单选题 (每题1分,共200道题)

1[单选] 项目经理正在执行一个价值200.000美元项目的风险管理计划,该计划中提出的其中一个风险己经出现,项目经理按照风险管理计划执行,但是,他们担心尚未考虑到某些结果。项目经理应该怎么做?

A project manager is following the risk management plan for a $200.000 project. One of the risks proposed in the plan has made realized. And The project manager implements the plan as outlined, however,they are concerned that some outcomes have not been considered. What should a project manager do?

  • AA.将该问题升级上报给相关方以做出决定
    escalate the issue to the stakeholders for a decision
  • BB.使用专家判断来获得其他观点
    use expert judgment to obtain other perspectives
  • CC.应用头脑风暴技术来选择解决方案
    Employ brainstorming techniques to choose a solution
  • DD.执行敏感性分析以了解风险应对的结果
    Perform a sensitivity analysis to understand the outcome of the risk response

正确答案:B 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:B 解析:排除法,B相对好。D中的敏感性分析是对已经识别的单个项目风险的定量分析工具,而本题目题意是识别风险(次生风险),所以不选DC中头脑风暴虽说也是识别风险的工具,但其目标偏重获取全面的单个项目风险和整体项目风险来源的清单,没有B中专家判断更切合题意。

2[单选] 技术的进步使组织需要改进产品线的规格以保持领先于竞争对手。但是,本财政年度的预算已经处于巨大压力之下,新项目的可用资金很少。项目经理应该怎么做?

Advances in technology create an organizational need to improve a product line’s specifications to stay ahead of competitors. However, the budget for this financial year is already under significant strain,leaving very little funding available for new project.What should the project manager do?

  • AA.等到新的财政年度再对产品改进做出任何变更
    Wait for the new financial year to make any changes in product advancements
  • BB.对商业论证执行成本效益分析,以说明实施项目的好处
    Perform a cost-benefit analysis of the business case to illustrate the benefits of implementing the project
  • CC.计算ROI以确定继续执行项目是否有意义
    Calculate the ROI to decided it makes sense to proceed with the project
  • DD.计算预期货币价值(EMV)以向组织提出必要的建议
    Calculate the expected monetary value (EMV) to make the necessary recommendations to the organization

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:理解为如何为项目争取资金。题意说明项目还没有立项,因此排除CD,A有点消极,B是项目立项之前应该做的工作,应选B

3[单选] 在新项目启动会议期间,生产经理拒绝接受批准的章程,因为项目需要采购新设备。然而,项目经理通知项目发起人,由于生产经理缺席,章程未能包括设备采购。项目经理下一步应该怎么做?

During a new project’s kick-off meeting.a production manager refuses to accept the approved charter because the project will require the procurement of new equipment.The project manager then informs the sponsor that the charter failed to include equipment procurement because the production manager was absent.What should the project manager do next?

  • AA.与客户一起审查生产经理关切的问题
    Review the production manager’s concern with the client.
  • BB.记录生产经理关切的问题,并在项目启动大会之后获得他们的支持
    Record the production manager’s concern and obtain their support after the kick-off meeting.
  • CC.开展另一项成本效益分析,包括生产经理的反馈
    Conduct another cost-benefit analysis that includes the production manager’s feedback.
  • DD.向生产经理解释设备成本不会影响项目业务价值
    Explain to the production manager that equipment costs will not impact project business value.

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案: B 解析:相关方支持问题,管理相关方参与。此题容易误选C,成本效益分析在立项前已经做过,不需要再做;B的意思是先开会并记录生产经理的关切,会后还是务必要获得生产经理对章程的批准,否则项目无法继续开展的。

4[单选] 测试期间,一位团队成员将某个质量缺陷上报给项目经理,在与团队进行头脑风暴时,项目经理得知问题的原因不止一个,项目经理应该使用哪一项来识别主要原因?

During testing, a team member escalates a quality defect to the project manager. While brainstorming with the team, the project manager realizes there is more than one cause of the problem. Which should the project manager use to identify the primary cause?

  • AA.散点图
    Scatter diagram
  • BB.统计抽样
    Statistical sampling
  • CC.石川图
    ishikawa diagram
  • DD.定性风险分析
    qualitative risk analysis

正确答案:C 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:C 解析:众多原因中识别主要原因,即识别根本原因。石川图,也叫鱼骨图,是在众多原因中识别根本原因。

5[单选] 在项目执行期间,由于行业趋势下滑和产品价格下降,客户重新协商定价,这导致项目预算减少,项目经理确定必须大大改造类似项目中遵循的业务流程才能使项目取得成功。项目经理应该做些什么来确定改进的领域?

During project execution,the client renegotiates pricing due to a downward industry trend and falling prices for their product,this results in a decrease in the project’s budget, the project manager determines that business processes followed in similar projects must be dramatically improved for the success of this one.What should the project manager do to identify areas for improvement?

  • AA.检查风险报告
    Examine the risk report
  • BB.审查经验教训
    Review the lessons learned
  • CC.使用精益六西格玛方法
    Use the lean six sigma method
  • DD.执行成本效益分析
    Perform a cost-benefit analysis

正确答案:C 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:C 解析:此题是通过精益生产的方法降低成本,提高效率。

6[单选] 由于项目落后于进度,超出了项目经理控制。一名有影响力但很少参加项目更新会议的高级经理抱怨项目延期。项目经理应该怎么做?

A project is behind schedule for reasons beyond the project manager’s control.An influential senior manager,who rarely participates in project update meetings,complains about the delay.What should the project manager do?

  • AA.管理沟通并签发变更请求
    Manage communications and issue a change request.
  • BB.更新相关方登记册和风险日志
    Update the stakeholder register and risk log.
  • CC.控制沟通并更新项目文件
    Control communications and update project documents.
  • DD.更新问题日志并控制相关方的参与程度
    Update the issue log and control stakeholder engagement.

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:相关方支持问题,管理相关方参与,记录问题日志而非风险日志。项目延期,应更新问题日志;某个高层表达不满,且很少参加更新会议,说明对相关方的管理有问题,应适用各种方法及技术使他们多参与项目,从而更好地支持项目。

7[单选] 项目经理在收尾一个项目时遇到问题,因为相关方不接受项目章程中描述的大部分可交付成果,项目经理应该做?

A project manager is having problems closing a project because the stakeholders did not accept the majority of the deliverables described in the project charter. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.更新项目章程
    update the project charter
  • BB.提交变更请求
    Submit a change request
  • CC.更新范围管理计划
    Update the scope management plan
  • DD.核实范围
    Validate the scope

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:验收不通过,先确认一下结果,DB后。

8[单选] IT团队之前发送了有关如何访问项目沟通所采用的新工具的信息。现在,一些相关方提出一些问题,让项目经理认为他们没有利用新工具。项目经理应该怎么做?

An IT team sent out information on how to access a new tool adopted for project communications,Now, some stakeholders are asking questions that lead the project manager to believe they are not leveraging the new tool. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.放弃新工具并恢复以前用于沟通更新的方法
    Abandon the new tool and revert to previous methods for communicating updates
  • BB.重新发送有关如何访问新工具的信息
    Resend the information on how to access the new tool
  • CC.与相关方讨论这些问题,并提供新工具的相关培训
    Discuss these concerns with stakeholders and offer to provide training on the new tool
  • DD.IT团队开会,获得有关如何强制使用新工具的想法
    Meet with the IT team to obtain ideas on how to enforce the use of the new tool

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:相关方不利用新工具,可能是态度问题,或能力问题,培训及管理相关方期望。

9[单选] 项目经理发现没有关于需要哪些部门资源的信息,应该在哪一份文件中更新该信息?

A project manager discovers that there is no information on what department resources are required.what document should be updated with this information?

  • AA.项目章程
    project charter
  • BB.组织结构图
    Organizational chart
  • CC.项目管理计划
    Project management plan
  • DD.风险管理计划
    Risk management plan

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:资源信息应该包含在资源管理计划中,属于项目管理计划一部分。此题容易错选B,组织结构图也是一种资源信息,而不是一种文件。

10[单选] 在一个项目中途,项目团队意识到他们低估了交付一部分产品的工作。因此该项目将推迟两个月。项目经理下一步应该怎么做?

Midway through a project, the project team realized that they underestimated the effort for delivering one part of the product. As a result, the project will be delayed by two months. What should the project manager do next?

  • AA.与项目发起人沟通该推迟情况,并请求批准新的交付日期
    Communicate the delay to the project sponsor and ask for approval of the new delivery date
  • BB.修改相关方参与计划以反映该变更,并请求相关方的批准
    Modify the stakeholder engagement plan to reflect the change and request stakeholder approval
  • CC.通知相关方并管理他们的期望
    Triform the stakeholders and manage their expectations
  • DD.修改风险管理计划以反映该变更,并请求相关方的批准
    Modify the risk management plan to reflect the change and request stakeholder approval

正确答案:C 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案: C 解析:排除法,BD排除,AC之间C好于A。推迟的工作有可能不是很重要,不需要去找发起人协商,只是通知一下各相关方,看看他们对延期的反应再做进一步处理。因此C好于A

11[单选] 在项目的实施阶段,在工程图纸中发现一个错误,该错误导致重大的返工和成本超支, 项目经理执行根本原因分析,并发现未根据程序检査图纸。项目经理应该做些什么来确保在未来的项目中不会发生这种情况?

During te manufacturing phase of a project, an error is detected in the engineering drawings, The error results in significant rework and cost overruns. The project manager performed a root cause analysis and discovers that the drawings was not checked according to procedures. What should the project manager do to ensure that this does not happen in future projects?

  • AA.识别并面对导致错误的人员
    identify and confront the resource responsible for the mistake
  • BB.收集经验教训储存库中的结果
    Capture the findings in the lessons learned repository
  • CC.更新质量管理计划
    Update the quality management plan
  • DD.通知所有其他项目经理
    Triform all other project managers

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:确保未来项目不发生这种情况,只有经验教训能有这个作用。此题易误选C,题中说没有根据程序检查图纸,说明质量管理计划是没有问题的;但问题还是发生了,说明有些地方还是没有引起重视,可以通过之前的经验教训总结一个容易出问题的清单,有针对性地防止问题再次发生。

12[单选] 一个地理位置分散的团队成功完成了一个项目,项目经理希望快速获得团队的统计分析反馈,项目经理应该使用下列哪种方法?

A geographically dispersed team successfully completed a project, The project manager wants quickly obtain the team’s feedback for statistical analysis. Which method should the project manager use?

  • AA.视频会议
    Video conference
  • BB.焦点小组会议
    Focus group
  • CC.调查问卷
  • DD.电子邮件

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案: C 解析:题目描述的都是调查问卷的特点。项目完成了,调查一下大家的意见建议,使用调查问卷方式比较好。

13[单选] 项目经理了解到,一名团队成员变更客户需求以提供更高价值,并且实施这一变更的工作已经开始,项目经理应该怎么做?

A project manager learns that a learn member changed a customer requirement to provide higher value and that work to implement this change has already started.What should the project manager do?

  • AA.将该问题上报给项目发起人
    Escalate the issue to the project sponsor.
  • BB.指示该团队成员立即修改工作,满足客户的原始需要
    Direct the team member to immediately revise their work to meet the customer’s original requirement.
  • CC.指示该团队成员停止对变更的工作,直到收到变更控制委员会(CCB)的批准
    Instruct the team member to stop working on the change until receipt of change control board(CCB)approval.
  • DD.批准该变更,并将其记录在变更日志中
    Approve the change and document it in the change log.

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:非法变更问题,要走流程。题意是变更范围基准,需要走整体变更流程。即使没有动到基准,进行镀金也是不允许的,因为会带来很多风险。

14[单选] 一个项目的团队成员正在使用问题管理程序,但问题描述经常填写不正确,从而导致减慢速度,项目经理已经与团队进行交谈,但没有观察到任何改进。项目经理应该怎么做?

Team member on a project are using issue management procedures, but issue description are often completed incorrectly, which slows progress. The project manager has spoken with the team, but not improvement has been observed. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.创建一个小组委员会,以改进编写问题描述的过程
    Create a subcommittee to improve the process for writing issue descriptions
  • BB.跟踪表现差的人并在下次绩效评审中说明该问题
    Track poor performers and address the issue at their next performance review
  • CC.向团队提供有关此问题导致的返工量反馈
    Provide feedback to the team regarding the amount of rework that has resulted from this problem
  • DD.增加团队检查的频率
    Increase the frequency of team inspections

正确答案:C 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案: C 解析:团队不遵守规范,且屡教不改。排除法,A,不是流程问题;B“下次排除;C用后果说服他;D检查只能发现,不能防止。

15[单选] 按照既定的变更管理程序,一项变更请求获得批准,在实施该变更过程中一位高级管理人员对其未参与批准变更表示很惊讶,因为该变更的规模和成本都很大。若要避免这个问题,项目经理应该事先做什么?

A change request was approved according to established change management procedures, during its implementation.a senior executive expresses surprise at not being involved in this approval, since the size and cost of the change was significant. What should the project manager have done to prevent this?

  • AA.制定变更管理流程,要求根据成本估算需要不同的审批级别
    Established a change management process, the required different approval levels depending upon cost estimates
  • BB.确保项目团队接受培训,以识别该高级管理人员应该参与变更管理流程的情况
    Ensured that the project team was trained to identify situations in which the senior executive should be involved in the change management process
  • CC.在项目的规划阶段,让该高级管理人员参与变更管理流程的设计
    .Involve the senior executive in the design of the change management process during the project’s planning phase
  • DD.在提交变更请求之前先咨询该高级管理人员的意见
    Consulted with the senior executive prior to submitting the change request

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:相关方参与问题。

16[单选] 在第三方供应商交付项目组件后报告发生故障,项目经理在供应商的支持下应用应急计划。为了确保风险应对措施的有效性,项目经理应该怎么做?

.Failures are reported after a third-party vendor delivers a project component.The project manager applies a contingency plan with the vendor’s support.To ensure the effectiveness of the risk response,what should the project manager do?

  • AA.更新风险登记册
    Update the risk register.
  • BB.开展风险审计
    Conduct risk audits.
  • CC.更新工作说明书(SOW),包含该应对措施
    Update the statement of work(SOW)to include the response.
  • DD.执行供应商绩效再评估
    Perform a vendor performance reassessment.

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:风险管理过程的有效性以及风险应对措施的有效性,都可以通过风险审计来验证。PMBOK457页第一段说的风险审查即风险审计。

17[单选] 公司推出一项新产品,预估实施质量控制系统将花费100万美元,预期的故障和潜在维修成本估计为50万美元。项目经理应该提出什么建议?

A company launching a new product estimates that implementing a quality control system will cost $1 million, Expected failures and potential repair costs are estimated at US$500,000. What should the project manager propose?

  • AA.在做出决定之前考虑声誉损失成本
    Factoring in the loss of reputation costs before making A decision
  • BB.实施质量控制系统,因为这是质量成本(COQ)
    Implementing a quality control system, as this is the cost of quality (COQ)
  • CC.不实施质量控制系统,因为非一致性成本较低
    Not implemented a quality control system, as the cost of nonconformance is less
  • DD.实施质量控制系统,因为质量控制是最佳实践
    Implement a quality control system, as quality control is a best practice

正确答案:A 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:A 解析:成本效益分析,要考虑所有质量成本,包括失败成本中的外部失败成本。本题用排除法。成本包括有形和无形,成本效益分析时都要考虑。

18[单选] 项目经理希望确保相关方能充分参与项目的整个生命周期,项目经理应该在相关方参与计划中包含下列哪一项?

A Project manager want to ensure sufficient stakeholder participation throughout a project’s in cycle. What should the project manager include in the stakeholder engagement plan?

