occur in future.
  • BB.查看过往项目的经验教训说明,识别新项目中的类似风险
    To view lessons learned from previous projects and identify similar risks in new projects
  • CC.立即将潜在风险上报给项目发起人,以便能够获得额外的资金
    To immediately escalate the potential risks to the project sponsor so that additional funds can be obtained
  • DD.结束项目并收集经验教训,让未来的项目可以从该经验教训中获益
    To close the project and collect lessons learned so that future projects may benefit from the lessons learned

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:AD先排除。为什么不选C?因为按照风险控制流程,先做B识别风险,再考虑是否做C,因为C属于规划风险应对过程。

36[单选] 某项目出现跨项目资源使用问题及高层面临变更风险,项目经理应该采用哪种风险应对方法?

A project has cross-project resource use problems and senior management faces the risk of change. Which risk response method should the project manager adopt?

  • AA.减轻
  • BB.上报
  • CC.规避
  • DD.转移

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:如果项目团队或项目发起人认为某威胁不在项目范围内,或提议的应对措施超出了项目经理的权限,就应该采用上报策略。题目场景符合PMBOK描述。

37[单选] 项目需要一位熟练的工程师来执行某个特定任务,但由于工作量大,该工程师不能参与这个项目。 项目经理下一步应该怎么做?

A project requires a skilled engineer to perform a specific task.However?due to high workloads,the engineer cannot participate in the project. What should the project manager do next?

  • AA.修改进度计划,以适应该资源
    Modify the schedule to accommodate the resource.
  • BB.与职能经理协商该资源的参与
    Negotiate with the flmctional manager for the resource's participation.
  • CC.培训项目团队中的某个成员来执行所需的活动
    Train someone on the project team to perform the needed activity.
  • DD.要求发起人提供更多的时间来寻找其他资源来执行任务
    Ask the sponsor for more time to find another resource to perform the task.

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:本题可以理解为获取资源,用谈判,选 B;也可以理解为相关方问题,要管理相关方参与,也选B

38[单选] 虽然前两个可交付成果是完整的,但由于财务原因,项目被取消。项目经理应该做?

Although the first two deliverables are complete, the project is cancelled for financial reasons. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.向管理层解释项目应该继续下去
    To explain to the management that the project should continue
  • BB.迅速进入收尾阶段
    To quickly get into the closing stage
  • CC.进行资源遣散
    To demobilize resources
  • DD.内部分析原因,并提交相关的建议
    To analyze the reasons internally and submit relevant recommendations

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:项目被提前终止,项目经理应该配合指令进人收尾阶段并完成相关工作。D选项错误,项目已经被取消,需要响应指令。

39[单选] 为解决具有挑战性的客户请求,启动了一个项目。该项目必须在短时间内交付。项目经理应该怎么做来尽可能提高项目的成功率?

In order to solve a challenging customer request, a project has kicked off. The project must be delivered in a short time. What should the project manager do to maximize the success rate of the project?

  • AA.安排采购会议,加快采购
    To arrange a procurement meeting to speed up the process of procurement
  • BB.将问题上报给项目发起人
    To report the issue to the project sponsor
  • CC.开始执行项目活动
    To start executing the project activities
  • DD.与团队一起制定详细计划
    To work with the team to develop a detailed plan

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:与团队成员(核心成员)一起制定项目管理计划,是良好的实践,可以减少相关的风险,并且起到团队共创的效果。D选项为最佳答案。

40[单选] 项目的进度很紧张,延迟交付不可接受。职能经理要求将一名资源调至优先级更高的项目,但是,该团队成员正在从事一个关键路径活动。 若要避免对项目的负面影响,项目经理应该怎么做?

The progress of the project becomes very tight and delayed delivery should be unacceptable. The functional manager requests that a resource be transferred to a project at the higher priority, but the team member is engaged in a critical path activity. What should the project manager do to avoid negative impacts on the project?

  • AA.请求项目发起人确保提供另一名资源
    To request the project sponsor to ensure that another resource is provided
  • BB.与职能经理讨论该情形
    To discuss the situation with the functional manager
  • CC.修改进度计划以使用浮动时间
    To modify the schedule to use floating time
  • DD.使用资源平衡
    To use balance of resources

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:无论理解为相关方或者冲突问题,都要面对沟通,都是选B

41[单选] 项目经理面对一个由两个合资企业组成的指导委员会,他们拥有对立的优先级。一个伙伴希望加快进度;而第二个合作伙伴想要高质量,并且愿意接受更长时间的进度。项目经理应该如何解决这个冲突?A project manager is confronted by a steering committee composed of two joint venture partners with opposing priorities.One partner wants a tighter schedule;the second partner wants superior quality and will accept a longer schedule. What should the project manager do to address this conflict?

  • AA.将该冲突作为一项风险纳入风险管理计划中
    Incorporate the conflict as a risk in the risk management plan
  • BB.更新问题日志并监督该冲突的解决方案
    Update the issue log and monitor the resolution of the conflict..
  • CC.启动一个新的范围定义,并与所有项目相关方进行协商
    Initiate a new scope definition and negotiate with all project stakeholders.
  • DD.将该问题包含在质量管理计划中
    Include the issue in the quality management plan

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:如何解决冲突?要根据选项倒推。A,冲突首先属于问题,不能直接当成风险另外即使是风险,记录在风险管理计划里也是严重错误;C,找所有相关方协商,没有必要;D的错误类似于A,质量管理计划是程序型计划;B,冲突是问题,记录在问题日志。

42[单选] 项目经理负责管理一个项目,该项目正处于规划阶段。项目经理必须快速识别哪些项目相关方需要最多关注。 项目经理可以从哪里找到这个信息?

A project manager assumes a project during its planning phase. The project manager must quickly identify which stakeholders require the most attention. Where can the project manager find this information?

  • AA.相关方参与计划
    Stakeholder management plan
  • BB.相关方登记册
    Stakeholder register
  • CC.执行、负责、咨询和知情(RACI)矩阵
    Responsible accountable, consult and inform (RAC) chart
  • DD.问题日志
    Issue log

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:关键字哪些项目相关方需要最多关注

43[单选] 项目即将完成一个重要阶段,项目经理正在获得资源开始下一个阶段,在准备阶段收尾时,项目经理评审了绩效测量指标,发现不明原因的变化。项目经理应该怎么做?

The project is about to complete an important phase, the project manager is obtaining resources to kick off the next phase, at the closing of the preparation phase, the project manager reviews the performance measurement indicators and finds unexplained changes. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.检查之前项目的知识库
    To check the knowledge base of the previous project
  • BB.在经验教训会上进行因果分析
    To perform cause-effect analysis at lessons learned
  • CC.在团队会议上评审测量指标
    To review measurement metrics at the team meeting
  • DD.将工作分解结构(WBS)与实际可交付成果对比
    To compare the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and actual deliverables

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:阶段已完成,结果已不需要改变了。发现的项目过程中的一个不正常现象(绩效指标的不正常变化),可以研究分析原因,并当成经验教训记录下来。本题也可以简单理解为阶段结束,总结经验教训。其他三个选项都与题干没有联系或很牵强。

44[单选] 项目经理从一个符合进度和预算的项目中辞职。在聘用替代的新项目经理后,团队反对新项目经理提出的意见。团队处于下列哪一个发展阶段?

The project manager resigns from a project that meets the schedule and budget. After hiring an alternative new project manager, the team is opposed to the comments from the new project manager. Which of the following development stages does the team have?

  • AA.形成
  • BB.规范
  • CC.成熟阶段
    Mature stage
  • DD.震荡阶段

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:公开反对,冲突较多,属于震荡阶段的特点,D选项为最佳答案。

45[单选] 项目经理得知一款软件可以提高当前和未来项目任务的效率,由于这款软件对公司来说是新软件,工程师不熟悉该软件。项目经理决定派遣最高级别工程师参加外部培训课程。 项目经理采用了何种风险策略?

The project manager has learned that a software can improve the efficiency of current and future project tasks. Because the software is fresh to the Company, the engineer is not familiar with the software. The project manager decides to send the highest level engineer to attend the external training course. What kind of risk strategies does the project manager use?

  • AA.减轻
  • BB.增强
  • CC.开拓
  • DD.分享

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:分配最有能力的资源以缩短项目时间,属于开拓的应对方法。

46[单选] 项目经理定义项目范围后,团队成员对项目需求表示不满。他们要求审查范围说明书来分析风险,并进一步澄清范围。项目经理应该怎么做?

After the project manager defines the project scope, the team members expresses dissatisfaction with the project requirements. They request for reviewing the scope statement to analyze the risks and further clarify the scope. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.忽略该请求,并指示团队保持己定义的范围
    To ignore the request and instruct the team to maintain the defined scope
  • BB.与团队成员召开引导式研讨会
    To hold guided seminars with the team members
  • CC.要求团队成员创建一份亲和图
    To request the team members to create an Affinity Diagram
  • DD.要求团队成员召开头脑风暴会议
    To request the team members to hold a brainstorming session

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:题干信息混乱,要结合选项倒推排除。A忽略很负面,直接排除;B,可以考虑,理解为相关方对范围意见不统一,用引导式研讨会来快速统一多方意见;C,是针对大量创意的分类工具,题目中没有出现大量创意;D,产生大量创意的工具,题目中也看不出需要产生大量创意。本题只有 B 可以选,理解为相关方对项目需求意见不一,通过引导式研讨会来快速统一。

47[单选] 项目经理发现公司的质量保证(QA)部门可能没有足够的人员根据合同约定的进度计划测试项目产品。项目经理首先应该怎么做?

The project manager finds that the Company's quality assurance (QA) Department may not have enough personnel to test the project product according to the contracted schedule. What should the project manager do first?

  • AA.审查问题日志
    To review the Problem Log
  • BB.更新风险登记册
    To update the Risk Register
  • CC.取消一些非关键测试
    To cancel certain non-critical tests
  • DD.压缩进度计划
    To compress the schedule

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:缺少资源,可以视为识别到一个新的风险,需要更新风险登记册。

48[单选] 由于一个施工项目的相关方数量异常之多,因此在初始规划阶段起草若干职能要求,项 目经理应该关注什么方法?

Due to an unusually high number of stakeholders for a construction project,several functional requests are being drafted during the initial planning phase.On what should the project manager focus?

  • AA.需求管理计划
    Requirements management plan
  • BB.变更管理计划
    Change management plan
  • CC.组织过程资产
    Organizational process assets
  • DD.资源管理计划
    Resource management plan

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:相关方多,需求会很复杂,A 相对更重要。

49[单选] 项目经理负责管理一个项目,该项目将实施一项新技术。若要识别与项目相关的风险,项目经理可以使用如下各项作为工具,除了_______

The project manager is responsible for managing a project that is expected to implement a new technology. To identify the risks associated with the project, the project manager can use the following as a tool, except_______.

  • AA.头脑风暴
  • BB.项目管理计划
    Project Management Plan
  • CC.专家判断
    Experts' judgment
  • DD.引导

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:ACD都是识别风险的工具,B选项是识别风险的输入。

50[单选] 项目经理负责管理一个正在进行的项目,该项目存在质量问题。团队成员认为质量保证对项目没有增加任何价值。 此时项目经理应该怎么做?

The project manager is responsible for managing an ongoing project with quality problems. Team members consider that quality assurance does not add any value to the project. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.修订项目管理计划
    To revise the project management plan
  • BB.修订质量管理计划
    To revise the quality control plan
  • CC.执行根本原因分析
    To perform root cause analysis
  • DD.控制质量测量指标
    To control quality measurement indicators

正确答案:C 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:C 解析:题目暗示:质量保证过程有问题。需要改进过程。改进过程需要使用过程分析改进不好的过程。过程分析包括根本原因分析——用于识别问题、探究根本原因,并制定预防措施的一种具体技术。

51[单选] 项目经理观察到项目团队成员在项目开始时感觉没什么信心。在项目启动会议(Kick-Off Meeting)上,项目经理与团队成员进行头脑风暴的好处是:

The project manager observes that the project team members have little confidence at the start of the project. At the kick-off Meeting, the benefits of holding a brainstorming session between the project manager and team members are:

  • AA.让消极者离开
    To push the fault-finders to leave
  • BB.为团队成员灌输信心
    To instill confidence in team members
  • CC.从一开始就识别风险
    To identify risks from the start
  • DD.帮助沟通
    To facilitate communication

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:这道题的英文翻译有问题。PMP考试中,经常发生对启动会和开踢会的英文翻译错误。题目想问的是开踢会的作用,但是中文翻译成了启动会。Kick-off meeting的发生时期:计划结束后,执行开始前。主要作用是相互认识、获得承诺、明确责任、灌输信心。B为最佳答案。

52[单选] 项目经理加入一个项目,但项目团队缺乏必要的技能,来产生一个关键可交付成果。项目经理应该怎么做?