  • AA.相关方的权利/利益方格
    Stakeholder power/interests grid
  • BB.由相关方提出的变更请求
    Change Request initiated by Stakeholders
  • CC.期望的当前相关方参与水平
    Desired and current stakeholder engagement levels
  • DD.相关方对项目运作的反馈
    Feedback from stakeholder on project operations

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:制定相关方参与计划时,AC都要考虑,但A是一个工具,不是结果,C是结果,可以是相关方参与计划的内容。此题考查相关方参与度评估矩阵,在相关方参与计划中评估出对某相关方参与水平的期望。

19[单选] 一次项目会议后,市场营销经理要求在公司网站上添加一个在线服务功能,项目经理首先应该怎么做?

After a project meeting, the marketing manager asked to add an online service feature to the company’s website. What should the project manager do first?

  • AA.审查预算并合并该变更
    Review the budget and incorporate the change
  • BB.更新变更管理计划
    Update the change management plan
  • CC.执行变更控制过程
    Execute the change control process
  • DD.对请求的变更进行失效模式与影响分析(FMEA)
    Conduct Failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA) of the requested change

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:典型的范围变更,走流程。项目团队外部提出的,先提变更请求,再分析。

20[单选] 相关方已就项目可交付成果,关键里程碑以及角色与职责达成一致意见,项目经理与商业分析师开会,以评估项目的详细需求,项目经理首先应该怎么做?

Stakeholders have agreed on project deliverables, key milestones, and roles and responsibilities. The project manager meets with the business analyst to assess the project’s detailed requirements. What should the project manager do first?

  • AA.安排需求评审会议
    Arrange a requirements review meeting
  • BB.分享项目章程
    Share the project charter
  • CC.制定范围管理计划
    Develop the scope management plan
  • DD.审查工作分解结果(WBS)
    Review the work breakdown structure (WBS)

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:排序题目,题干描述可以判断为章程已批准,首先应分享章程,四个选项中B最优先。收集需求的过程,项目章程中有大方向的需求,根据章程分解/收集具体需求。

21[单选] 项目发起人要求项目经理立即开始一个新项目,项目经理下一步应该怎么做?

A project sponsor asks the project manager to begin a new project immediately. What should the project manager do next?

  • AA.准备项目管理计划
    Prepare the project management plan
  • BB.识别潜在的项目风险
    Identify potential project risks
  • CC.参与制定项目章程
    Participate in the development of the project charter
  • DD.招募项目团队
    Recruit the project team

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:还是排序题目,四个选项中章程还是排第一。

22[单选] 从事一个直接项目的项目经理收到现场经理关于设计团队施工图纸质量的反复投诉,项目经理希望确定可能的行动,以确保不再发生这个问题,项目经理首先应该怎么做?

A project manager working on a straightforward project receives repeated complaints from the site manager about the quality of the design team’s construction drawings. The project manager wants to identify possible actions to ensure that this problem will not recur. What should the project manager do first?

  • AA.审查质量报告
    Review the quality reports
  • BB.开展质量审计
    Conduct a quality audit
  • CC.执行根本原因分析
    Perform a root cause analysis
  • DD.创建并分析因果图
    Create and analyze a causal-and-effect diagram

正确答案:C 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:C 解析:一个具体问题反复出现,用根本原因分析能彻底解决问题,依据见PMBOK292页最后一段最后一行。

23[单选] 在一个五阶段项目的第二阶段,遇到必须立即解决的问题,项目经理应该怎么做?

During the second stage of a five-stage project, issues are encountered that must be resolved immediately,what should the project manager do ?

  • AA.与公司高管开会,请求提供更多时间来应用变更控制程序
    Meet with company executives and request more time to apply change control procedures
  • BB.确定纠正措施,了解进度和成本影响,并应用实施整体变更控制过程
    Identify corrective actions, understand the schedule and cost impact, and employ the perform integrated change control process
  • CC.快速调动专家,在规定的时间内解决问题,并更新问题日志、变更日志、进度计划、预算 和状态报告
    Quickly mobilize experts,fix the issues within the allotted time, and update the issue log, change log, schedule, budget and status report
  • DD.回退第二阶段的交付,更新进度计划,并通知相关方
    Roll back stage two’s delivery, update the schedule,and inform the project stakeholders

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:需要立即解决的问题,无论是纠正措施、缺陷补救、预防措施,都属于变更,按变更流程走都正确。C选项太混乱。立即解决,不代表不估计后果,因此还是要进行分析并走变更控制流程。

24[单选] 项目经理正在管理一个产品开发项目,有许多国家的消费者将使用该产品,而且开发团队将在不同的地理位置工作,在制定实施策略时,项目经理首先应该做什么?

A project manager is leading a product development project,Consumers across multiple countries, will use the product and the development team will working in different geographic locations. When developing the implementation strategywhat should the project manager do first?

  • AA.创建工作分解结构(WBS)以了解所需工作的具体细节
    Create A work breakdown structure (WBS) to understand the specific details of the required work
  • BB.制定甘特图以确定每个地点的资源和职责
    Develop a Gantt Charts to identify resources and responsibilities for each location
  • CC.确定可能影响项目成功的关键假设条件,制约因素和其他因素
    Identify key assumptions
    constraints and other factors that may impact project success
  • DD.审查组织结构,以便与来自不同地点的团队进行有效协作
    Review the organizational structure to effectively work with teams from different locations

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:题目强调事业环境因素比较复杂,要充分考虑。A与事业环境因素关系不大;B杜撰;C最全面;D组织结构只显示汇报关系。

25[单选] 敏捷团队正在根据商业分析师团队提供的用户故事开发产品。在第四次冲刺之后,相关方举行了一次演示,其中三个已完成的故事获得通过,其余两个故事未能满足相关方的期望,项目经理应该怎么做?

An Agile teams is working on product according to the user stories provided by a team of business analysts. After the fourth sprint, a demo for stakeholders is held and Three completed stories pass, The remaining two stories fail to meet stakeholders expectations. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.要求商业分析师开发新的用户故事
    Ask the business analysts to develop new user stories
  • BB.审查用户故事并签发变更请求
    Review the user stories and issue a change request
  • CC.确认相关方的期望,然后更新并重新编写用户故事
    Confirm stakeholder expectations, then update and rework the user stories
  • DD.启动一个新项目,将修订后的用户故事纳入工作范围
    Initiate a new project to incorporate revised user stories into the scope of work

正确答案:C 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:C 解析:敏捷问题,敏捷方法用用户故事来显示项目范围(相关方需求和期望),如果没有满足,要重新编写故事即重新确定范围。

26[单选] 项目经理正在管理一个项目,向众多机构交付新的报告产品,该项目必须遵守立法变化,若要确保成功交付,项目经理应该怎么做?

A project manager is leading a project to deliver new reporting product to a large number of agencies. This project must adhere to legislative changes. What should the project manager do to ensure successful delivery?

  • AA.与团队一起头脑风暴,制定风险减轻计划
    Brainstorm with the team to devise a risk mitigation plans
  • BB.识别并记录项目的风险和必要的成功标准
    Identify and document the project’s risks and necessary success criteria
  • CC.与相关方开会,沟通项目延期对进度计划、预算和成本的影响
    Meet with stakeholders to communicate the schedule,budget and cost impacts in the event
  • DD.要求供应商提交一份关于系统支持、培训和灾难复原的计划
    Ask a vendor to submit a plan for system support, training and disaster recovery

正确答案:B 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:B 解析:立法有变化,表示项目有风险,需要进行识别。明确成功标准有助于项目成功验收,所以最优答案是B

27[单选] 一个大型项目正处于收尾阶段,客户拒绝签署同意项目可交付成果,提及之前从未讨论过的需求,项目经理要求与客户开会,以讨论该问题。在会议之前应该査阅下列哪一项?

A large project is in its closure phase, The client refuses to sign off on project deliverables, cititing requirements that were not previously discussed, The project manager requests a meeting with the client to discuss the issue. What should be consulted prior to this meeting?

  • AA.工作绩效数据
    Work performance data
  • BB.验收标准
    Acceptance criteria
  • CC.经验教训储存库
    Lessons learned repository
  • DD.需求跟踪矩阵
    Requirements traceability matrix

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:是否是新的需求,可以通过查看需求跟踪矩阵得知。

28[单选] 根据批准的商业论证,项目必须在12个月内完成,以最大限度地提高经济效益,在审査商业论证之后,项目经理识别到一些制约因素,这些制约因素将导致无法在规定时间范围内完成项目,项目经理应该怎么做?

According to the approved business case, a project must be completed within 12 months to maximize financial benefits. After reviewing the business case, the project manager identifies a few constraints that will make it impossible to complete the project within this time frame. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.在项目章程中包括12个月的项目持续时间
    Include the 12-month project duration in the project charter
  • BB.在考虑到这些制约因素的影响后,在项目章程中更新修订后的完成日期
    Update the project charter with revised completion date after consideration of the impact of these constraints
  • CC.通知管理层无法实现项目时间表
    .Inform management that the project timeline is not achievable
  • DD.与管理层开会讨论此事并最终确定行动计划
    Meet with management to discuss the matter and finalize an action plan

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:排除法。A没有考虑制约因素;B项目经理无此权力;C太被动;D比较现实和主动。商业论证完成,不代表项目章程完成。

29[单选] 在项目的质量审查期间,团队讨论了对当前质量管理计划的必要变更,以满足相关方的期望,目前的计划包括产品的特定事项和特征,但缺少一个重要方面。若要完成质量管理计划,项目经理应该怎么做?

During a project’s quality review , the team discusses necessary changes to the current quality management plan to meet stakeholder expectations. The current plan includes product-specific items and characteristic, but is missing a vital aspect. What should the project manager do to complete the quality management plan?

  • AA.评估交付团队的绩效
    Evaluate the delivery team’s performance
  • BB.评估产品的性能
    Assess the product’s performance
  • CC.考虑产品等级
    Consider the product grade
  • DD.分析提供给客户的价值
    Analyze the value provided to the customer

正确答案:C 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:C 解析:题意中心思想是制定质量管理计划,且已有产品的质量标准(“包括特定产品的事项和特征”),那么就要开始考虑等级水平了。

30[单选] 公司聘用一名项目经理来协调一个期限紧迫的敏捷项目,项目经理和敏捷团队都由一位项目组合经理管理,该项目组合经理倾向于根据需要将开发人员重新分配给其他紧急事项,当项目经理与其接洽时,项目组合经理坚持认为他们有权根据需要调动资源,项目经理应该怎么做?

A Company hires a project manager to coordinate an agile project with tight deadlines, The project managers and the agile team are all managed by a portfolio manager who has a tendency to reassigned developers to other urgent items as needed, when approached by the project manager , the portfolio manager is adamant that they have the authority to more required, what should the project manager do?

  • AA.将此问题提升为问题日志中的问题
    Raise this ad an issue in the issue log
  • BB.更新风险登记册
    Update the risk register
  • CC.将此问题升级上报给项目组合经理的主管
    Escalate it to the portfolio manager's supervisor
  • DD.请求额外的资源
    request additional resources

正确答案:B 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:B 解析:相关方的错误认识将可能给项目带来麻烦,是潜在的(尚未发生问题),更像风险而不是问题。A提升不合适。组合经理的做法对本项目而言是一种风险,需要更新到风险登记册并分析\制定应对措施。

31[单选] 在项目开始时,项目发起人宣布可用资金比原计划少5%,项目经理应该怎么做?

At the beginning of the project, the project announces that there is 5 percent less funding available than originally planned. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.与相关方开会以确定如何变更范围
    Meet with stakeholders to determine how the scope should change
  • BB.重组项目团队以消化资金减少问题
    Reorganize the project team to absorb the reduction in funding
  • CC.激活项目应急储备以取代被削减的资金
    Activate the project contingency reserve to replace the funds that have been cut
  • DD.监督项目进度以确定可以从范围中删除哪些任务
    Monitor project progress to decide which tasks can be removed from the scope

正确答案:A 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:A 解析:预算不够,要消减范围。B不解决问题;C是错误说法;面对变更,首先是分析(A),其次再采取行动(D)。

32[单选] 在一个大型项目中,项目经理决定将风险转移给供应商是最好的风险应对措施,在项目执行期间,项目经理了解到该供应商因内部问题不再具有财务能力来承受风险,指定新的供应商需要三周时间,在新计划生效之前,项目经理应该做些什么?

In a large-scale project, the project manager decides that transferring a risk to a vendor is the best risks response, during project execution,the project managers learns that the vendor is no longer financial capable of covering the risk due to internal problems,It will take three weeks for a new vendor to be appointed.What should the project manager do?

  • AA.更新风险应对计划,通过停止工作来规避
    update the risk response plan to "avoid" by halting work
  • BB.与相关方开会审查风险应对计划,并讨论增加预算以适应该风险
    Meet with stakeholders to review the response plan and discuss increase the budget to accommodates the risk
  • CC.继续推进项目工作
    Proceed with project work
  • DD.审查现有的安全措施和控制措施,并评估风险发生的可能性
    Review existing safety measures and control and assess the possibility of risk occurring

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:排除法。A前后都错误;B前半句不合适,后半句不主动;C是不管不顾;D是监控风险的专业做法,相对最好。此题易误选B,选择新的供应商已经是在实施风险应对计划的举措了,在新旧供应商转换的3周空档期,最好的做法是监控风险,尽量使风险不发生。

33[单选] 一个大型项目已经完工,作为组织过程资产的一部分,项目经理现在应该提交什么?

A large project has been completed As part of the organizational process assets,what should the project manager now submit?

  • AA.向客户提交项目完工记录
    Project completion note to the client
  • BB.项目相关方交付反馈报告
    Stakeholder delivery feedback report
  • CC.项目收尾文件
    Project closure documents
  • DD.项目技术规范
    Project technical specifications

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:本题考选项中哪一个是收尾工作?只有C正确。A似是而非(应移交结果);B完全错误(应该是找相关方调查反馈);D杜撰。

34[单选] 一家组织在项目执行阶段发生变化,结果,一位关键相关方离开项目,两位新的项目主管加入项目,项目经理首先应该怎么做?

During a project’s execution phase. An organization change occurs, As a result, a key stakeholder leaves the project and two new project executive join it. What should the project manager do first?

  • AA.评估新的沟通需求
    Evaluate the new communication requirements
  • BB.更新相关方登记册
    Update the stakeholder register
  • CC.分析潜在的沟通问题
    Analyze potential communication issues
  • DD.修订相关方参与计划
    Revise the stakeholder engagement plan

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:出现了新的相关方,应首先更新相关方登记册。

35[单选] 发生了质量监督,变更控制委员会(CCB)批准了所产生的额外费用,但发生进一步质量问题的可能性很高,项目经理应该怎么做?

A Quality oversight occurs, and the additional cost incurred are approved by the change control board(CCB)The probability of further quality issues is high, what should the project manager do?

  • AA.根据风险管理计划更新风险登记册
    Update the risk register in accordance with the risk management plan
  • BB.更新经验教训储存库以确保减轻未来风险
    Update the lessons learned repository to ensure that future risks are mitigated
  • CC.创建因果图以分析质量监督的影响
    Create a cause-and-effect diagram to analyze the impact of quality oversight
  • DD.请求质量经理提供支持
    Request support from the quality manager

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:识别了新风险,首先更新风险登记册。B是应对后的工作;C的说法严重错误;D推脱责任。题中关键词是可能性很高,代表是一种风险,而不是一种已经发生的问题。

36[单选] 新任命的项目经理得知,因为有太多相关方意见不一致,项目可能会失败。项目经理应该怎么做?

A newly assigned project manager learns that the project likely to fail because there are too many stakeholder who all disagree. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.与所有相关方开会,尝试调整他们的差异
    meet with all project stakeholder to try and align their differences
  • BB.与每位相关方分别开会,尝试理解他们各自的观点
    Separately meet with each stakeholder to try and understand their individual viewpoints
  • CC.制定相关方参与计划并解决相关方的顾虑
    Develop a stakeholder engagement plan and address stakeholder concerned
  • DD.更新相关方参与计划,并将其发送给所有相关方
    Update the stakeholder engagement plan and send it to all stakeholder

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:考答案:C 解析:相关方问题,C的做法最专业,最符合PMBOK思想。D的说法错误,相关方参与计划更多时候是对相关方保密的。相关方意见不一致,要分别分析,并制定相关方参与计划。

37[单选] 在项目执行过程中,项目经理注意到正在使用预先准备好的免费的项目管理软件试用版。该项目将在六个月后结束,团队希望继续使用相同的软件,项目经理应该怎么做?