The project manager joins a project, but the project team lacks the necessary skills to create a key deliverable. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.将该可交付成果分配给一名拥有学习新技能能力的团队成员
    To assign the deliverables to a team member who is capable of learning new skills
  • BB.与项目发起人协商,聘请拥有必要技能的外部资源
    To negotiate with the project sponsor to hire external resources with the necessary skills
  • CC.终止执行项目,直到必要的资源出现
    To terminate the project execution until the necessary resources appear
  • DD.将培训作为项目管理计划中项目工作的组成部分
    To include training as part of the project works in the project management plan

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:缺乏必要技能的情况下,首先考虑通过培训的方式提升团队成员的能力。

53[单选] 项目团队经常遗漏可交付成果。若要解决这个问题,项且经理首先应该怎么做?

A prefect team consistently misses deliverables. What should the project manager do first to resolve this problem?

  • AA.收集由团队执行的活动和任务的相关信息
    Gather information about activities and tasks performed by the team.
  • BB.将工作委托给高级团队成员,让其担任主管
    Delegate work to senior team members to act as leads.
  • CC.将所有队员成员的工作分成相等的部分
    Divide work into equal parts for all team members.
  • DD.提供培训,以便团队成员可以处理额外的工作
    Provide training so that team members can handle additional work.

正确答案:A 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:A 解析:标准答案应该是需求跟踪矩阵,或创建 WBS 也行,选项都没有。根据选项排除BCD 都是错误做法,A是评估团队绩效,可以理解判断情况、找原因,与题目有一些联系,只能选它。

54[单选] 项目经理完成了一个新产品开发项目的规划过程。在继续进入执行过程组之前需要完成的最后一个重要里程碑是什么?

The project manager completes the planning process for a new product development project. What is the last important milestone that needs to be completed before proceeding with the execution process?

  • AA.最终确定项目章程
    To finalize the Project Charter
  • BB.接收执行项目的项目资金
    To receive project funds for the project implementation
  • CC.获得发起人和相关方的批准
    To seek approval from the sponsor and stakeholders
  • DD.执行相关方管理策略
    To execute stakeholders' management strategies

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:计划制定完成后,必须要批准。

55[单选] 项目经理需要从不同职能经理那里招募团队成员。项目经理应使用什么?

Project manager needs to recruit team members from different functional managers. What should the project manager use?

  • AA.资源日历
    Resource Calendar
  • BB.协商
  • CC.募集
  • DD.技能图
    Skills Diagram

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:协商准确的翻译应该是谈判。谈判的三类对象之一就是职能经理,从题目描述来看,应该选择B选项。

56[单选] 项目经理需要快速批准项目计划,为了估算获得批准所需的时间,项目经理必须决定哪些批准人可能需要特别注意。 下面哪一项将帮助项目经理决定这个问题?

The project manager needs to quickly approve the project plan. In order to estimate the time required for approval, the project manager must decide which approvers may pay special attention. Which of the following items will help the project manager decide this?

  • AA.检查绩效报告
    To check performance report
  • BB.执行相关方分析
    To perform correlation analysis
  • CC.应用分析技术
    To use analysis technology
  • DD.参与观察和对话
    PTo participate in observation and dialogue

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:识别需要特别关注的人,使用识别相关方工具——相关方分析。

57[单选] 项目经理应该使用哪一项工具或技术来执行定性风险分析?

.Which tool or technology should the project manager use to perform qualitative risk analysis?

  • AA.概率分布
    Probability distribution
  • BB.决策树分析
    Decision tree analysis
  • CC.概率和影响矩阵
    Probability and impact matrix
  • DD.成本风险模拟
    Cost risk simulation

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:本题考定性风险分析工具,只有 C 唯一正确。

58[单选] 项目经理应在哪里存档所有相关项目文件和经验教训?

Where should the project manager archive all relevant project documents and lessons learned?

  • AA.工作授权系统
    Work authorization system
  • BB.项目管理信息系统(PMIS
    Project Management Information System (PMIS)
  • CC.项目数据管理系统
    Project Data Management System
  • DD.配置管理系统
    Configuration Management System

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:PMIS提供信息技术(IT软件工具,例如进度计划软件工具、工作授权系统、配置管理系统、信息收集与发布系统,以及进人其他在线自动化系统(如公司知识库)的界面,所以PMIS可以存储经验教训总结等内容。

59[单选] 项目经理在管理客户期望以及指导实现项目目标方面有困难。若要解决这些问题,项目经理应将客户的高层次需求记录在哪里?

Project manager has difficulty in managing the customer expectations and in guiding the achievement of project goals. To solve these problems, where should project managers record the high-level customer needs?

  • AA.项目章程
    Project Charter
  • BB.工作分解结构(WBS
    Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • CC.需求管理计划
    Requirements Management Plan
  • DD.相关方管理计划
    Stakeholders' management plan

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:高层次(high-level)需求记录在项目章程中,A选项最正确。

60[单选] 项目经理召开团队研讨会,讨论质量管理计划。三名团队成员认为质量保证无法为项目增值。 项目经理应该怎么做?

The project manager holds a group seminar to discuss the quality control plan. Three team members consider that quality assurance could not add value to the project. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.将这些团队成员介绍给发起人进行澄清
    To introduce these team members to the sponsor for clarification
  • BB.评估质量保证的绩效
    To assess the performance of quality assurance
  • CC.提醒这些团队成员,执行质量保证可以降低项目成本
    To remind these team members that quality assurance can reduce project costs
  • DD.派这些团队成员参加质量管理培训
    To send these team members to participate in the quality control training

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:质量保证是有好处的,必须进行。团队成员有不正确认识,要影响、转变。C选项是首先要做的,如果仍然有不同的意见,需要提供培训等其他方法,再考虑其他选项。

61[单选] 项目经理正与一名承认未使用章程的同事讨论项目章程。为了向同事说明项目章程的重要性,项目经理表明项目章程很重要,因为项目章程的批准即意味着下列哪一项?

The project manager is discussing the Project Charter with a colleague who acknowledges that the Charter is not used. In order to explain to colleagues the importance of the Project Charter, the project manager indicates that the Project Charter is important because the approval of the project charter means?

  • AA.启动阶段可以开始
    The startup phase can begin
  • BB.执行阶段正式开始
    The implementation phase begins formally
  • CC.详细需求清单的正式批准
    Formal approval of the detailed requirements list
  • DD.项目的正式授权
    Formal authorization of the project

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:项目章程的批准意味着项目的正式授权。答案D最准确。

62[单选] 项目经理准备收尾一个项目的第四阶段,但是一位相关方拒绝向前推进项目,除非在可交付成果中增加 一个范围之外的功能。项目经理理下一步应该怎么做?

A project manager is ready to close the fourth phase of a project, but one stakeholder refuses to move forward unless an out-of-scope feature is added to the deliverable. What should the project manager do next?

  • AA.开始变更请求过程
    Initiate the change request process
  • BB.增加该功能
    Add the feature
  • CC.审查相关方登记册
    Review the stakeholder register
  • DD.与项目相关方会面
    Meet with the project stakeholders

正确答案:A 你的答案:A


63[单选]家银行正在执行一个项目,在整个组织中部署新软件。在完成项目的第一阶段后,项目经理召集所有部门的职能经理召开会议,以审查项目问题并收集经验教训。 项目经理应该在会议期间使用什么来检查项目问题并分析经验教训?

A bank is executing a project to peploy new software throughout the organization.After completing the first phase of the project,the project manager calls a meeting with functional managers from all departments to review project issue and capture lessons learned. What should the project manager use during the meeting to examine project issues and analyze lessons and learned?

  • AA.头脑风暴
  • BB.因果分析
    Cause-and-effect analysis
  • CC.专家判断
    Expert judgment
  • DD.散点图
    .Scatter diagrams

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:本题考(阶段)收尾的工具,见PMBOK126 页,C正确。

64[单选] 项目经理指岀,一名位于另一个地点的团队成员总是错过最后期限。由于这会影响到项目进度,项目经理应该怎么做?

The project manager indicates that a team member in another location always missed the deadline. Since this will affect the progress of the project, what should the project manager do?

  • AA.将该团队成员的工作重新分配给本地成员
    To reassign the member's work to a local member
  • BB.考虑将该成员的工作承包给本地供应商
    To consider contracting the member's work to a local supplier
  • CC.管理没有该成员的项目,并将此标记为项目相关方的风险
    To manage the project without this member and mark this as the project stakeholders ' risk
  • DD.与该成员沟通,了解其情况,并提供指导和支持
    To communicate with the member to understand the situation and provide guidance and support

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:遇到问题时,首先私下沟通,分析问题,再去解决问题。D为最佳答案。

65[单选] 项目审计员希望核实是否具有能证明项目合理性的成本效益分析。他们首先应该审查什么文件?

The project auditor wants to verify that there is a cost-benefit analysis that justifies the project. What documents should they review first?

  • AA.项目请求
    Project request
  • BB.项目章程
    Project Charter
  • CC.采购合同
    Purchase Contract
  • DD.人员配备管理计划
    Staffing Management Plan

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:项目章程包含来源于商业文件中的相关项目信息,制定项目章程的输入里面有商业文件。

66[单选] 项目收尾时,项目经理审查上一个阶段收尾信息,已验证所有项目工作是否完成。项目经理还需要做什么?

At the project closing, the project manager reviews the closing information of the previous phase and has verified that all project works are completed. What else does the project manager need to do?

  • AA.集合团队,认可他们对项目付出的努力
    To gather the team and recognize their efforts in the project
  • BB.通知项目发起人项目已收尾
    To notify the project sponsor that the project has been closed
  • CC.在组织过程资产中更新经验教训
    To update lessons learned in organizing the process assets
  • DD.执行偏差分析
    To perform deviation analysis

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:收尾需要完成成果移交、经验教训总结、文档归类、资源遣散等步骤,答案里面C选项的内容属于收尾的重要内容,为最佳答案。

67[单选] 项目团队成员将因杰出工作和满足项目成本目标而获得奖励,高级经理向项目经理询问团队成员可用性和旅行偏好,项目经理可以在哪里获得此奖励的定义标准和频率?

Project team members will be rewarded for outstanding work and meeting project cost objectives. Senior manager asks the project manager about the availability and travel preferences of team members. Where can the project manager find the definition criteria and frequency of this award?

  • AA.责任分配矩阵(RAM
    Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM)
  • BB.项目管理计划
    Project Management Plan
  • CC.人员解散计划
    Staff Dissolution Plan
  • DD.资源管理计划
    Resources Control Plan

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:资源管理计划中包含认可和奖励的相关规则。

68[单选] 项目完成后,项目经理发现一些团队成员仍在从事项目活动。若要避免这个问题,项目经理应该先做什么?

After the project is completed, the project manager finds that some team members are still engaged in project activities. To avoid this problem, what should the project manager do first?

  • AA.制定有效的经验教训收集步骤
    To develop effective steps of collecting lessons learned
  • BB.对项目进行收尾
    To close the project
  • CC.结束采购
    To finish the procurement process
  • DD.制定有效的风险应对策略
    To develop an effective risk response strategy

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:项目收尾包括资源遣散,题目的描述表明资源遣散工作没有做好,答案选B

69[单选] 一个不熟悉财务领域的新项目经理,在一个弱矩阵型组织中负责管理一个财务项目,公司的主题专家(SMEs)由于忙于其他职能而无法提供协助。 项目经理应该在启动阶段怎么做?