During project execution,a project manager noticed that the project management are being prepared using a free trial version of project management software. The project will end in six months.and The team wants to continue using the same software.

  • AA.记录该软件是试用版,并继续使用该软件
    Document that the software is A trial version and continue using the software
  • BB.记录该软件是试用版,通知所有相关方,并购买该软件的许可
    Record that the software is a trial version, inform all stakeholder and purchase the license for the software
  • CC.通知相关方,执行风险分析,并获得该软件的许可版本
    Inform the stakeholders, perform a risk analysis and procure a licensed version of the software
  • DD.执行风险分析,并奖励团队节省项目支出
    Perform a risk analysis and reward the team for saving on project expenditures

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:职业道德问题。试用后想继续用就应该买,否则就是不诚信。

38[单选] 一位新项目经理负责管理一个处于规划阶段之后的项目。新项目经理应该审查什么以确定团队的角色和职责?

A new project manager assumes a project after its planning phase, what should the new project manager review To identify the team’s roles and responsibilities ?

  • AA.组织结构图
    Organizational chart
  • BB.资源管理计划
    Resource management plan
  • CC.项目章程
    project charter
  • DD.工作分解结构(WBS)
    work breakdown structure (WBS)

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:资源管理计划中包含角色和职责,如果有RAMRACI则更好。制定资源管理计划时用到的一个工具是RACI矩阵。规划阶段完成,表示资源管理计划应该也已经完成,因此PM应该审阅当时做规划时用到的材料。

39[单选] 项目经理正在审査状态报告,该报告显示进度延迟和成本超支,该报告必须在两周内提交给指导委员会,根据过去的经验,项目经理知道哪些相关方会很挑剔,项目经理应该怎么做?

A project manager is reviewing a status report that shows a schedule delay and cost overruns. This report must be presented to the steering committee in two weeks.From past experience, the project manager knows which stakeholders will be very difficult, what should the project manager do?

  • AA.与挑剔的相关方开会,解释延迟和成本超支的原因
    meet with difficult stakeholders to explain the reasons for the delays and cost overrun
  • BB.收集项目团队的其他详细信息,以澄清延迟和成本超支的原因
    Collect additional details from the project team to clarify the reasons for the delay and cost overruns
  • CC.快速识别可以实施的纠正措施,以改进状态报告
    .Quickly identify corrective actions that can be implemented to improve the status report
  • DD.联系管理层寻求如何与挑剔的相关方打交道的帮助
    Contact management to seek help with dealing with the difficult stakeholders

正确答案:A 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:A 解析:相关方问题,要主动管理潜在的相关方问题,要面对。B当成了沟通问题;C当绩效问题处理;D麻烦管理层了(如同麻烦发起人)。问题发生了,最合理的措施是面对,获得相关方的支持。

40[单选] 一个组织变更管理项目包含来自不同部门的相关方,项目经理与所有相关方访谈,以收集项目需求,但有些需求似乎不切实际并且超出范围。项目经理应该怎么做?

An organizational change management project includes stakeholders from various departments, and the project manager interviews all stakeholders to collect project requirements, but some appear to be unrealistic and out of scope. What should a project manager do?

  • AA.记录需要澄清和分析的所有需求
    Document all requirements to be clarified and analyzed
  • BB.从需求文件中排除低层级需求
    Exclude the low-level requirements from the requirements document
  • CC.将所有需求包含进工作说明书(SOW)
    included all requirements in the statement of work (SOW)
  • DD.更新相关方登记册以包含这些需求
    Update the stakeholders register to include the requirements

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:不是所有需求都要满足和实现,要管理和筛选。A没有问题;需求只分必要不必要,不分低级高级;C本末倒置;D杜撰。

41[单选] 一个虚拟团队正在为一个全球客户开发一个项目。由于组织重组,团队将从70人减少到58人,项目经理应该怎么做?

A virtual team is working on a project for a customer with global presence. Due to organizational restructuring, the team will be reduced from 70 to 58 members. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.将剩余的团队成员集中在一起办公,以提高他们作为团队执行工作的能力
    Co-location the remaining team members to enhance their ability to perform as A team
  • BB.获得额外资金以改善沟通技术,以便在团队成员之间建立更好的共识
    obtain additional funds to improve communication technology to build better understanding among team members
  • CC.通过使用新的可用信息更新项目管理计划来采取预防措施
    Take preventive actions by updating the project management plan with the newly available information
  • DD.更新工作分解结构(WBS)并确保所有活动按时完成
    Update the work breakdown structure (WBS) and ensure that all activities are completed on time

正确答案:B 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:B 解析:虚拟团队,关注沟通。题干已说明是虚拟团队,这是限制条件,因此不能集中办公,A不对;CD都要走变更流程,因此不选;B获取资金已包含走流程的含义。

42[单选] 一个在实施中的项目对公司的成功至关重要,项目总监不相信该项目将按时交付,项目经理应该怎么做?

A project in implementation is critical to a company’s success. The project director is unconvinced that the project will be delivered on time. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.审查相关方参与评估矩阵,并更新风险登记册
    Review the stakeholders engagement assessment matrix and update the risk register
  • BB.与项目总监开会,提供基准数据并解决问题
    Meet with the project director to provide benchmark data and address concerns
  • CC.制定相关方参与计划,定期提供项目更新并鼓励反馈
    Develop a stakeholders engagement plan that provides regular project updates and encourages
  • DD.修改风险登记册,以应对未能达到项目总监期望的风险
    Amend the risk register to address the risks of failing to meet the project director's expectations

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:相关方问题和沟通问题,可能是杞人忧天而未必是事实,应管理相关方参与。C最主动最好;AD都不如CB的理解错误。项目总监不相信,不代表项目不能成功,要让其积极参与,及时更新项目动态,给其信心。

43[单选] 项目团队了解到新监管法律可能影响项目,项目经理执行定量分析并确定了如果触发此风险的重大财务影响,项目经理应该怎么做?

A project team learns of new regulatory laws that may impact the project,the project manager performed a quantitative analysis and identifies a significant financial impact if this risk is triggered .What should the project manager do?

  • AA.更新风险登记册
    Update the risk register
  • BB.聘请保险公司来承担该风险
    Engage an insurance company to cover the risk
  • CC.影响发起人延迟实施法律,直到项目完成
    Influence the sponsor to delay the the law until the the project is completed
  • DD.修订项目预算
    Revise the project budget

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:风险识别,并进行了定量分析,二者都应更新到风险登记册里。BA后;C是杜撰;D很被动。

44[单选] 一位项目经理正在与一个多元化的团队合作一个备受瞩目公共工程项目。项目相关方的公共部门非常担心,因为这个项目直接影响到他们的社区。项目经理应使用什么来与这个项目相关方团体沟通?

A project manager is working on a high-profile public works project with a diverse and engaged group of stakeholders.The public sector of stakeholders is very concerned,as this project directly impacts their community.,What should the project manager use to communicate with this stakeholder group?

  • AA.推式沟通
    Push communication
  • BB.交互式沟通
    Interactive communication
  • CC.项目相关方沟通
    Stakeholder notifications
  • DD.项目报告
    Project reports

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:需要达成一致意见的沟通,应该使用交互式。

45[单选] 在一个项目即将完成时,一位相关方被替换,项目团队正在忙着完成剩余几项需求的开发,项目经理与新相关方的第一次会议安排在下周,但该相关方已经发送了几封电子邮件,要求变更已经实施的要求,项目经理下一步应该怎么做?

As a project nears completion, a stakeholder is replaced, the project team is busy completing development of the few remaining requirements, the project manager’s first meeting with the new stakeholders is next week, but the stakeholder has already sent several emails, asking for change to requirements that have already been implemented, what should the project manager do next?

  • AA.通知该新相关方,在项目后期变更需求将导致成本和进度超支
    Inform the new stakeholder that changes to requirements this later in the project will result in cost and schedule overruns
  • BB.与团队讨论所请求的变更,并确定将其纳入最终可交付成果的影响
    Discuss the requested changes with the team and determine the impact of incorporating them into the final deliverables
  • CC.要求管理层一起参加与该新相关方的会议,以讨论该问题
    Ask management to attend the meetings with the new stakeholder to discuss the issue
  • DD.通知该新相关方无法实施所请求的变更,因为它们未包含在已批准的范围内
    Inform the new stakeholder that the requested changes cannot be implemented as they are not included in the approved scope

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:新相关方要求修改已实施的工作,就是变更问题,要走流程。B是分析影响,正确;AB后;C麻烦发起人了;D是拒绝变更。

46[单选] 项目经理了解到,两名团队成员晋升并将离开项目。为了向新团队成员说明项目角色,项目经理应该准备或更新什么文件?

A project manager learns that two team members were promoted and will be leaving the project.What document should the project manager prepare or update to explain project roles to new team members?

  • AA.人员配备管理计划
    Staffing management plan
  • BB.组织图
    Organizational chart
  • CC.项目章程
    .Project charter
  • DD.责任分配矩阵(RAM)
    Responsibility assignment matrix(RAM)

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:显示角色职责的文件,最好选项是DA是资源管理计划的老说法,包含角色和职责以及别的东西,如果没有D可以选A

47[单选] 在研究一个项目收购时,项目经理发现一种产品能够大大缩短上市时间并提供未来设计解决方案,但是由于该产品的供应商尚未符合行业标准,因此涉及的风险很大,项目经理下一步应该怎么做?

When researching a project acquisition, the project manager discovers a product that will considerably decrease the time to market and provide future design solutions. However, there is a large the risk involved,as the provider of this product is not yet industry compliant,. What should the project manager do next?

  • AA.联系该提供商并协商合作
    Call the provider and negotiate a contract
  • BB.与开发团队开会,讨论下一步工作
    Meet with the development team to discuss next steps
  • CC.实施风险管理计划及其中包含的己批准行动
    Implement the risk management plan and the approved actions contained within it
  • DD.请项目管理办公室(PMO)批准继续
    Ask the project management office (PMO) for approval to proceed

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:机会中包括了风险,结合选项,应管理风险。C最好,ABD都没有考虑风险。风险管理计划中包含为了获得机会而可能遇到的风险及风险应对措施。

48[单选] 根据一个工程项目的合同条款,付款与项目总体进度的百分比挂钩,项目经理必须提交月度进度报告,以促进发票开具流程,在项目团队成员每月报告其分配的活动时,项目经理应该如何保持健康的现金流?

Per an engineering project’s contract terms, payment are linked to the project’s percentage of the overall progress. The project manager must submit monthly progress reports to facilitate the invoicing process. As project team members report monthly on their assigned activities,what should the project manager do to maintain a healthy cash flow?

  • AA.分配一位团队成员来整合数据
    Assign A team member to integrate the data
  • BB.提供项目报告
    Provide project reports
  • CC.执行定量分析
    Perform a quantitative analysis
  • DD.应用挣值(EV)原则
    Apply earned value (EV) principle

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:付款和进度挂钩即业主按挣值来给供应商付款。题目中项目经理是供应商,要获得健康现金流,就要向业主提供挣值数据。在项目团队成员每月报告其分配的活动时”,此句是干扰项。题意不是说PM要向团队成员怎么做,而是为了获得健康现金流,PM自己应该怎么做,或者说对客户应该怎么做。

49[单选] 在项目完成执行阶段后,一位相关方意识到忽略了一个重要功能,该相关方向项目经理提供详细的理由,说明为什么这项变更对业务至关重要。项目正处于哪个过程?

After the project completes the execution stage, a stakeholder realizes that an important feature was overlookedthe stakeholder provides the project manager with a detailed justification for why this change is critical to the business. In what process is the project ?

  • AA.控制范围
    Control scope
  • BB.监控项目工作
    Monitor and Control project work
  • CC.核实范围
    Validate scope
  • DD.实施整体变更控制
    Perform Integrated change control

正确答案:D 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:D 解析:项目漏项,相关方希望补上,属于范围变更。AD都对,但A包含了DD更具体更符合题意,因为题目中强调提供详细理由,属于影响引起变更的因素。

50[单选] 项目经理收到设备釆购的两份标书。采购部门坚持接受最低报价,而制造部门更愿意选择性能最好但价格更高的设备。为了满足项目预算,项目经理选择最便宜的报价。项目经理使用的是哪种冲突管理技巧?

A project manager receives two bids for the purchase of equipment.The procurement department insists on accepting the least expensive bid.while the manufacturing department prefers to choose the best performing.but more meet the project budget,the project manager selects the least expensive bid.What conflict management technique did the project manager use?

  • AA.妥协/调解
  • BB.撤退/回避
  • CC.缓和/包容
  • DD.强迫/命令

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:赢输方式处理冲突,属于D

51[单选] 由于关键组件供应商的频繁失误,交付团队无法履行其承诺。客户对不断违反服务水平协议(SLA)的请求表示不满,若要解决这个问题,项目经理应该怎么做?

A delivery teams was unable to keep its commitments due to frequent slippages from a key component vendor,The client is unhappy that requests continuous breach the service level agreements (sla)what should the project manager do to resolve this?

  • AA.与其他供应商合作,部署新工具来管理项目里程碑和进度计划
    Work with another vendor to deploy a new tool to manage the project milestones and schedules
  • BB.请人力资源经理获取额外的外部资源
    Ask the human resource manager to acquire additional external resources
  • CC.与采购经理会面以审查供应商协议并釆取必要的措施
    .Meet with the procurement manager to review the vendor agreements and take necessary actions
  • DD.与项目集经理讨论重新创建项目里程碑和项目计划
    Speak with the program manager about recreating the project milestones and schedules

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:供应商履行合同不力,应加强对供应商的管理。A需要变更流程;BD都没有针对供应商采取措施。

52[单选] 在项目执行期间,客户请求对可交付成果进行一个小变更,客户表示该变更不会产生财务影响,项目经理应该怎么做?

During project execution, the customer requests a minor change to a deliverable. The customer advises that the change will have no financial impact. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.指示项目团队进行变更
    Instruct the project team to make the changes
  • BB.要求客户提交一份正式的变更请求
    Ask the customer to submit a formal change request
  • CC.制定估算依据(BOE)
    Develop a basis of estimate (BOE)
  • DD.更新问题日志
    Update the issue log

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:变更问题,走变更流程。B最符合变更流程。涉及到变更,都要提交变更请求。

53[单选] 在项目执行期间,项目发起人通知项目经理,现金流制约因素已经导致原始预算资金不可用。项目发起人修改资金可用性,并要求项目经理继续执行已减少活动的项目。项目经理首先应该做什么?

During project execution,a project sponsor informs the project manager that cash flow constraints have caused the originally budgeted funds to become unavailable.The project sponsor revises fund availability and asks the project manager to continue the project with reduced activities.What should the project manager do first?

  • AA.生成变更请求
    Generate a change request.
  • BB.更新项目管理计划
    Update to project management plan.
  • CC.更新工作分解结构(WBS) 更新工作分解结构(WBS)
    Update the work breakdown structures (WBS).
  • DD.接受请求并继续执行项目
    Accept the request and continue the project.

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:活动减少,即削减范围(是预算不够的正确做法),但削减范围属于范围变更,必须走变更流程。

54[单选] 在项目执行过程中,项目经理发现供应的材料晚到,且在某些时候出现错误。项目经理应该怎么做?

During project execution,a project manager discovers that supplied materials are arriving late,and in some instances are incorrect.What should the project manager do?