A new project manager who is not familiar with the financial sector is responsible for managing a financial project in a weak matrix organization. The Company's subject matter experts (SMEs) cannot provide assistance due to other functions. What should the project manager do during the startup phase?

  • AA.与职能经理一起开会,制定一份实施计划
    To meet with the functional manager to develop an implementation plan
  • BB.要求増加预算,以便可以聘请外部财务专家
    To request for budget increase so that external financial experts can be hired
  • CC.审查组织知识库
    To review the organization's knowledge base
  • DD.考虑参加一个提高知识水平的财务培训课程
    To consider attending the financial training course to improve knowledge

正确答案:A 你的答案:D


70[单选] 一个大型房地产开发项目的项目经理意外离职,任命了新项目经理,进度计划仅受到了一个月的影响。这使用的是什么风险应对策略?

The project manager of a large real estate development project unexpectedly leaves the Company and a new project manager has been appointed. The schedule is only affected by one month. What risk response strategy is used here?

  • AA.转移
  • BB.减轻
  • CC.回避
  • DD.接受

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:减轻影响的例子,即有备份(冗余部件)。

71[单选] 两个项目正在为同一个项目工作,一个团队在海外的客户现场工作,另一个团队在公司总部工作,客户要求新的文档格式以符合当地法律以及战略供应商的新要求,位于公司总部的团队抱怨说,公司已有程序和政策规定不允许对文档格式进行任何变通。客户现场的项目经理应该怎么做?

Two project teams working on the same project.One team works overseas at the client site,and the other team works at corporate headquarters.The client requests new documentation formats to comply with local legislation and a new demand from strategic suppliers.The team located at corporate headquarters complains that there are already corporate procedures and policies that do not permit ant changes to the documentation format.What should the project manager from the client site do ?

  • AA.向前推进项目,并在问题日志中更新客户请求的详细信息
    Move forward with the project,and the issue log with the details of the client’s requests
  • BB.请求变更以获得公司总部的新格式
    Request a change to obtain the new formats from corporate headquarters
  • CC.根据客户请求修改格式,并通知公司团队
    Modify the format according to the client request,and inform the corporate team
  • DD.与公司总部的项目经理召开视频会议以解决该问题
    Hold a video conference with the project manager from corporate headquarters to address the issue

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:冲突问题,要面对,D最合适。BD之后才考虑的。

72[单选] 一个项目的项目经理被替换,新的项目经理识别到项目超出预算并落后于进度计划。新项目经理首先应该做什么?

The project manager on a project is replaced, and the new project manager identified that the project is over the budget and falls behind the schedule. What should the new project manager do first?

  • AA.要求项目发起人增加预算并延长进度计划
    To request the project sponsor to increase budget and extend schedule
  • BB.获得项目发起人的批准,重新组织团队
    To seek approval from the project sponsor and reorganize the team
  • CC.减少项目范围以满足原始预算和进度计划
    To narrow the scope of the project to meet the original budget and schedule
  • DD.识别改进领域和加强监督
    To identify areas of improvement and strengthen supervision

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:发现问题,先分析问题,再采用不同的方法解决问题。D选项为最佳答案。

73[单选] 一个新的政府法规将要求对一个处于开发阶段的产品进行变更。项目团队在项目开始时修订项目管理计划用以实施新的需求,而非在后期添加需求。这应该使用什么类型的变更请求?

A new government regulation will require changes to a product under development. The project team revises the project management plan at the start of the project to implement new requirements rather than add requirements later. What type of change request should be used?

  • AA.纠正措施
    Corrective action
  • BB.主动措施
    Active action
  • CC.预防措施
    Preventive action
  • DD.更新措施
    Update action

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:直接更新项目管理计划,调整范围基准,属于更新的变更策略,D 选项最准确。

74[单选] 在项目结束时要求进行一项重要变更,虽然需要进行这项变更来解决可能影响业务连续 性的紧急问题,但会延长进度计划并增加成本。项目经理下一步应该怎么做?

An important change is requested at the end of a project.While this change is needed to solve an urgent issue that could affect business will extend the schedule and increase the What should the project manager do next?

  • AA.拒绝该变更
    Reject the change
  • BB.提交变更请求
    Submit a change request
  • CC.实施该变更
    Implement the change
  • DD.沟通对预算和进度的影响
    Communicate the impact oil the budget and schedule

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:典型变更问题,走变更流程。

75[单选] 一个用于替换过时交易处理系统的解决方案的商业论证已获得批准。然而,预算仅限于在线交易,这项信息应记录在哪一项文件中?

A business case for a solution to replace an outdated transaction processing system has been approved. However, the budget is limited to online transactions. In which document should this information be recorded?

  • AA.项目管理计划
    Project Management Plan
  • BB.项目章程
    Project Charter
  • CC.成本管理计划
    Cost Control Plan
  • DD.问题日志
    Problem log

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:预算有限,属于章程中应包含的制约因素。而且商业论证是制定和批准项目章程的输人,答案选B

76[单选] 一名关键项目相关方撤回对项目的财务支持。项目现在资金不足,可能会取消,项目经理应该怎么做?

A key project stakeholder withdraws financial support for the project. The project is currently underfunded and may be cancelled. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.与该项目相关方开会,确定撤回财务支持的原因
    To hold a meeting with the project stakeholders to identify the reason for withdrawing financial support
  • BB.与团队一起头脑风暴成本节约方案
    To brainstorm cost savings solution with the team
  • CC.寻找愿意提供财务支持的新项目相关方
    To find new project stakeholders who are willing to provide financial support
  • DD.与项目发起人开会,建议取消项目
    To hold a meeting with the project sponsor, it is recommended to cancel project

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:本题为相关方问题,要面对,要找原因,管理相关方参与。

77[单选] 项目经理负责管理一个项目,该项目旨在推出一项新服务,项目经理得知,技术部门对于使用已提供的培训来操作这项服务感到不自信。项目经理首先应该怎么做?

A project manager is working on a project to launch a new service. The project manager realizes that the technical department does not feel confident about operating the service the training they have been given.What should the project manager do firs

  • AA.完成一项变更控制要求并将该问题纳入经验教训中
    Complete a change control requirement and include the lessons learned
  • BB.建议团队与指定的相关方一起审查验收标准
    Advise the team to review the acceptance criteria with the assigned stakeholders
  • CC.将可交付成果转移给对操作这项服务更有信心的另一团队
    Transfer the deliverables to another team who ice Is more confident in operating the service
  • DD.停止项目以确认操作员对接受的培训感到满意
    Stop the project to verify that the operators fed comfortable with the training received

正确答案:A 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:A 解析:培训效果不到位,还需要继续培训。A 的前半句强调的是还要继续培训,后半句强调之前的培训不解决问题。

78[单选] 一名有影响力的项目相关方直接要求项目团队添加产品功能,而团队也遵守该要求,项目经理在项目状态会议上获悉这些变更。 由于这些变更导致成本超支,项目经理首先应该怎么做?

An influential project stakeholder directly asks the project team to add product features, and the team also meets this requirement, and the project manager is informed of these changes at the project status meeting. Since the changes lead to cost overruns, what should the project manager do first?

  • AA.使用应急储备支付额外成本,保持该项目相关方的参与
    To use the contingency reserve to pay additional costs and keep the stakeholders involved in the project
  • BB.要求该相关方提交变更请求供批准
    To ask the stakeholder to submit a change request for approval
  • CC.更新范围说明书,包含新的功能
    To update the statement of project scope with new features
  • DD.与项目发起人讨论该情况
    To discuss the situation with the project sponsor

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:对于没有按照流程执行的变更,团队成员私自做的变更,都要补变更流程。

79[单选] 由于缺乏供应商支持,实施了将一个外部软件模块替换成内部模块的权变措施。由于没有供应商答复的计划日期,项目经理应该怎么做?

Due to lack of supplier support, a workaround to replace an external software module with an internal module is implemented. What should the project manager do as there is no planned date replied by the supplier?

  • AA.等待供应商的答复,并将该问题上报给项目发起人
    To wait for the supplier's response and report the issue to the project sponsor
  • BB.将该权变措施作为一项变更请求提交给变更控制委员会(CCB
    To submit the workaround as a change request to the Change Control Board (CCB)
  • CC.遵循范围管理计划
    To follow the scope control plan
  • DD.更新问题日志
    To update the Problem Log

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:对未知风险的应对,需要走权变措施。权变的执行需要走变更流程。B选项为最佳答案。

80[单选] 在编制项目章程用于批准时,项目经理发现有两名相关方对关键可交付成果的期望有冲突。若要解决期望冲突问题并完成项目章程,项目经理应该首先做什么?

When the Project Charter is prepared for approval, the project manager finds that there are conflicts between the two stakeholders concerning the expectations of key deliverables. What should the project manager do first to resolve the expected conflicts and complete the Project Charter?

  • AA.与关键相关方一起召开一个问题解决会
    To hold a problem solving meeting with key stakeholders
  • BB.将该问题上报给项目发起人
    To report the issue to the Project Sponsor
  • CC.使用专家判断来决定可交付成果
    To use experts' judgement to determine deliverables
  • DD.在章程中减少可交付成果用于后期定义
    To reduce deliverables in the Charter for later definition

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:A选项是第一步,首先要与关键相关方一起召开会议分析问题,然后再考虑具体的策略来解决问题。注意:PMP考试题目里面,特别要注意先分析问题,再解决问题的答题思路。

81[单选] 在采购过程评审期间,项目经理发现,自项目启动以来,实施成本增加了6%,为了减少项目工作来满足预算,批准了一项变更请求。 项目经理应更新哪一个项目管理计划要素?

During the procurement process review, the project manager finds that the implementation cost has increased by 6% since the project is launched, and a change request is approved to reduce the project task to meet the budget. Which project management plan element should the project manager update?

  • AA.采购管理计划
    Procurement Management Plan
  • BB.变更管理计划
    Change Control Plan
  • CC.范围管理计划
    Scope Control Plan
  • DD.风险管理计划
    Risk Control Plan

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:题目问题较费解,可以理解为哪一个计划没有做好,导致题目情景?由于题目是采购问题,选项中又没有进度、成本计划,所以 A 最好。

82[单选] 在测试新的网络基础设施时,供应商发现由于存在潜在硬件缺陷,一个组件必须升级。为确保团队有效参与项目,项目经理应该怎么做?

When testing a new network infrastructure, the supplier finds that a component must be upgraded due to potential hardware defect. What should the project manager do to ensure that the team is effectively involved in the project?

  • AA.生成变更请求
    To generate a change request
  • BB.执行优势、劣势、机会与威胁(SWOT)分析
    To perform the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis
  • CC.更新执行、负责、咨询和知情(RACI)矩阵
    Update Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed (RACI) Matrix
  • DD.修订相关方登记册
    To revise the Register of Stakeholders

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:团队参与,用RACI矩阵查看角色与职责比较方便,D更多强调对外 部和内部相关方的识别。相对来说C选项最好。

83[单选] 在第三方供应商交付项目组件后报告发生故障,项目经理在供应商的支持下应用应急计划。为了确保风险应对措施的有效性,项目经理应该怎么做?

A failure is reported after the third-party supplier delivers the project components, the project manager applies the contingency plan with the support of the supplier. What should the project manager do to ensure the effectiveness of the risk response?

  • AA.更新风险登记册
    To update the Risk Register
  • BB.开展风险审计
    To conduct risk audit
  • CC.更新工作说明书(SOW),包含该应对措施
    To update the Statement of Work (SOW), including this response
  • DD.执行供应商绩效再评估
    To perform the supplier performance reassessment

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:风险审计工作是审计风险管理过程的有效性,其中应该包括风险应急措施的有效性。

84[单选] 在风险管理规划期间,项目团队决定外包一项关键服务,并与供应商签订了服务水平协议(SLA),项目团队使用的是哪一项风险应对策略?

During the risk control planning process, the project team decides to outsource a key service and sign a service level agreement (SLA) with the supplier. Which risk response strategy does the project team use?

  • AA.回避
  • BB.减轻
  • CC.接收
  • DD.转移

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:外包属于转移风险。

85[单选] 在开发的最后一天,软件开发团队的项目主管宣布由于意外停电可能导致延期。由于测试时间有限,软件开发主管和测试主管之间展开激烈的讨论。下列哪一项冲突解决技术将提供长期解决方案?