  • AA.更新质量计划
    Update the quality plan.
  • BB.拒绝向供应商付款
    Refuse to pay the supplier.
  • CC.执行风险分析
    Perform a risk analysis.
  • DD.修改项目进度计划
    Modify the project schedule

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:采购问题,没有合同选项,用排除法,可以当成风险来处理。

55[单选] 项目经理加入一个大型全球项目,其中包含几位来自不同国家的人员,在规划阶段即将结束时,项目经理为项目启动大会准备了一份会议议程,其中一个议程事项是获得几个关键项目要素的一致性,在项目启动大会之前,项目经理应该怎么做?

A Project manager join a large global project with resources form several from different countries, near the end of the planning phase, the project manager prepares an agenda for the project start off meeting , one agenda item alignment on several key project elements, what should the project manager do before the kick-off meeting?

  • AA.制定相关方登记册,概述每位相关方的责任
    .Develop A stakeholder register outlining the responsibilities of each of each project stakeholder
  • BB.详细审查项目目标,以确保所有参与者都了解项目目标
    Conduct a detailed Review of project objectives to ensure that all participants are aware of project goals
  • CC.协同制定项目章程,并明确定义项目的进度计划、范围和预算
    Work collaboratively to develop a project charter, and clearly define the project’s schedule, scope and budget
  • DD.审查最终的工作分解结构(WBS),以便所有参与者都可以在会议中分配到任务
    Review the finalized work breakdown structure (WBS) so all participants leave the meeting with assigned tasks

正确答案:B 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:B 解析: A如果把相关方改成团队成员,可以考虑;C的前半句错误(开工会议于项目章程无关);D的后半句也错误。项目启动大会就是要对目标达成共识的,是一次动员大会,因此在大会之前要仔细审查,以防描述不清而导致误解。

56[单选] 项目经理在天气条件不稳定的区域启动一个项目,这可能会导致项目进度延迟,项目发起人要求项目经理消除所有可能的威胁,以避免延迟处罚,若要满足该发起人的请求,项目经理应该怎么做?

The project manager starts a project in an area with unstable weather conditions that may cause a delay in the project schedule,The project sponsor asks the project manager to eliminate all possible threats to avoid delay penalty. What should the project manager do to fulfill the sponsor’s request?

  • AA.执行一份协议以将该威胁的所有权和责任转移给第三方
    Execute an agreement to transfer ownership and liability of the threat to A third party
  • BB.聘用额外的检查员以确保遵守所有标准
    Hire additional inspectors to ensure that all standards are followed
  • CC.确保所有资源都了解可能的项目威胁
    Ensure all resources understand the possible project threats
  • DD.通过确认威胁并制定单独的应急预算来接受风险
    Accept risks by acknowledging the threats and establishing a separate contingency budget

正确答案:A 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:A 解析:D是接受;C不起任何作用;B与题目提到的风险无关;A是转移。都不好的情况下,A相对好一些。发起人不接受风险,因此风险转移是最好的办法。

57[单选] 项目经理收到项目可交付成果的验收,并举行了经验教训会议,若要结束该项目,项目经理下一步应该做什么?

A project manager received acceptance of project deliverables and held the lessons learned session. To close the project,What should the project manager do next?

  • AA.解散资源
    Release the resources
  • BB.更新组织过程资产
    Update the organizational process assets
  • CC.核实范围
    Validate the scope
  • DD.开展绩效评估
    Conduct performance evaluations

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:AB都是收尾工作,B在前且更重要。

58[单选] 项目经理正在多个国家领导一项产品部署工作,最终部署时间非常紧迫,项目经理必须快速准备估算,项目经理应该使用什么估算技术?

A project manager is leading a product deployment effort in several countries. The final deployment has a tight schedule and The project manager must prepare an estimate quickly.what estimating technique should the project manager use?

  • AA.类比估算
  • BB.参数估算
  • CC.自下而上估算
  • DD.三点估算法

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:A最快速。时间紧迫,PM根据经验做类比估算,速度最快。

59[单选] 在初始项目会议期间,有权做出重要项目决策的关键相关方无法参加,若要避免潜在的项目交付风险,项目经理应该怎么做?

Key stakeholders with the authority to make important project decisions were unavailable during initial project meeting. What should the project manager do to avoid potential risk to project delivery?

  • AA.将关键相关方集合在一起,以澄清业务需求
    Assemble key stakeholders to gain clarify on business requirements
  • BB.与项目发起人开会,以获得对项目目标的批准
    .Assemble key stakeholders to gain clarify on business requirements
  • CC.将会议纪要发送给关键相关方
    Send the meeting minutes to key stakeholders
  • DD.与项目发起人一起审查相关方参与计划
    .Review the stakeholder engagement plans with the project sponsors

正确答案:C 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:C 解析:无法参加会议是既定事实,题目问的是如何降低相关方无法参加会议带来的潜在风险,只有C选项符合下一步行动方案。

60[单选] 在一个足球场建设项目的规划会议期间,项目团队决定在设计工程之前进行现场勘察以确定地面状况。项目团队实施的是哪一个风险管理过程?

During a planning meeting for a soccer field construction project, the team decided to conduct a site survey to determine the ground conditions before engineering the design. What risk management process is the team implement?

  • AA.风险规划
    risk planning
  • BB.风险识别
    risk identification
  • CC.风险分析
    risk analysis
  • DD.风险应对规划
    risk response planning

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:实地勘察,只能发现风险,属于识别风险。

61[单选] 一个在地理位置上分散的团队正在从事一个IT项目,他们发现自己会改写彼此的代码,有时还会处理相同的功能,Scrum主管正在评估他们如何能够促进团队成员之间更加一致的沟通,从而避免这些问题,Scrum主管应该怎么做?

A geographically dispersed team working on an IT project find themselves overwriting each others’ code and sometimes working on the same features The Scrum master is assessing ways in which they can promote more consistent communication among team members to avoid these issues. What should the Scrum master do?

  • AA.举行冲刺评审
    Hold a sprint review
  • BB.召开回顾总结会议
    Convene a retrospective
  • CC.安排每日站会
    Schedule a daily stand up
  • DD.开发一个任务分配系统
    Develop a task allocation system

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:题干已经认为是沟通问题,C关系更大。A主要用于检查完成的工作;B主要用于总结经验和改进;C可以讨论问题;D与沟通无关。

62[单选] 一名团队成员已经制定一种创新方法,来缩短项目时间表。若要与其他项目团队分享该方法,项目经理应该更新什么?

A team member has developed an innovative way to shorten a project’s timeline.To share this with other project teams,what should the project manager update?

  • AA.项目管理计划
    Project management plan
  • BB.事业环境因素
    .Enterprise environmental factors
  • CC.项目管理信息系统(PMIS)
    Project management information system(PMIS)
  • DD.组织过程资产
    Organizational process assets r

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:在组织内分享创新,应先纳入组织过程资产。

63[单选] 一位相关方不同意月度状态报告,并要求项目经理每周亲自告知他们项目的状态,项目经理首先应该怎么做?

A stakeholder disagrees with the monthly status report and asks the project manager to personally inform them of the project’s status on a weekly basis. What should the project manager do first?

  • AA.修改状态报告的形式和频率,以满足该相关方的需求
    Modify the form and frequency of the status reports to accommodate the stakeholder needs
  • BB.寻求与该相关方达成协议以管理他们的期望
    Seek agreement with the stakeholder to manage their expectations
  • CC.审查相关方参与计划,以重新审视该相关方的需求
    Review the stakeholder engagement plan to revisit the stakeholder needs
  • DD.与该相关方会面以说明状态报告的详细信息
    Meet with the stakeholder to explain the details of the status reports

正确答案:C 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:C 解析:沟通问题,对该相关方沟通需求了解不到位,要根据C来更新沟通管理计划。

64[单选] 项目任务落后于进度。为了确保项目按时完成,项目经理聘请另一名工程师来完成任务。项目经理使用的是什么技术?

A project task is behind schedule.To ensure that the project completes on time,the project manager hires another engineer to work on the task.What technique did the project manager use?

  • AA.快速跟进
    Fast tracking
  • BB.资源平衡
    Resource leveling
  • CC.资源平滑
    Resource smoothing
  • DD.赶工

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:时间不够,增加资源,是赶工。

65[单选] 采购部门通知项目经理项目管理软件已更新。团队成员没有使用此更新过的软件经验,但需要此项技能来完成项目。项目经理应该怎么做?

A procurement department notifies a project manager that the project management software has been updated.Team members have on experience working with this update,but will need the skills to complete the project.What should the project manager do?

  • AA.请求额外的时间来培训资源
    Request additional time to train resources.
  • BB.更新资源管理计划
    Update the resource management plan.
  • CC.聘请熟悉这项更新的外部资源来完成工作
    Hire an external resource familiar with the update to complete the job.
  • DD.要求供应商提供主题专家(SME )来培训团队
    Ask the vendor to supply a subject matter expert(SME)to train the team.

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:团队成员能力不够,要临时安排培训,首先要记录在资源管理计划中。

66[单选] 在为主承包商建设一个现场时,项目经理得知确定施工方法所使用的信息是过时的,项目经理首先应该怎么做?

While establishing a site for the primary contractor , the project manager realizes that outdated information was used to determine the construction method. What should the project manager do first?

  • AA.更新问题日志
    Update the issue log
  • BB.将其添加到经验教训储存库中
    Add this to the lessons learned repository
  • CC.寻求专家的专业支持
    .Seek specialized support from experts
  • DD.开展过程改进活动
    Conduct process improvement activities

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:工作输入有误,应当成问题解决。B是事后工作;题目是一个具体问题,与过程关系不大。

67[单选] 项目团队分布在不同的地理位置,项目经理安排召开一次虚拟发布规划会议,当来自某个特定地区的所有团队成员全部缺席电话会议时,项目经理感到非常惊讶,若要避免这个问题,项目经理应该事先做什么?

A Project manager of a geographically distributed team schedules a virtual release planning meeting. The project manager is surprised when all team members from a specific region are absent from the call. What should the project manager have done to avoid this?

  • AA.提前更早安排会议
    Scheduled the meetings farther in advance
  • BB.强制要求参加会议
    Required Mandatory participation in the meeting
  • CC.在安排会议之前确认团队成员是否有空参加
    Checked the availability of team members before scheduling the meeting
  • DD.用本地团队成员替换全球资源
    Replace global resources with local team members

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:某一特定地区的团队成员全部缺席会议,应该是会议时间安排不当,不是相关方问题,也不是规则问题,排除BD;是沟通问题,C最好。

68[单选] 在收尾项目之前,项目经理进行了挣值分析(EVA,分析表明,进度绩效指数(SPI)0.7,成本绩效指数(CPI)为1.0,这些结果说明项目处于什么状态?

Just prior to closing a project, the project manager conducted an earned value analysis (EVA). The analysis shows that the schedule performance index (SPI) is 0.7 and the cost performance index (CPI) is 1.0. What do these results indicate about the project?

  • AA.该项目落后于进度计划,在预算范围内,但在完成所有可交付成果之前被取消的
    The project was behind schedule and within budget, but was canceled before all deliverables were finished
  • BB.该项目符合进度计划,超出预算,但在完成所有可交付成果之前被取消了
    The project was on schedule and over budget, but was canceled before all deliverables were finished
  • CC.所有可交付成果均已完成,项目已提前完成,并符合预算范围
    All deliverables were finished, and the project was completed ahead of schedule and within budget
  • DD.所有可交付成果均己完成,项目按进度计划完成,但超出预算
    All deliverables were finished, and the project was completed on schedule and over budget

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:题干信息表明进度落后,成本正好。用排除法选项,BCD说明符合进度或提前完成,都是错误判断,只有A相对正确,A的后半句不影响。

69[单选] 公司的标准政策是为项目预算中的每个单项增加5%的应急费用,财务部门要求对某一特定单项增加10%的应急费用,因为它涉及一个新的可交付成果,该单项的主题专家(SME) 认为15%的应急费用更为合适,发起人要求项目经理将预算中的平均应急费用降低到3%,项目经理应该为该特定单项增加多少百分比的应急费用?

The company's policy is to add a 5 percent contingency to each line item in the project budget, the financial department requirements a 10 percent contingency on a specific line item because it involves a new deliverables, A subject matter expert (SME) for this line item believes that a 15 percent contingency is more appropriate, The sponsor asks the project manager to reduce the average contingency across the budget to 3 percentwhat contingency percentage should the project manager add to the specific line item?

  • AA.3%
    3 percent
  • BB.5%
    5 percent
  • CC.10%
    10 percent
  • DD.15%
    15 percent

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:本题考专家判断,不同人有多种估算结果时,主题专家意见更可靠。

70[单选] 在一个敏捷项目的演示期间,项目经理缺席,在审査已完成的工作之后,产品负责人要求进行一项变更,然后获得房间中每个人的一致同意,开发团队立即开始实施这项变更,当项目经理回来工作后,这项变更已经完成,项目经理下一步应该怎么做?

during the demon of an agile project, the project manager is absent, after review the completed work, the product owner requests a change, when is then agreed upon by everyone in the room, the development team immediately begins implementing the change when the project manager returns to work they are faced with after the completed change, what should the project manager do next?

  • AA.将该不一致性问题通知相关方
    Notify stakeholders of the inconsistency
  • BB.将已完成的变更更新到工作范围中将已完成的变更更新到工作范围中
    Update the scope of work with the completed change
  • CC.与项目团队开会,讨论变更控制过程
    Meet with the project team to discuss the change control process
  • DD.向变更控制委员会(CCB)登记这项变更并请求批准
    Log the change with change control board(CCB) and request approval

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:变更问题,必须走流程。且是否变更由CCB决定。

71[单选] 为了帮忙做出关键决策,客户希望更频繁地收到技术项目更新,项目经理应该怎么做?

To assist with critical decisions making, the customer would like to receive more frequent technical project updates. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.邀请所有技术负责人和客户参加项目更新会议
    Invite all technical leaders and customers to participate in project update meetings
  • BB.将该请求上报给项目发起人
    Escalate the request to the project sponsor
  • CC.遵循沟通管理计划
    .Follow the communications management plan
  • DD.要求每位技术负责人向客户发送报告
    Ask each technical leader to send the reports to the customer

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:客户希望提高汇报频率,这是标准的沟通问题,找沟通管理计划。客户的要求是否合理,或者说是否应该执行,应遵循沟通管理计划。

72[单选] 项目发起人要去立即对具有明确任务的新项目进行估算。项目经理认为这个项目与另一个最近完成的项目类似。项目经理应该使用什么来确定估算?

A project sponsor requests immediate estimates for a new project with well-defined tasks.The project manager determines that this project is similar to another recently completed project.What should the project manager use to determine the estimates?

  • AA.储备分析和成本汇总
    Reserve analysis and cost aggregation
  • BB.专家判断和成本估算
    Expert judgment and cost estimating
  • CC.资金平衡和储备分析
    Funding reconciliation and reserve analysis
  • DD.类比估算和成本汇总
    Analogous estimating and cost aggregation

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:本题考估算方法,出现了关键词另一个项目相似,是类比估算的关键词。

73[单选] 一个组织正在严格的时间限制下进行重大的技术升级,项目团队由内部和外部相关方、职能经理、顾问和供应商组成,其中一位关键职能经理提出多项项目变更。项目经理应该怎么做?

An organization is making significant technology upgrades under strict time constraints. The project team comprises internal and external stakeholders, functional managers, consultants and vendors, one of the key functional managers suggests multiple project changes. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.将建议的变更纳入项目中
    incorporate the suggested changes into the project
  • BB.询问顾问如何实施这些变更
    Ask the consultant how to implement the changes
  • CC.向相关方咨询建议的变更
    .Consult the stakeholders about the suggested changes
  • DD.要求供应商对这些变更报价
    Request vendor pricing for the changes

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:变更问题,但是选项非常不典型,用排除法。A不符合变更流程;BCD都可以考虑,C可以理解为分析变更影响,优先于BD

74[单选] 项目经理在预算范围内按时成功收尾项目,最终产品已移交运营并对适当的文件存档,几周后,供应商提供的一个部件发生故障,但仍在保修期内,运营经理致电项目经理并要求釆取纠正措施,包括使用剩余的项目预算来支付维修费用。项目经理下一步应该怎么做?