On the last day of development, the project leader of the software development team announces that an unexpected power outage could result in an extension. Due to limited testing time, there is a heated discussion between the software development director and the test supervisor. Which of the following conflict resolution techniques will provide a long-term solution?

  • AA.妥协/调解
  • BB.合作/解决问题
    Cooperation/Problem solving
  • CC.缓解/包容
  • DD.强迫/命令

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:长期解决方案选择正面的处理冲突的方法,合作/解决问题为最佳答案,答案选B

86[单选] 在开发阶段结束时,一名关键开发人员因工作量繁重而想要辞职,但是,该开发人员的专业知识在用户验收测试和调试期间至关重要。 项目经理应该怎么做?

At the end of the development phase, a key developer wants to resign due to heavy workloads, but the developer's expertise is critical during the user acceptance testing and trial run. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.查看资源日历,以获取资源平衡机会
    To view the Resource Calendar for resource balancing opportunities
  • BB.要求人力资源部门替换该开发人员
    To require the HR Department to replace the developer
  • CC.将该问题上报给开发人员的直线经理
    To report the issue to the developer's line manager
  • DD.将该问题上报给项目管理办公室(PMO)
    To report the issue to the Project Management Office (PMO)

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:资源出现问题时,先分析问题再解决问题。A选项是分析问题的最佳答案。资源平衡可以协调项目过程中出现的相关问题。

87[单选] 在识别除项目经理之外的五名相关方之后,项目经理现在需要确定项目沟通的复杂性,潜在沟通渠道有多少?

After identifying five stakeholders besides the project manager, the project manager now needs to determine the complexity of the project communication, how many potential communication channels are there?

  • AA.20
  • BB.15
  • CC.10
  • DD.5

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:沟通渠道= 6x5/2= 15

88[单选] 在一个价值200万美元项目的测试阶段,团队发现了一些缺陷。由于截止期限很紧,团队成员承认他们可能无法修复所有缺陷。 若要确定应集中哪些工作,项目经理应该使用什么工具或技术?

During the testing phase of a US$2 million project, the team discovers several defects. Since deadlines are tight team members acknowledge that they may be unable to fix all of the defects. What tool or technique should the project manager use to identify where efforts should be concentrated?

  • AA.帕累托图
    Pareto diagram
  • BB.矩阵图
  • CC.散点图
    Scatter diagram
  • DD.专家判断
    Expert judgement

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:缺陷太多不能都修复时,要优先修复主要缺陷,给缺陷排序用帕累托。

89[单选] 在项目执行过程中,项目经理发现供应的材料晚到,且在某些情况下还不正确。项目经理应该怎么做?

In the course of project execution, the project manager finds that the supplied materials are late to arrive and in some cases are incorrect. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.更新质量计划
    To update the quality plan
  • BB.拒绝向供应商付款
    To refuse to pay the supplier
  • CC.执行风险分析
    To perform the risk analysis
  • DD.修改项目进度计划
    To modify the project schedule

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:控制采购的问题。供应商的进度和质量都有问题,AD都只顾一面,C比较全面;B是错误做法。

90[单选] 在项目执行阶段,项目经理发现工作分解结构(WBS)中遗漏一个工作包。项目经理应该怎么做?

In the project implementation phase, the project manager finds a work package missing in the work breakdown structure (WBS). What should the project manager do?

  • AA.压缩进度计划以适应来自该工作包的额外工作量
    To compress the schedule to accommodate the extra workload from the work package
  • BB.更新项目进度计划和人力资源计划
    To update project schedule and human resources plan
  • CC.分析影响以及让项目回到正轨将要采取的变更
    To analyze the impact and the changes that will be taken when the project is back on track
  • DD.将遗漏的工作包增加到WBS
    To add the missing work package to WBS

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:需要执行变更流程对后续化解进行相关处理,C选项是正确的变更流程。

91[单选] 在项目执行期间,一名团队成员识别到以前未被识别为项目相关方的职能经理提交了新需求。项目经理应该怎么做?

During the project implementation, a team member identifies a new requirement from a functional manager who was not previously identified as a project stakeholder. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.与项目发起人开会,获得反馈
    To hold a meeting with the project sponsor to get feedback
  • BB.启动实施整体变更控制过程
    To launch the implementation of the overall change control process
  • CC.对需求执行成本效益分析
    To perform cost-benefit analysis of the requirement execution
  • DD.将该职能经理添加进沟通管理计划
    To add the functional manager to the communication management plan

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:新需求属于范围变更的问题,应该去执行整体变更流程,B选项为最佳答案。

92[单选] 在项目执行期间,一名外部相关方反对一项重大范围变更。除非重新评估相关方的决定,否则项目进展将受到影响。项目经理下一步该怎么做?

During the project implementation, an external stakeholder is opposed to a major scope change. Unless the stakeholder's decision is reassessed, the project progress will be impacted. What should the project manager do next?

  • AA.审查相关方管理计划评估影响
    To review the stakeholder's effort for the plan to assess the impact
  • BB.请求项目发起人解决相关方的问题
    To request the project sponsor to solve the problem encountered by the stakeholder
  • CC.修订预算,反映可选方案的成本
    To revise the budget to reflect the cost of the alternative
  • DD.调查相关方反对背后的理由
    To investigate the reason behind the opposition

正确答案:A 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:A 解析:参考相关方管理计划来采取更妥当、更具有全局性的行动。

93[单选] 在新项目启动会议期间,因为项目将需要采购新设备,生产经理拒绝接受批准的章程, 然而,项目经理通知项目发起人,由于生产经理缺席,章程未能包括设备采购。 项目经理下一步应该怎么做?

During the start of the new project, the production manager refuses to accept the approved Charter because the project would require the procurement of new equipment. However, the project manager informs the project sponsor that the Charter fails to include equipment procurement due to the absence of the production manager. What should the project manager do next?

  • AA.与客户一起审查生产经理关切的问题
    To review the concerns of the production manager with customer
  • BB.记录生产经理关切的问题,并在项目启动大会之后获得他们的支持
    To record the concerns of the production manager and get their support after the project kick-off meeting
  • CC.开展另一项成本效益分析,包括生产经理的反馈
    To conduct another cost-benefit analysis, including feedback from the production managers
  • DD.向生产经理解释设备成木不会影响项目业务价值
    To explain to the production manager that the equipment will not affect the business value of the project.

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:相关方问题,B 可以理解为管理相关方参与。A与客户无关;C成本效益分析,不相关方问题;D不到位,不如B专业。

94[单选] 执行质量控制的项目经理希望了解一个变量是否会对另一个变量产生影响,项目经理应该使用什么基本质量工具来确定这个问题?

The project manager performing quality control wants to know if one variable will affect another. What basic quality tools should the project manager use to determine the problem?

  • AA.散点图
    Scatter Diagram
  • BB.控制图
    Control Chart
  • CC.帕累托图
    Pareto Chart
  • DD.流程图
    Flow Chart

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析: 两个变量之间的相关性,用散点图判断。或看到相关性,找散点图。

95[单选] 质量检査揭示了一个制造缺陷。若要继续该项目,项目经理必须快速确定深层原因。可以使用什么类型的分析来完成这项工作?

Quality inspection reveals a manufacturing defect. To continue the project, the project manager must quickly determine the underlying cause. Which type of analysis can be used to accomplish this?

  • AA.帕累托图
    Pareto Chart
  • BB.趋势
  • CC.优势、劣势、机会与威胁(SWOT
    Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT)
  • DD.根本原因
    Root Cause

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:深层次原因就是根本原因。

96[单选] 重要材料需要运输供应商。如果该材料不能按时交付,项目预算将严重受到影响。为降低这个风险,项目经理购买了保险。项目经理采用了哪一种消极风险策略?

Important materials require transportation suppliers. If these materials are not delivered on time, the project budget will be severely affected. To reduce this risk, the project manager has subscribed insurance. Which negative risk strategy does the project manager use?

  • AA.规避
  • BB.接受
    Accept ance
  • CC.减轻
  • DD.转移

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:保险和外包是转移风险的常见方法,D选项正确。

97[单选] 一名新项目经理在项目早期阶段加入项目。项目经理可以从哪里找到项目对交付成果的相关信息?

A new project manager joins the project at an early stage of the project. Where can the project manager find information about the project's deliverables?

  • AA.项目要求
    Project requirements
  • BB.商业案例
    Business case
  • CC.项目工作说明书
    Project statement of work
  • DD.组织过程资产
    Organizational process assets

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:SOW 包含了:业务需要,产品范围描述,战略计划。

98[单选] 提交、讨论并批准项目管理计划的会议计划将于明天举行,但一个项目发起人突然在未来一周内都没有空。若要防止项目启动延迟,项目经理应该怎么做?

A meeting to present,discuss,and approve the project management plan is schedule for tomorrowr but a project sponsor is suddenly unavailable for another week.To prevent a delay in the project's start,what should the project manager do?

  • AA.继续按计划开会,并仅根据其余项目发起人的意见执行项目
    Continue with the meeting as scheduled,and execute the project based only on the remaining project sponsors input.
  • BB.将会议重新安排在所有项目发起人都有空的日期举行
    Reschedule the meeting for a date when all project sponsors are available.
  • CC.继续按计划开会,然后将会议记录发送给缺席的发起人并要求即时反馈
    Continue with the meeting as schedule,and then Send the meeting minutes to the absent sponsor requesting immediate feedback.
  • DD.与其他项目发起人讨论该问题
    Discuss the issue with the other project sponsors.

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:批准计划时关键相关方不能出席会议问题,应该单独去找不能出席的相关方来批准。

99[单选]个项目已经启动,该项目拟标准化四个国家的人力资源模块开发。每个国家都有不同 的人力资源管理流程。其中两个国家与相关方,没有提供任何意见,迫使项目经理在没有他们的意见下制定项目计划,并将其发送给四个国家的所有相关方进行批准。到目前为止已经收到三份批准。项目经理下一步应该怎么做?

A project to standardize the development of a human resource module across four countries has been initiated. Each country has different processes for human resources management. The non-commitment of stakeholders from two of the countries forced the project manager to create a project plan without their input. Therefore, the project manager created a project plan using a standard approach based an two of the countries’ current processes, and sent it for approval to all four country stakeholders. There approvals have been received so far. What should the project manager do next?

  • AA.开始项目执行,因为项目计划不需要所有相关方的意见
    Begin project execution, as not all stakeholder input is required for the project plan.
  • BB.开始项目,因为大多数相关方己经批准了这项计划
    Start the project, as the majority of the stakeholders have approved the plan.
  • CC.等到所有项目相关方都参与并批准项目计划,然后开始项目执行
    Wait until all project stakeholders have contributed to, and approved, the project plan, and then begin project execution.
  • DD.等待所有相关方的意见,然后由于大多数相关方己经批准开始项目执行
    Wait for input from all atskeholders, and then since the majority have approved it, begin project execution.

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:项目管理计划既然需要四个国家的相关方批准,就必须等各相关方都批准后才可以实施。

100[单选] 在准备工作分解结构(WBS)之后,项目经理准备将任务区分配给项目团队成员。随后,项目发起人要求增加团队认为无法实现的需求。 项目经理下一步应该怎么做?

After preparing the work breakdown structure (WBS), the project manager is ready to assign tasks areas to project team members. Subsequently, the project sponsor asks to add requirements that the team feels are unattainable. What should the project manager do next?

  • AA.收集需求,并召开团队头脑风暴会议
    Collect requirements, and conduct a team brainstomling session,
  • BB.根据新的需求使用专家判断来调整WBS
    Using expert judgment to adjust the WBS based oft the new requirements.
  • CC.审查项目范围和资源,来评估满足该请求的可行性
    Review the project scope and resources to assess the feasibility of satisfying the request.
  • DD.评估该请求对项目范围、进度计划和预算影响
    Evaluate the impact of the request on the project scope, schedule, and budget.

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:发起人要求增加范围,变更问题,走流程。D 是分析影响,符合。不选 C,应该分析的是变更影响,而非可行性。