A Project manager successfully closes out a projects on time and under budge, the final product is transferred to the operation and the proper paperwork is filed, a few weeks later, a vendor-supplied part breaks.but is still under warranty, the operations manager calls the project manager and demands corrective actions, including using the remaining project budget to pay for repairs. What should the project manager do next?

  • AA.重新审查项目,确定是否有足够的剩余资金来支付维修费用,并执行纠正措施
    Reopen the project ’determine if there are enough remaining funds to pay for repairs.and perform corrective actions
  • BB.建议运营经理审查采购文件,并遵循供应商合同中规定的保修索赔程序
    Advise the operation manager to review the procurement documents and follow warranty claim procedures as stated in the vendor’s contract
  • CC.要求法务部门对供应商采取法律行动,以赔偿与更换和安装部件相关的成本
    Ask the legal department to take legal action against the vendor for restitution of costs associated with replacement and installation of the part
  • DD.将问题升级上报给高级管理层,以防止运营经理可能采取任何可能的行动
    Escalate the issue to senior management for protection from any potential actions the operation manager may take

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:采购问题,首先查看合同。

75[单选] 项目经理从项目管理办公室(PMO)收到项目绩效评估报告,该报告指出,其中一位相关方认为范围控制不住,但没有提供额外的细节,项目经理应该怎么做?

A project manager receives a project performance evaluation report from the project management office (PMO). The report states that one stakeholder believe the scope has been poorly controlled, but no additional details is provided. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.无视该反馈,因为没有任何细节可以支持这个问题
    Disregard the feedback,since there were no details to support the issue
  • BB.与几位相关方分别讨论该问题,以确定是谁提供了该反馈
    Discuss the issue individually with several stakeholder to determine who provided the feedback
  • CC.在发送工作绩效信息后,与利害相关方开会以获取更多详细信息并说明所感知的问题
    After sending work performance information, meet with stakeholders to obtain more detailed and address perceived issues
  • DD.与最资深的相关方开会,详细说明是如何妥善管理范围的
    Meet with the most senior stakeholders to explain in detail how the scope was properly managed

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:相关方担心项目,有可能不是事实,而是相关方杞人忧天,因此属于相关方问题。C是管理相关方参与。

76[单选] 一个大型内容迁移项目的关键相关方对新系统的可行性表示怀疑,项目经理应该怎么做?

.The Key stakeholders of a large content migration project express doubles about the viability of the new system. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.更新沟通策略以说明这些问题
    update the communication strategies to address these concerns
  • BB.指导该相关方支持新项目
    Instruct the stakeholder to support the new project
  • CC.与相关方举行一次研讨会,记录他们的期望、关切点和问题
    Hold a workshop with stakeholders to document their expectations, concerns and issues
  • DD.开展组织意识宣传活动,以宣布内容的变化
    Conduct an Organizational awareness campaign to announce content changes

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:相关方问题,管理相关方参与。

77[单选] 一个项目跨越不同国家,且时间紧迫,公司未来的成功取决于是否满足最后期限。项目经理应该使用什么工具或技术来提高团队执行能力?

A project spans different countries and has a tight schedule.The company’s future success depends on meeting the deadline. What tool or technique should the project manager use to enhance the team’s ability to perform?

  • AA.基本规则
    Ground rules
  • BB.集中办公
  • CC.虚拟团队
    Virtual teams
  • DD.培训

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:虚拟团队是团队建设工具,B不现实。

78[单选] 准备项目收尾时,项目经理整理了整个项目生命周期中持续记录的经验教训。随后项目经理安排项目相关方会议,继续收尾项目。为准备这次会议,项目经理应査看哪些内容?

While preparing for project closure.the project manager collates the lessons learned that were continuously documented throughout the project’s life cycle.The project manager then schedules a stakeholder meeting to proceed with project closure.What should the project manager review to prepare for this meeting?

  • AA.组织过程资产、项目管理计划和己验收的可交付成果
    Organizational process assets
    project management plan,and accepted deliverables
  • BB.事业环境因素、项目管理计划和变更请求
    Enterprise environmental factors,project management plan,and change requests
  • CC.工作绩效报告、项目管理计划和已验收的可交付成果
    Work performance reports,project management plan,and accepted deliverables
  • DD.风险登记册、项目管理计划和组织过程资产
    Risk register,project management plan,and organization process assets

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:本题考收尾输入,见PMBOK4.7.1A正确。

79[单选] 一些内部相关方向项目经理抱怨因为他们没有收到所需的项目更新,所以他们无法正确执行任务,项目经理首先应该怎么做?

Some internal stakeholders complain to the project manager that they are unable to properly perform their tasks as they are not receiving required project update. What should the project manager do first?

  • AA.要求相关方确定独立获取项目更新的方式
    Ask the stakeholders to identify ways to obtain project updates independently
  • BB.改变相关方沟通的模式
    Change the mode of stakeholder communication
  • CC.增加项目更新的频率
    Increase the frequency of project updates
  • DD.审查沟通管理计划,确保包含所有相关方
    Review the communication management plan to ensure that all stakeholders are included

正确答案:D 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:D 解析:典型的沟通问题,找沟通管理计划。

80[单选] 一位具有独特和关键技能的主题专家(SME)不愿接受项目经理的指令,项目经理首先应该怎么做?

A subject matter expert (SME) with unique and critical skills will not accept the authority of the project manager. What should the project manager do first ?

  • AA.与该主题专家的直线经理开会以解决该冲突
    Meet with the SME line manager to resolve the conflict
  • BB.与该主题专家一起审查项目管理计划以核实所有团队角色
    Review the project management plan with the SME to validate all team roles
  • CC.要求项目发起人替换该主题专家
    Ask the project sponsor to replace the SME
  • DD.新资源管理计划和风险登记册
    Update the resource management plan and the risk register

正确答案:B 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:B 解析:团队成员不听指挥,首先应该用规则来管理,即选B。本题也可以当成冲突管理,有冲突要面对,也是B

81[单选] 在项目执行两年后,项目经理确信项目范围将按照承诺交付,项目团队按计划工作,所有问题都得到迅速解决,在完成日期前两个月,首席执行官命令执行一项范围变更,项目经理应该怎么做?

Two years after the project was implemented,the project manager is confident that the scope will be delivered as promised,The team is working as planned, and all issues are resolved quickly. Two months before the completion date, the CEO orders a change in scope. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.因为会对进度和预算产生负面影响,建议首席执行官重新考虑该范围变更
    Suggest that the CEO reconsider the scope change due to negative impact on schedule and budget
  • BB.向首席执行官询问该范围变更的原因,讨论潜在影响,然后采取适当的措施
    Ask the CEO about the reasons for the scope change, discuss the potential impact, and then take appropriate steps
  • CC.告知首席执行官,必须通过适当的渠道进行该范围变更
    .Inform the CEO that the scope change must be done through the proper channels
  • DD.向前推进并按要求记录该范围变更
    Move forward and document the scope change as required

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:范围变更,走变更流程。

82[单选] 项目经理正在执行一个项目,该项目中包含简短的任务以及技能非常熟练的人员,在测试阶段,项目经理注意到很高的失败率和许多缺陷,若要避免这个问题,项目经理应该事先做什么?

A project manager is working on a project with short and simple tasks and very skilled resources. During the testing phase, the project manager notices a high rate of failure and many defects.what should the project manager have done to avoid this?

  • AA.实施质量保证计划
    implement a quality assurance plan
  • BB.要求所有人员都遵循质量保证
    Required that quality assurance was followed by all resources
  • CC.测试阶段期间执行质量控制任务
    Conducted quality control tasks during the testing phase
  • DD.在所有任务中使用六西格玛程序
    Employed six sigma procedures on all tasks

正确答案:B 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:B 解析:很多缺陷避免这个问题,都要通过质量保证(管理质量)来解决,选B


A new project sponsor habitually misses weekly status meeting and frequently visits functional manager to discuss the project’s, status,meeting minutes are regularly sent, but appear to remain unread. What should the project manager do next?

  • AA.指示职能经理拒绝讨论项目状态
    instruct the functional managers to refrain from discussing project status
  • BB.将沟通管理计划发送给该发起人
    Send the communication management plan to the sponsor
  • CC.将每周会议纪要重新发送给该发起人
    Resend the weekly meeting minutes to the sponsor
  • DD.与该发起人组织一对一会议
    organize a one-on-one meetings with the sponsor

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析: 沟通问题,新的发起人不接受当前沟通方式,应调整。A很负面;B内部计划不约束外人;C重复无效工作。

84[单选] 最新项目报告显示进度绩效指数(SPI)1.1,成本绩效指数(CPI)0.9。项目经理应该怎么做?

The latest project report shows a schedule performance index(SPI)of 1.1 and a cost performance index (CPI)of 0.9.What should the project manager do?

  • AA.对进度计划赶工,让项目回到正轨
    Crash the schedule to put the project back on track.
  • BB.确定成本偏差的原因,并选择纠正措施
    Determine the cause of the cost variance and choose a corrective action.
  • CC.识别机会,减少项目范围
    Identify opportunities to reduce the project scope.
  • DD.继续监控成本和进度
    Continue to monitor cost and schedule.

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:进度提前,成本超支。用排除法,A判断错误;C没有必要且没有遵守变更流程;D忽略了成本超支问题。

85[单选] 项目经理了解到,由于生产过程不稳定,产品的拒收率很高,哪个工具或技术可以帮助项目经理快速分析并确定纠正措施?

A Project managers learns that a product’s rejection rate high due to an unstable production process, what tool or technique will help the project manager to make a quick analysis and decide on corrective measures?

  • AA.因果图
    cause and effect diagram
  • BB.控制图
    control chart
  • CC.直方图
  • DD.散点图
    scatter diagram

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:过程不稳定,应进行过程改进,改进过程首先要进行根本原因分析,再确定纠正措施,A最合适。

86[单选] 一个正在进行的项目涉及开发新的消费产品。作为项目相关方的市场营销经理要求新的产品功能来提高市场份额。项目经理应该怎么做?

An ongoing project involves the development of a new consumer product.The marketing manager,who is a project stakeholder,requests new product features to increase market share. what should the project manager do?

  • AA.实施管理相关方参与程度过程
    Implement the Manage Stakeholder Engagement process.
  • BB.将该请求上报给项目发起人
    Escalate the request to the project sponsor.
  • CC.在风险登记册中添加一个风险
    .Add a risk to the risk register.
  • DD.实施整体变更控制过程
    Implement the Perform Integrated Change Control process.

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:变更问题,走变更流程。

87[单选] 一个具有多元文化的项目团队分布在不同的地理位置,这会带来挑战,因为密切沟通对团队的成功绩效非常关键,若要最大限度地减少团队的错误沟通,项目经理应该怎么做?

A multicultural project team is geographical distributed, This causes challenges, since close communication is key to the teamsuccessful performance, what should the project manager do to minimize team miscommunication ?

  • AA.安排每日虚拟会议
    Schedule daily virtual conferences
  • BB.制定并审查项目仪表板
    Establish and review the project dashboards
  • CC.发送每日项目状态报告
    Send daily project status report
  • DD.每天通过电子邮件与团队核对
    Check in with the team daily via email

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:如何解决虚拟团队的沟通问题,A是面对面的沟通,也符合团队分散的特点。

88[单选] 项目发起人要求项目经理确保在预算范围内支付产品,项目经理应使用什么技术?

A project sponsor ask a project manager to ensure that a product is delivered within budget. What technique should the project manager use?

  • AA.成本效益分析
    cost-benefit analysis
  • BB.预防成本
    Prevention costs
  • CC.面向X的设计
    Design for X
  • DD.统计抽样
    Statistical sampling

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:题目问题可以理解为如何防止预算超支,也可以理解为量入为出。选项都不 直接,A相对较好。

89[单选] 在执行一个新产品开发项目期间,一位关键相关方要求添加一项功能,项目经理下一步应该怎么做?

During the execution of a new product development project, a key stakeholder requests the addition of a feature. What should the project manager do next?

  • AA.分析该变更的影响
    Analyze the impact of the change
  • BB.更新变更日志
    Update the change log
  • CC.拒绝该变更
    Reject the change
  • DD.寻求项目发起人的批准
    seek the sponsor’s approval

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:变更问题,走变更流程,A符合。B更新变更日志多在变更批准或否决之后。

90[单选] 项目经理在项目中途被替换了。新项目经理在之前的项目中遇到一些未发现风险的问题,希望确保所有关键人员均参与风险识别,项目经理应该参考哪一份文件?

Middle through a project manager is replaced, The new project manager had issue with some undiscovered risks on previous projects and wants to ensure that all key individuals are involved in risk identification. What document should the project manager reference?

  • AA.商业分析师日历
    Resource calendar
  • BB.风险登记册
    Risk register
  • CC.相关方登记册
    .Stakeholder Register
  • DD.项目章程
    project charter

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:本题考识别风险的输入。

91[单选] 新聘用的项目经理加入一个正在进行的项目,而该项目已经落后于进度,在规划阶段未考虑到几个时间制约因素,并且批准的基准进度计划具有不灵活的完工期限,项目经理首先应该怎么做?

A newly hired project manager joins an ongoing project that is already behind schedule, several time constraints were not considered during the planning phase, and the approved baseline schedule has an inflexible completion deadline. What should the project manager do first?

  • AA.制定进度计划
    Develop the schedule
  • BB.控制进度计划
    Control the schedule
  • CC.为项目活动排序
    Sequence project activities
  • DD.快速跟进进度计划
    Fast track the schedule

正确答案:B 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:B 解析:进度规划有误,且工期很紧,项目经理应该调整进度计划以确保按时完成,属于控制进度。

92[单选] 一个已识别到的风险发生了,从而触发一个次生的已识别风险,项目经理首先应该怎么做?

An identified risk occurs,which triggers a secondary identified risk. What should the project manager do first?

  • AA.审查风险登记册
    Review the risk register
  • BB.进行风险审计
    Conduct a Risk audit
  • CC.提交变更请求
    Submit a change requests
  • DD.继续商定的风险减轻措施
    Proceed with agreed to risk mitigation

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:风险发生应该实施应对计划,次生风险也发生了,同样要应对。已知未知风险及其次生风险的应对计划都记录在风险登记册,A可以。B是应对后的工作。

93[单选] 一个软件开发项目的截止日期即将来临,只有在产品通过质量控制测试之后才能交付产品,但是由于与质量控制团队的关系不佳,开发人员反对测试。项目经理应该怎么做?

A software development project deadline is approaching, the product cannot be delivered until it has been tested and passes by quality control, However, the developers are resisting the tests as they have a poor relationship with the quality control team. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.分析即将发生的延迟影响并通知客户
    Analyze the impact of the impending delays and inform the client
  • BB.立即与两个团队开会,以确保达到质量标
    Immediately meet with both teams to ensure that quality standards are met
  • CC.聘请分包商进行质量管理任务
    Hire a subcontractor for to quality management tasks
  • DD.根据团队意见更新质量管理计划
    Update the quality management plan based on team inputs

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:可以当成冲突问题,有冲突要面对,选B;也可以当成相关方问,管理相关方,也是选B

94[单选] 项目经理正在为相关方准备项目收尾演示,一位相关方曾有拒绝签署项目收尾的历史,在演示之前,项目经理应该怎么做?

A project manager is preparing a project closure presentation for stakeholders, One stakeholder has a history of refusing to sign off on project closure. What should the project manager do prior to the presentation?

  • AA.与该相关方交谈以了解任何疑虑
    Talk to the stakeholders to understand any concerns
  • BB.要求所有相关方审查项目结果的详细报告
    Ask all stakeholders to review a detailed report of project results
  • CC.准备对该相关方最可能关注的问题点做出回应
    Prepare a response to that stakeholders most likely points of concern
  • DD.请项目发起人与该相关方进行交涉
    Ask the project sponsor to intervene with that stakeholders

正确答案:A 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:A 解析:相关方问题,识别到一个可能阻碍项目的相关方,要管理相关方参与,即A。也可以当成冲突管理,有冲突要面对,也是A

95[单选] 项目经理正在领导一个复杂的跨文化项目,该项目有600多名团队成员,分布在不同的国家,来自其中一个国家的一些成员无法理解每日站会电话会议期间发生的情况,项目经理应该怎么做?

A project manager is leading a complex cross-cultural project with over 600 team members located in different countries. A few members from one of the countries are unable to understand what is going on during the daily stand up calls. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.更新沟通管理计划
    Update the communication management plan
  • BB.修订相关方参与计划
    Revise the stakeholders engagement plan
  • CC.关注团队建设的震荡阶段
    Focus on the storming stage of team building
  • DD.重视团队建设的成熟阶段
    Emphasize the performing stage of team building

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:典型沟通问题,无法理解是客观技术问题,而不是主观意愿问题,因此是沟通问题。

96[单选] 在监督项目进度的同时,项目经理发现第一阶段里程碑将超过进度计划的期限并延续到第二阶段开始。但是,在达到第一阶段里程碑并提交其结果之前,无法开始第二阶段,若要满足第一阶段的时间表并交付预期的结果,项目经理应该怎么做?

While monitoring the project schedule, the project manager realizes that the phase one milestone will exceed the schedule deadline and run over into the start of phase two, However, phase two cannot start until the phase one milestone is reached and its results presented,What should the project manager do to meet phase one’s timeline and deliver the expected results?

  • AA.与项目团队进行头脑风暴并审查几个假设情景
    Brainstorm with the project team and review several what-if scenarios
  • BB.使用项目日历来计算有限的资源和项目的不确定性
    Use the project calendar to calculate for limited resources and project uncertainties
  • CC.制定关键路径,以确定完成第一阶段的最长时间
    Develop the critical path to Identify the longest time for completing phase one
  • DD.考虑快速跟进第一阶段,尽管这会增加风险
    Consider fast tracking phase one. although it would increases the risk

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:本题用排除法。问题的核心是前一阶段延误,时间不够,要赶工或快速跟进。

97[单选] 项目经理签订了一份合同,领导一个供应商团队,执行全国性的系统实施项目。项目启动后,合同签订组织宣布对系统进行变更,因为另一个独立供应商团队完成了额外工作,这导致合同发生变化,项目经理应如何处理这些变化?

A project manager signs a contract to lead a team of vendors for a nationwide system implementation project. After initiation , the contracting organization announces changes to the system, as additional work was completed by another team of independent vendor.this resulted in variations to the contract. How should the project manager deal with these changes?

  • AA.审查协议并为额外工作项开具发票
    Review the agreements and invoices the additional work items
  • BB.支持供应商团队根据初始合同实施这些变更
    Support the vendor team implementing the changes as per the initial contract
  • CC.与供应商合作,提供有关工作的专家指导和检查点
    Work with the vendor to provide expert guidance and check points on the work
  • DD.与该组织合作制定支持变更和升级上报流程的计划
    Work with the organization to develop a plan that supports the change and escalation processes

正确答案:D 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:D 解析:既成事实导致必须变更合同,要走合同变更流程。D选项是创建变更流程,以及沟通程序(上报流程),最优先。

98[单选] 一个户外音乐会项目定于8月份在一个以那时天气干燥而闻名的国家举行,这个国家的这个月份已有20多年没有降雨过,因此风险登记册未将其列为一个风险,目前,该项目的进度绩效指数(SPI)1.3,成本绩效指数(CPI)0.9,而且现在开始下雨,进度必须停止,项目经理应该怎么做?

An outdoor concert project is scheduled for August in a country know for its dry weather at that time. The country has not had rain during that month for over 20 yeas. So it is not included risk in the risk register,currently ,the project has a schedule performance index (SPI) is 1.3 and a cost performance index (CPI) is 0.9 , Now it begins raining and progress must be stop, what should the project manager do?

  • AA.接受该风险并使用项目的浮动时间
    Accept the risk and use the project's float
  • BB.通过建设防雨屏障来减轻风险
    Mitigate the risks by building rain protecting barriers
  • CC.赶工
    Crush the project
  • DD.使用应急储备
    use the contingency reserves

正确答案:D 你的答案:B


99[单选] 收到项目发起人批准项目章程后,项目经理安排召开项目启动大会,但是,七位关键相关方中有四位没有参加这次会议,项目经理应该怎么做?

After project sponsor approves for the project charter, the project manager schedules a kick-off meeting. However, four out of seven key stakeholders do not attend this meeting. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.告知这些相关方的经理己经召开该会议
    Inform the stakeholders’managers that the meeting has taken place
  • BB.组织发起人与四个缺席的相关方开会,以讨论该项目
    Ask sponsors to meet with the four absent stakeholders to discuss the project
  • CC.向所有相关方提供项目计划、范围和风险
    Provide the project plans, scope and risks to all stakeholders
  • DD.计划向缺席的相关方更新项目进度报告
    Plan to update the absent stakeholders with project progress reports

正确答案:C 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:C 解析:如果B选项是项目经理自己找这4 个相关方开会说明项目情况,则最好,但B是请发起人去做。用排除法,只能选C

100[单选] 相关方表示非常担心某一非集中办公团队对项目期望和指示的理解,因为有之前与该团队合作导致返工的经验,项目经理应该釆用什么样的沟通方法来解决这个问题?

stakeholders expressed concerns about a non-colocated team’s understanding of expectations and instructions ,as previous experience with this team have resulted in rework, what communication method should the project manager implement to address this?

  • AA.推式沟通
    Push communication
  • BB.集中沟通
  • CC.拉式沟通
  • DD.交互式沟通

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:防止误解,即必须统一认识,要使用交互式沟通达成共识。

101[单选] 由于个人原因,工程团队的一位关键成员将在10天内无法工作,这会影响项目进度和交付承诺。项目经理应该怎么做?

Due to personal reasons, a key member of an engineering team will be unavailable for 10 days, this impacts the project schedule and delivery commitment. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.对工程团队成员提供的解决方案进行影响评估
    Perform an Impact assessment of solutions provided by engineering team members
  • BB.更新项目管理计划并随时告知相关方
    Update the project management plan and keep the stakeholders informed
  • CC.要求人力资源部门管理这种情况
    Ask the human resources department to manage the situation
  • DD.查看和更新项目测量指标以确定添加新资源的可能性
    Review and update project metrics to determine the feasibility of adding a new resources

正确答案:A 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:A 解析:成员请假、辞职问题,没有更新资源管理计划选项(B不是的),可以当成风险先分析影响。

102[单选] 在执行一个大型软件实施项目期间,服务器管理团队必须设置解决方案的基础架构。但是,该团队需要比预期更长的时间来完成工作,这延长了整个项目进度。因此,最初分配给项目的开发人员不可用。项目经理应该怎么做?

During execution of a large software implementation project, the server administration team must set up the solution’s infrastructure. However, this team takes much longer than expected to complete the work, which extended the entire project scheduleAs a result, the developers originally assigned to the project are unavailable. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.与相关方讨论资源制约因素,以确定更改资源管理计划的方案
    Discuss the resource constraints with stakeholders to identify options for changing the resource management plans
  • BB.在下一个状态报告中包含资源制约因素,并根据开发人员的可用性更新需求
    Include the resource constraints in the next status report and update the requirements based on developers5 availability
  • CC.使用资源制约因素作为雇佣和培训其他开发人员的正当理由
    Use the resource constraints as justification to hire and train additional developers
  • DD.包含非工作日,以便可以在最初定义的时间表内交付项目
    Include non-working days so that the project can be delivered within the originally defined timeline

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:进度延误导致事先安排的资源无法使用,或者尽快恢复进度,或者调整原先的资源安排,A属于后者。D在西方国家未必可行。

103[单选] 一家公司计划改进其计算机系统,为其用户提供增值功能。项目经理需要从位于全球各地的大量员工那里收集需求,并且需要快速周转。项目经理应该怎么做?

A company plans to revamp its computer system to provide value-added features for its clients.The Project managers needs to collect requirements from a large number of staff members located globally,and a quick turnaround is required, What should the project manager do?

  • AA.要求所有相关方参与虚拟研讨会
    Invite all stakeholders to a virtual workshop
  • BB.与选中的客户一起召开现场研讨会
    Organize on-site workshop with selected clients
  • CC.向海外员工分发问卷调查
    Distribute questionnaires and surveys to overseas staff
  • DD.确保收集需求符合时间限制
    Ensure that collecting requirements will meet the time constraints

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:向大量受众收集需求,用问卷调查。题目关键词是收集需求,定位于收集需求过程组,怎么做则是问的工具技术,题目中面向全球各地大量员工且要需要快速周转,完全符合问卷调查的特征,受众多且多样,地理位置分散,需要快速完成,选择C最为方便且能解决问题。

104[单选] 准备验收文件时,项目经理意识到未能包含两个功能。开发人员表示,虽然这些功能不完整,但客户不会注意到。公司需要为该开发项目开具发票并收取付款,以支付未来六个月的工资。项目经理应该怎么做?

While preparing the acceptance document, the project manager realized that two features failed to be included. The Developer states that although these features are incomplete, the customers will not notice. The company needs to invoice and receive payments for this project to cover salaries for the next six months. What should a project manager do?

  • AA.根据开发人员的意见准备验收文件
    Prepare the acceptance documents based on the developer’s comment
  • BB.在准备验收文件之前包含这些功能
    Include the features prior to preparing the acceptance document
  • CC.审查需求管理计划
    Review the requirements management plan
  • DD.提交变更请求
    Submit a change requests

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:本题为职业道德问题,不能欺骗客户,有错必改。题目中表示发现功能不完整,项目范围有遗失,需要提变更请求进行补救,开发人员的说法不符合情理,道德问题,A错误,B是变更请求被批准之后的事情,题目中已发现,C不需要再去审查需求,D为正确选项。

105[单选] 项目经理正在管理一个交付日期非常紧张的关键项目。由于某些团队成员位于其他国家/地区,因此项目经理希望确保明确定义角色、职责和工作日历。项目经理应该参考哪一个过程?

A project manager is leading a critical project with an aggressive delivery date. Since some project team members are located in other countries, the project manager wants to ensure that roles, responsibilities, and work calendars are will defined. To what process should the project manager refer?

  • AA.规划进度管理
    Plan schedule management
  • BB.规划资源管理
    Plan resource management
  • CC.规划风险管理
    Plan risk management
  • DD.规划沟通管理
    Plan communication management

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:资源管理计划中包含角色和职责,B生成资源管理计划。题目关键词希望确保明确定义角色,职责和工作日历,即为希望输出资源管理计划,对应为规划资源管理过程组。

106[单选] 项目组正在创建一个新项目风险登记册。首先必须完成什么任务?

.A project team is creating a new project’s risk register, what task must be completed first?

  • AA.审查项目风险
    Review project risks
  • BB.建立风险背景
    Establish a risk context
  • CC.识别项目风险
    Identify project risks
  • DD.分析潜在项目风险
    Analyze potential project risks

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:风险登记册是识别风险过程的输出。

107[单选] 客户通知项目经理将在施工现场举行新闻发布会,这可能会导致额外的项目资金。由于将有电视直播,现场必须在活动期间保持干净和安静。项目经理审查项目管理计划,但没有找到关于此事件的参考。项目经理首先应该怎么做?

A client informs a project manager that a press event will take place at the construction site, which could result in additional project funding. Since there will be TV broadcasting, the site must be clean and quiet during the event. The project manager reviews the project management plan and finds no reference to this event. What should a project manager do first?

  • AA.询问客户是否有其他地方可以举办活动
    Ask the client if there are other places to hold the event
  • BB.将该事件作为次要风险并将其添加到观察清单中
    Consider the event as a minor risk and add it to the watch list
  • CC.更新相关方登记册,并将该事项添加到问题日志
    Update the stakeholder register and add this item to the issue log
  • DD.立即停止项目工作并开始清理现场
    Immediately stop the project work and begin cleaning the site

正确答案:C 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:C 解析:客户的新项目影响现有项目,可以当成风险识别,但不是轻微风险;也可以当成问题来处理,参加新闻发布的人员都是新出现的相关方。

108[单选] 项目发起人并且也是提供资金的相关方,和客户一起共同开展效益分析,完成商业论证并制定项目章程。然而,发起人未咨询其他关键相关方的意见,包括主要政府监管机构。若要尽可能减少风险,项目经理应该怎么做?

A project sponsor, The funding stakeholder, and the client work jointly to conduct a benefit analysis, the sponsor proceeds with the conclusion of the business case and development of the project charter. However, the sponsor failed to consult with other key stakeholders, including key government regulators. What should the project manager do to minimize risk exposure?

  • AA.更新商业论证,以包含项目可行性
    Update the business case to include project feasibility
  • BB.在最终确定项目章程之前,主动接洽所有相关方
    Proactively engage all relevant stakeholder before finalizing the project charter
  • CC.在整个项目生命周期中不断更新商业论证
    Continuously update the business case throughout the project’s life cycle
  • DD.在项目期间遵循正常的风险管理程序
    Follow normal risk management procedures for the duration of the project

正确答案:B 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:B 解析:忽略了重要相关方,属于相关方问题。B是管理相关方参与。题目问题在于忽略关键相关方意见需要减少可能导致的风险,主要问题在于需要进行相关方管理,B最为合适的补救措施。ACD属于将错就错无视直接问题。

109[单选] 在项目执行期间,一位高绩效团队成员离职。在此损失之后,进行了计划的质量审计,发现工作产品质量标准未达到。项目经理下一步应该怎么做?

During project execution, a high-performance team member leaves.Following this loss, a planned quality audit is conducted that indicates the work products quality standards are unmet. What should the project manager do next?

  • AA.赶工
    Crash the schedule
  • BB.创建一份因果图
    Create a causal-and-effect diagram
  • CC.查阅资源管理计划
    Consult the resource management plan
  • DD.执行工作绩效数据的储备分析
    Perform a reserve analysis of the work performance data

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:产品有缺陷,必须修复。修复缺陷可以先找缺陷原因。本题用排除法,只有B可以选。关键在于质量标准未达到,是管理质量过程,赶工针对进度,查阅资源管理计划是针对人力资源,执行工作数据。绩效数据的储备分析也是人员的绩效数据,B为最合适答案,因果图来识别质量问题根本原因。

110[单选] 项目经理正在准备一份定期状态报告,这时营销高管告知他们竞争对手推出了令人兴奋的新功能。该高管表示,营销部门在项目可交付成果的初始版本中需要这一新功能。项目经理应该怎么做?

A project manager is preparing a regular status report when a marketing executives informs them about a competitor’s exciting new feature. The executive says that the Marketing Department needed this new feature at the initial release of the project deliverable. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.要求对新功能进行执行审查,并确保审查项目范围和批准
    Ask for an executive review of the new features and ensure that project scope and approvals are reviewed
  • BB.向团队提交此新功能并在状态报告中记录范围变更
    Commit the team to this new feature and document the change of scope in the status report
  • CC.在状态报告中包含此信息,并指出包含新功能将需要范围变更
    Include this information in the status report and indicate that including the new feature will require a scope change
  • DD.通知营销部门,项目团队将考虑该请求并在之后做出决定
    Inform the marketing department that the project team will consider the request and make a decision later

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:范围变更问题,走变更流程。增加新功能是范围变更,应该按照变更流程处理,顺序为审查变更请求,批准变更,管理变更,并对变更结果进行沟通,顺序选择,A最准确。

111[单选] 一个项目正处于在客户工厂的最终测试和验收阶段。若要满足项目期限,项目经理应使用哪一项?

A project is in the final testing and acceptance stages at a customer's factoryTo meet the project deadline,What tool or technique should the project manager use?

  • AA.观察/对话
  • BB.集中办公
  • CC.强迫/指导
  • DD.基本规则
    Ground rules

正确答案:B 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:B 解析:本题用排除法,可以当成常识题目。B集中办公可以提高效率。C是冲突解决策略,没有提到冲突;D是预防冲突的措施;A是绩效考核方法。

112[单选] 产品不符合规范,一名项目相关方要求更换产品并纠正生产过程。若要确定这个失败的类型和成本,应使用计划质量管理过程中的哪个工具或技术?

A product fails to meet specifications.A stakeholder demands the replacement of the product and a correction to the production process.What tool or technique in the Plan Quality Management process should be used to determine the type and cost of this failure?

  • AA.成本效益分析
    Cost-benefit analysis
  • BB.力场分析
    Force field analysis
  • CC.质量成本(COQ)
    Cost of quality(COQ)
  • DD.预期货币价值(EMV)分析
    Expected monetary value(EMV)analysis

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:考基本概念。失败成本属于质量成本范畴。

113[单选] 项目经理办公室(PMO)分配一名项目经理管理一个新项目。该项目经理过去曾成功管理类似项目。项目经理首先应该做什么?

A project management office(PMO)assigns a project manager to a new project The project manager has successfully managed similar projects in the past.What should the project manager do first?

  • AA.根据之前项目的经验教训评估项目
    Assess the project based on lessons learned from previous projects.
  • BB.识别相关方,并创建一份相关方分析
    Identify stakeholders and create a stakeholder analysis.
  • CC.招募团队成员
    Acquire team members.
  • DD.批准项目章程
    Approve the project charter.

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:新项目可以借鉴过去类似项目的经验教训。A是章程输入,最优先。

114[单选] 项目经理已准备好开始执行多个项目,但可用资源不足。项目经理应该怎么做?

A project manager is ready to begin executing multiple projects, but there are insufficient available resources. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.按项目优先级获取团队资源,并更新项目进度计划
    Acquire team resources by project priority,and update the project schedules
  • BB.安排团队建设活动以提高员工的工作效率
    Schedule team building activities to increase worker productivity
  • CC.减少所有项目的范围,使工作量与资源保持一致
    Reduce the scope of all projects to align the workload with the resources
  • DD.将一个事项添加到每个项目的经验教训储存库中
    Add an item to each project’s lessons learned repository

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:多项目(项目组合)资源冲突,要使用优先级排序来解决。时间不够,一般不削减范围。

115[单选] 一个新项目即将开始,但两位关键相关方对可交付成果的看法相互矛盾。项目经理应该怎么做?

A new project is about to start, but two key stakeholders have conflicting views on deliverables. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.向相关方提供详细的客户需求
    Present detailed customer requirements to the stakeholders
  • BB.与相关方开会,讨论可交付成果和关键成功标准
    Meet with the stakeholders to discuss deliverables and key success criteria
  • CC.制定项目管理计划和项目范围
    Develop the project management plan and project scope
  • DD.在项目管理计划中包含不同意见
    Include the different opinions in the project management plan

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:有冲突要面对,或者理解为使用引导式研讨会来统一意见,或当成相关方问题(相关方意见不一致,影响项目推进),都选B。关键相关方看法矛盾,是相关方冲突,各方需求不一致,项目经理应确保及时解决冲突,用引导引导式研讨会统一意见,A不一定能解决问题,CD不相关,B最合适。

116[单选] 任务B依赖于任务A,而任务A延迟了。任务B的资源可用性有限,必须按时开始任务B。项目经理应该如何重新安排进度计划以确保最终期限保持不变?

Task B is dependent upon task A,which is delayed,Resources for task B have limited availability and must begin task B on time. What should the project manager do to replan the schedule so that the deadline is unchanged?

  • AA.快速跟进任务B并立即开始工作
    Fast track task B and immediately begin work
  • BB.对任务A赶工,并在计划的时候开始任务B
    Crash task A and start task B at the planned time
  • CC.重新计划任务B的开始日期,让其可以在A任务完成后开始
    Replan task B’s start date
    so it begins after the completion of task A
  • DD.快速跟进任务A并移动任务B的开始日期
    Fast track task A and move task B’s start date

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:前面工作延误导致后面工作的资源不可用,或者赶工恢复进度,或者调整后面工作的资源安排。

117[单选] 飞行安全相关方启动了一个项目,以制定解决方案,防止飞机降落在错误的跑道上。这些相关方正专注于一个针对大型航空公司的解决方案,尽管是私人飞行员(而非商业飞行员)要为90%以上的错误跑道事件负责。若要确保有效解决这个问题并提供预期的效益,项目经理可以怎么做?

A project is initiated by Flight-safety stakeholders to develop a solution to prevent aircraft from landing on the wrong runway. These stakeholders are concentrating on a solution for large airline. Although private pilots rather than commercial pilots are responsible for over 90 percent of incorrect runway events. What can the project manager do to ensure that the problem is effectively addressed and the intended benefits are delivered?

  • AA.记录这些相关方的假设,专注于大型航空公司将有效减少错误跑道事件
    Document the stakeholders’ assumptions that concentrating on large airlines will effectively mitigate incorrect runway events
  • BB.与相关方开会,讨论范围中同时涵盖商业和私人飞行员需求的重要性
    Meet with stakeholders to discuss how critical it is for the scope to cover the needs of both commercial and private pilot
  • CC.平衡相关方的观点,首先专注于减轻航空公司层面错误跑道降落的问题,然后在以后关注私人飞行员的问题
    Balance stakeholders perspective,concentrating first on mitigating high-profile incorrect runway landing by airline, and then focusing on private pilots at a later date
  • DD.根据代表大型航空公司的相关方数量调整项目范围
    Adjust the project scope based on the number of stakeholders who represent large airlines

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:安全问题零容忍,不是抓大放小。

118[单选] 在范围基准批准会议期间,项目相关方要求包含不会影响进度计划的产品功能。项目经理应该怎么做?

During the scope baseline approval meeting,A stakeholder asks to include a product feature that will not impact the schedule.What should the project manager do?

  • AA.创建变更请求
    Create a change request.
  • BB.与主题专家(SMEs)讨论
    Discuss with subject matter experts(SMEs).
  • CC.包含该产品功能
    Include the product feature.
  • DD.咨询项目发起人
    Consult the sponsor.

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:相关方要求增加项目功能,属于范围变更,走变更流程。

119[单选] 一个至关重要的项目增加了一个新的相关方。该相关方与每位团队成员联系,以获取有关项目目标和状态的信息。项目经理应该如何为该相关方提供这些信息?

A crucial important project adds a new stakeholder,This stakeholder approaches each team member to obtain information about the project’s objectives and status, what should the project manager do to provide the stakeholder with this information ?

  • AA.邀请该相关方参加定期的项目状态会议
    Invite the stakeholder to regular project status meetings
  • BB.将项目章程通过电子邮件发送给该相关方,然后通过电话跟进
    Email the project charter to the stakeholder then follow up with a phone call
  • CC.要求该相关方与职能经理和项目发起人交谈
    Ask the stakeholder to speak with the functional manager and project sponsor
  • DD.确保该相关方从团队成员那里收到所有必要的信息
    Ensure that the stakeholder receives all required information from team members

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:相关方直接向成员索取信息,对项目会有负面影响,因此是相关方问题。但题目问如何提供信息,又属于沟通问题。排除法,A正确。

120[单选] 项目启动大会期间,一位相关方反复尝试向项目添加可交付成果。项目经理首先应该怎么做?

During a project kick-off meeting, a stakeholder repeatedly tries to add deliverables to the project. What should the project manager do first?

  • AA.请该相关方查阅项目范围管理计划
    Ask the stakeholder to refer to the scope management plan
  • BB.将该相关方包含进沟通管理计划
    Include the stakeholder in the communication management plan
  • CC.要求该相关方查阅项目工作说明书(SOW)
    Request that the stakeholder refer to project statement of work (SOW)
  • DD.请该相关方查看变更管理流程
    Refer the stakeholders ask to the change management process

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:变更问题,相关方想变更,要求其按变更流程进行。

121[单选] 项目经理正在为一个复杂的电子商务应用程序工作。客户同意在项目开始时向应用程序测试团队提供数据。但是,在用户验收测试(UAT)之前,客户数据将不可用。项目经理首先应该怎么做?

A project manager is working on a complex e-commerce application. The client agrees to provide data to the test application team at beginning of the project. However, client data will be unavailable until user acceptance testing (UAT). What should the project manager do first?

  • AA.将该问题升级上报给客户
    Escalate the issue to the client
  • BB.让团队创建用于测试的虚拟数据
    Have the team create dummy data to use for testing
  • CC.评估影响,并将其提交给变更控制委员会(CCB)
    Evaluate the impact and raise it to the change control board (CCB)
  • DD.将该情况记录在风险登记册中
    Note it in the risk register

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:客户的一个重要承诺无法兑现,将可能影响项目,理解为风险识别。


A lead developer on a software upgrade project suggests enhancements they believe will improve the project’s overall implementation and end-user experience. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.提交变更请求
    Submit a change request.
  • BB.确定对进度计划和成本的影响,评估该变更的可行性
    Determine the impact on the schedule and cost to assess the change’s feasibility.
  • CC.与项目相关方开会,确定是否应该包含这些增强功能
    Meet with stakeholders to determine if the enhancements should be included.
  • DD.批准建议的增强功能
    Approve the suggested enhancements.

正确答案:B 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:B 解析:本题属于内部提出的变更,应先分析影响。

123[单选] 项目经理与多位高管相关方一起参与一个生命周期替换项目,其中一位相关方强烈反对该项目。若要获得该相关方的支持,项目经理应该怎么做?

A project manager joins a life cycle replacement project with multiple executive stakeholders,one stakeholders is strongly against the project.What should the project manager do to gain the stakeholders'support ?

  • AA.制定权力/影响力方格,以确定该相关方影响项目的能力并确认其支持
    Develop A power/influence grid to determine the stakeholders’ ability to influence the project and confirm its support
  • BB.创建相关方参与计划,以确定该相关方的项目支持水平
    Create a stakeholder engagement plan to determine the stakeholder’s level of project support
  • CC.将该问题升级上报给项目推动者,并请求替换一个支持该项目的相关方
    Escalate the issue to a project champion and request an alternate stakeholder that will support the project
  • DD.执行相关方分析,以确定缺乏项目支持的原因并对这些原因进行优先级排序
    Conduct a stakeholder analysis to identify and prioritize reasons for the lack of project support

正确答案:D 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:D 解析:相关方问题,管理相关方参与。

124[单选] 项目团队收到了新的未经测试的指令,以完成发布活动,这导致了项目的重大延迟。在解决该问题之后,以及在经验教训活动期间,项目经理感知到多个团队成员之间的敌意。若要确保经验教训活动取得成功,项目经理应该怎么做?

A project team received new untested instructions to complete release activities, which resulted in significant project delays .After resolution of the issue, and during the lessons learned activities, the project manager senses hostility among multiple team members. What should the project manager do to ensure the lessons learned session is successful?

  • AA.为所有参与者创建一个无偏见的环境
    Create a nonjudgmental environment for all participants
  • BB.与每个人单独交谈以获得他们的反馈
    Speak separately with each individual to obtain their feedback
  • CC.仅与资源经理一起起草经验教训活动
    Work only with the resource manager to Draft the lessons learned session
  • DD.将经验教训活动推迟到以后的日期
    Postpones the lessons learned session to a later date

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:总结经验教训时团队成员有敌意怎么办?A最好,见PMBOK100页第三段第2-5行。

125[单选] 客户强调项目输出必须符合IS014000规范。为了理解这项要求的含义,项目经理应该查阅下列哪一项?

A customer emphasizes that the project output must meet IS014000 specifications. What should the project manager consult to understand the implications of this requirement?

  • AA.质量管理计划
    Quality management plan
  • BB.成本基准
    Cost baseline
  • CC.范围管理计划
    Scope management plan
  • DD.需求规范
    Requirements specifications

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:题目描述的是项目采用的质量标准,应包含在质量管理计划中,见PMBOK286页第一个小黑点。

126[单选] 用于在开发过程中进行产品测试的一个供应商技术正在被逐步淘汰,如果需要,项目委员会同意提供额外的时间和资金进行测试。项目经理应该如何处理这个风险?

A supplier’s technology for product testing during development is being phased out, the project board agrees to grant additional time and funds to conduct testing if required. How should the project manager handle this risk?

  • AA.通过从范围中删除测试来规避风险
    Avoid the risk by removing testing from the scope
  • BB.通过将测试活动外包给合格供应商来转移风险
    Transfer the risk by outsourcing testing activities to a qualified vendor
  • CC.使用另一种测试技术来减轻风险
    Mitigate the risk by Using another testing technique
  • DD.通过使用淘汰的技术进行测试来接受风险
    Accept the risks by using the phased-out technology for testing

正确答案:C 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:C 解析:进行更多测试,可以减轻风险。见PMBOK443页第三段第2行。

127[单选] 一个涉及国家教育新标准的项目正在执行中,在确认准备好的教科书期间,团队成员发现某些书籍不符合事先定义的项目标准。项目经理应该参考下列哪一项来确认这个问题?

A project involving new national education standard is underway. During the verification of the prepared textbook, a team member discovers that some books are noncompliant with predefined project standard. Which should the project manager reference to verify this confirm ?

  • AA.范围基准和质量核对单
    Scope baseline and quality checklist
  • BB.进度基准和质量核对单
    Schedule baseline and quality audit
  • CC.项目基准和质量核对单
    Project baseline and quality metrics
  • DD.范围基准和质量测量指标
    Scope baseline and quality metrics

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:产品或可交付成果是否符合项目要求,应对比范围说明书中的验收标准以及相应的质量测量指标。

128[单选] 在项目开始时承诺参与的一个关键项目人员现在不可用。项目经理下一步应该怎么做?

A key project resource that was promised at the beginning of the project is now unavailable. What should the project manager do next?

  • AA.提出项目将延迟的担忧
    Raise a concern that the project will be delayed
  • BB.评估影响
    Evaluate the impact
  • CC.重新制定项目计划
    Replan the project
  • DD.招募另一位人员
    Recruit another resource

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:计划中的资源不可用,可以理解为风险识别,先分析影响。

129[单选] 在一个复杂项目中,项目经理困扰于大量文件,以及如何用最佳方法分发这些文件。项目经理应该査询下列哪一项?

During a complex project.a project manager struggles with the amount of documentation and how best to distribute it .What should the project manager consult?

  • AA.项目管理信息系统(PMIS)
    Project management information system(PMIS)
  • BB.配置管理系统
    Configuration management system
  • CC.项目相关方沟通需求
    Stakeholders’ communication needs
  • DD.绩效报告和问题日志
    Performance reports and issue logs

正确答案:C 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:C 解析:分发文件的最佳方式,是沟通问题,找沟通管理计划,或沟通需求分析。见PMBOK369页最后一段。

130[单选] 在一个系统开发项目的执行阶段,一位关键开发人员由于个人原因,需要延长并进行计划外休假。项目经理知道,如果没有替代资源,项目进度计划就会面临风险。项目经理应该立即采取哪些措施来确保进度计划不会受到不利影响?

During the execution phase of a system development project, a key developer takes extended and unplanned leave due to personal reasons. The Project manager knows that without a replacement resource, the project schedule is at risk. What should the project manager do immediate to ensure that the schedule is not adversely affected?

  • AA.与所有开发人员开会,以确定重新分配开发任务的方案
    Meet with all developers to determine options for reassigning development tasks
  • BB.请求职能经理提供另一位技能熟练的开发人员
    Ask the functional manager for another skilled developer
  • CC.请求项目发起人提供有关处理资源问题的建议
    Ask the project sponsor for suggestions for handing the resource issues
  • DD.审查项目范围以减少开发任务,并相应的重新调整进度计划
    Review the project scopes to reduce development tasks and realign the schedule accordingly

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:资源休假,可以当成风险来应对,只有B是正确的风险应对措施。

131[单选] 在新信息系统演示期间发生故障。在下一次状态会议上,项目经理发现两名团队成员以两种不同的方式独立解决该故障。若要预防任务重复,项目经理应该事先做什么?

A malfunction occurs during a presentation of a new information system.At the next status meeting,the project manager discovers that the malfunction was resolved independently by two team members in two different ways. What should the project manager have done to prevent this duplication of tasks?

  • AA.更新风险登记册
    Updated the risk register
  • BB.与团队成员开会,讨论解决方案
    Met with team members to discuss a solution
  • CC.将该问题记录在问题日志中
    Documented the problem in the issue log
  • DD.签发变更请求
    Issued a change request

正确答案:C 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:C 解析:责任分配混乱,标准答案应是RAMRACI,没有。风险和问题之间,应该是问题,与管理责任有关。风险侧重天灾不可抗性,问题与人的主动性有关,题目中两名队员主观以两种不同方式独立解决,为责任分配不明晰,于管理有关,按照问题处理,发现问题,要预防,问事先应做什么,首先记录在问题日志中。

132[单选] 项目经理希望从最近完成的一个项目中复制良好实践。然而,项目经理在有时间评估最近完成项目的项目信息之前就已经开始负责管理另一个项目。项目经理应该怎么做?

A project manager wants to replicate good practices from a recently completed project.However,the project manager assumes another project before having time to assess the previous project’s information. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.遵从分配调到新项目
    Move to the new project according to assignment.
  • BB.召开实施后评审会议
    Conduct a post-implementation review meeting.
  • CC.与新团队分享之前项目的经验教训
    Share the lessons learned from the previous project with the new team.
  • DD.要求项目管理办公室(PMO)和过程经理收集经验教训
    Ask the project management office(PMO)and the process manager to collect the lessons learned.

正确答案:B 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:B 解析:标准的前一个项目,后一个项目问题,重点是前一个项目的收尾工作。

133[单选] 在项目章程获得批准,实施新的会计制度之后,项目经理试图了解会计部门的结构和流程。项目经理下一步应该创建什么?

Following project charter approval to implement a new accounting system.the project manager tries to understand the accounting department’s structure and processes.What should the project manager create next?

  • AA.项目基准
    Project baseline
  • BB.范围管理计划
    Scope management plan
  • CC.商业案例
    Business case
  • DD.项目范围说明书
    Project scope statement

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:新项目已批准,C排除,ABDB最优先。

134[单选] 在核实可交付成果期间,项目经理识别到不同影响级别的多个质量问题。项目经理应该使用什么基本质量工具来对这些问题进行优先级排序?

During deliverables verification, the project manager identifies several quality issues with differing impact levels. What basic quality tool should the project manager use to prioritize the issues?

  • AA.直方图
  • BB.帕累托图
    Pareto diagram
  • CC.控制图
    Control chart
  • DD.石川图
    ishikawa diagram

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:质量问题即缺陷,为缺陷排序用帕累托。

135[单选] 要求在某个特定日期提供某个产品。项目经理测量了项目绩效,并意识到关键路径活动没有实现预期进展,因此,进度计划将被延迟。项目经理应该怎么做?

A product is required on a specific date. The project manager measures project performance and realizes that the critical path activities are not progressing as expected, As a result, the schedule will be delayed. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.执行资源平滑并评估潜在的免费资源是否会提高这些活动的绩效
    Performing resource smoothing and evaluate if potential free resources will improve performance on these activities?
  • BB.向职能经理提交变更请求以添加更多资源
    Submit a change request to the functional manager to add more resources
  • CC.在项目章程中包含储备,以确保涵盖此风险并创建应急计划
    Include reserves in the project charter to ensure that this risk is covered and contingency plans are created
  • DD.要求项目发起人实施应急计划
    Ask the project sponsor to implement the contingency plan

正确答案:A 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:A 解析:关键路径被延误,A是向非关键路径要资源,不改变关键路径; B是赶工。相比之下A更主动,A不行再考虑B

136[单选] 项目团队发现新监管法律可能对项目产生重大影响的风险。发起人要求项目经理进行进一步分析,以确定可能因此而发生的财务损失。项目经理应执行哪一项?

A project team discovers a risk that new regulatory laws may significantly impact the project. The sponsor asks the project manager to perform further analysis to identify the financial losses that may occur as a result. Which analysis should the project manager conduct?

  • AA.成本效益分析
    Cost-benefit analysis
  • BB.定性分析
    Qualitative analysis
  • CC.根本原因分析
    Root cause analysis
  • DD.定量分析
    Quantitative analysis

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:财务损失通常属于量化的风险影响。

137[单选] 由于紧急情况,一位分配到具有两天总浮动时间活动的团队成员从项目上离开,这可能会影响活动和整个项目。项目团队目前已经难以实现下一个里程碑。将该问题添加到问题日志后,项目经理下一步应该做什么?

Due to an emergency, a team member assigned to an activity with two-day total float leaves a project, The could impact that activity and the overall project. The project team is already having difficulty achieving an upcoming milestone. After adding this to the issue log, what should the project manager do next?

  • AA.评估对项目的影响并创建选项
    Evaluate the impact on the project and create options
  • BB.更新风险登记册
    Update the risk register
  • CC.请求额外资源
    Request an additional resource
  • DD.从具有更多浮动时间的另一个活动中分配一名人员
    Assign a resource from another activity that has more float

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:本题其实在问,如何解决(问题日志中的)问题?见PMBOK295页前3个小黑点。

138[单选] 在项目中途,一个挑剔的客户要求提供定期报告,包含比沟通管理计划中批准的更详细信息。这项请求将导致生产成本超出预算,项目经理不能承受让客户生气的后果,但客户又拒绝见面讨论此事。项目经理应该怎么做?

Middle through a project, a difficult customer demands periodic reports that contain much greater detail than what was approved in the communication management plan. This request will cause production cost to exceed the budget, the project manager cannot afford to upset this customer, but the customer refuses to meet to discuss this matter. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.提醒客户注意相关方参与计划中列出的要求并请求采取纠正措施
    Remind the customer of the requirements outlined in the stakeholder engagement plan and request corrective actions
  • BB.要求在该相关方组织中有影响的人物帮助指导客户的期望,使其与商定的计划保持一致
    Ask someone with influential in the stakeholder organization to help guide the customer’s expectations to align with the agreed-upon plan
  • CC.提交变更请求以支付制作报告的额外费用
    Submit a change requests to cover the additional cost of producing the reports
  • DD.接受该请求,让客户满意并更新沟通管理计划
    Accept the request to keep the customer satisfied and update the communications

正确答案:B 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:B 解析:相关方问题,客户提出了项目经理无法满足的信息要求,且客户拒绝和项目经理沟通,超出了项目经理能力范围,求助发起人。

139[单选] 与供应商签订合同,开发一个对公司整体市场份额至关重要的软件包。在交付软件后,一位相关方通知项目经理需求未得到满足。若要避免这个问题,项目经理应该事先做什么?

A vendor contracted to develop a software packages that is key to company’s overall market share.Upon delivery of the software, a stakeholder inform the project manager that requirements were unmet. What should the project manager have done to prevent this?

  • AA.将该供应商包含在需求开发中,并让他们签署需求文件
    Included the vendor in the requirements development and made them sign the requirements document
  • BB.根据采购管理计划监控供应商的活动
    Monitor the vendor’s activities according to the purchasing management plan
  • CC.聘请资源在内部生产产品,以确保完全控制输出
    Hired resources to produce the product internally to ensure complete control of the output
  • DD.为供应商的公司分配一名人员,以确保在整个开发过程中遵循需求
    Assigned a resource to the vendor's company to ensure that requirements were followed throughout the development

正确答案:B 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:B 解析:供应商交付的结果不符合要求,属于控制采购没有做好导致,B属于控制采购工作。

140[单选] 自项目开始以来,一些关键相关方因各种原因被替换,而又没有与项目团队适当地沟通这种情况,导致了项目团队产生挫败感,并将很快影响到项目结果。若要改善这种情况,项目经理应该怎么做?

Some key stakeholders have been replaced for various reasons since the project’s beginning, this was not properly communicated to the project team, which is causing frustration and will soon impact project results. What should the project manager do to improve the situation?

  • AA.统一相关方的期望
    Align stakeholder expectations
  • BB.向团队成员提供一份组织结构图
    Provide the team with an organizational chart
  • CC.提升项目团队的兴趣
    Promote the interest of the project team
  • DD.增加相关方对项目的承诺
    Increase stakeholder commitment to the project

正确答案:B 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:B 解析:问题核心是换人了不知道,组织结构图显示团队成员及其汇报关系,可以解决该问题。

141[单选] 在预算批准过程中,项目经理进行了一些初步估算,包括范围和潜在的风险储备。在提交预算以供批准后,要求项目经理提交更准确的预算。项目经理下一步应该怎么做?

During the budget approval process, the project manager makes some initial estimations that include scope and potential risk reserves. After submitting the budget for approval,the project manager is asked to submit one that is more accurate. What should the project manager do next?

  • AA.进行自下而上估算并提供新的预算
    Run a bottom up Estimate and provide A new budget
  • BB.执行成本效益分析以支持当前的预算估算
    Perform a cost-benefit analysis to support the current budget estimations
  • CC.进行自上而下的估算并提供新的预算
    Conduct a top-down estimates and provide new budget
  • DD.审查估算的合理性,以确保其准确和最新
    Review the rationalisation of the estimates to ensure that they are accurate and current

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:自下而上最准确。

142[单选] 在项目执行期间,项目经理发现由于团队成员在可交付成果交付到期日之前休假而导致延期。为避免这个问题,应事先更新下列哪一项?

During project execution,the project manager discovers delays due to team members taking vacations before the deliverables’due dates.What should have been updated to avoid this?

  • AA.资源管理计划
    Resource management plan
  • BB.人员配备管理计划
    Staffing management plan
  • CC.沟通管理计划
    Communications management plan
  • DD.风险管理计划
    Risk management plan

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:资源日历支持项目日历,资源日历是资源管理计划的一部分。没有考虑资源休假,是资源管理计划没做好。

143[单选] 在创建质量管理计划时,项目经理确定预防和质量评估的成本非常高,然而,增加预算不会减少公司未来的故障维修费用。项目经理应该怎么做?

While creating a quality management plan, a project manager determines that the cost of prevention and quality assessment is very high, however, increasing the budget will not reduce the company's future failure repair costs. What should a project manager do?

  • AA.修改预算以增加预防和质量评估活动
    Revise the budget to increase preventive and quality appraised activities
  • BB.保持当前的质量活动
    Maintain current quality activities
  • CC.修改预算以解决故障成本问题
    Revise the budget to address failure costs
  • DD.变更制造过程以减少缺陷
    Change the manufacturing process to reduce defects

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:质量中的成本效益分析问题,如果得不偿失,那就不要去做了。

144[单选] 一个项目刚刚完成启动阶段,项目经理正在开始该项目的需求收集过程。相关方都位于同一地点,但来自优先级有冲突的不同部门。之前的项目经理经常被要求在执行阶段包含新的范围,导致项目预算的计划外增加并延长商定的进度计划。在满足所有相关方需求的同时,项目经理应该如何及时收集需求?

A project manager is beginning the requirements gathering process lot a project that has just completed the initiation phase. Project stakeholders are all in the same location but come from different departments with conflicting priorities. Previous project managers have often been required to include new scope during the execution phase, causing unplanned increase to the project budget and delaying the upon schedule, what should the project manager do to gather the requirements in a timely manner while meeting the needs of all stakeholders?

  • AA.与所有相关方一起召开需求收集会议,以记录初始范围,然后将其分解为可完成的小部分可管理工作
    Conduct a requirements gathering session with all stakeholders to document the initial scope and then break it into smaller pieces of manageable work that can be completed
  • BB.与所有项目相关方一起召开需求收集会议,以记录全部需求,然后关闭项目工作说明书 (SOW)并拒绝任何新需求
    Conduct a requirements gathering session with all stakeholders to document full requirements, then close the statement of work (SOW) and reject any new requirements
  • CC.分别与最重要的相关方开会进行需求收集,然后仅在工作说明书中更新这些相关方的新需求
    Individually Meet with the most important stakeholders for requirements gathering , then update the SOW with new requirements only from these stakeholders
  • DD.单独与所有相关方开会以记录范围,然后通过变更请求过程处理任何其他高优先级需求
    individually meet with all stakeholders to document the scope, and then handle any additional high-priority requirements through the change request process

正确答案:A 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:A 解析:题目问的是如何收集项目需求,排除法,只有A最正确。

145[单选] 在趋势分析过程中,项目经理得出结论,项目绩效已经恶化。这个结论是基于什么信息得出的?

During the trend analysis,the project manager concluded that the project performance has deteriorated.On What information is this conclusion based?

  • AA.挣值分析(EVA)
    Earned value analysis (EVA)
  • BB.完工估算(EAC)
    Estimate at Completion (EAC)
  • CC.质量成本(COQ)
    Cost of Quality (COQ)
  • DD.计划价值(PV)
    Planned value (PV)

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:哪一个能帮助测量项目绩效,A是挣值方法,可以。B只显示成本,不显示进度。C不相干;D本身不反映项目绩效。

146[单选] 在项目执行阶段,项目经理识别到一位具有高度影响力的新相关方。项目经理应更新哪一项内容?

During a project's execution phase,the project manager identifies a new stakeholder with a high level of influence.What should the project manager update?

  • AA.项目章程
    Project charter
  • BB.相关方参与计划
    Stakeholder engagement plan
  • CC.相关方登记册
    Stakeholder engagement plan
  • DD.项目管理计划
    Project management plan

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:识别了新的相关方,先记录下来。

147[单选] 一个项目即将完成,高级管理层要求项目经理开始收尾过程,即使该项目还有许多待完成的可交付成果。项目经理应该使用什么来决定是否继续收尾?

A project is nearing completion, senior management asks the project manager to begin the closing process, even though the project has a number of outstanding deliverables. What should the project manager use to decide whether to procees with project closure?

  • AA.阶段关卡
    Phase gate
  • BB.专家判断
    Expert judgment
  • CC.质量审计
    Quality audit
  • DD.偏差分析
    Variance analysis

正确答案:B 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:B 解析:本题考收尾工具,见PMBOK4.7.2.1

148[单选] 一个搜索引擎优化(SEO)项目的项目经理向关键相关方演示项目管理计划。在演示完成后,项目经理收到的问题表明,一些项目相关方未能完全理解所讨论的一些信息。项目经理应该怎么做?

A project manager presents the project management plan to key stakeholders for a search engine optimization (SEO) project. Following the presentation,the project manager receive questions indicating that some stakeholders fail to fully understand some of the information discussed. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.使用历史信息来帮助提高相关方的理解
    Use historical information to help increase stakeholders understanding
  • BB.审查相关方的期望和风险阈值
    Review the stakeholders
    expectations and risk thresholds
  • CC.采取引导措施,确保明确澄清任何误解
    Employ facilitation to ensure that any misunderstandings are clearly addressed
  • DD.指派一名团队成员来澄清误解
    Assign a team member to clarify misunderstandings

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:多方意见不统一,用引导式研讨会。

149[单选] 项目进入三个月后,项目发起人通过电子邮件了解到该项目落后于进度并超出预算。若要避免这个问题,项目经理应该事先做什么?

.Three months into a projects,a project sponsor learns via email that the project is behind schedule and over budget.What should the project manager have done to avoid this?

  • AA.经常举行质量审计
    Held frequent quality audits
  • BB.经常向项目发起人发送项目更新电子邮件
    Frequently emailed project updates to the sponsor
  • CC.与项目团队共享状态报告模板
    Shared the status report template with the project team
  • DD.定期与关键相关方召开项目指导委员会会议
    Held regular project steering committee meetings with key stakeholders

正确答案:D 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:D 解析:题目暗示发起人收到信息太晚,属于沟通问题。排除法,D相对最好。

150[单选] 客户联系一名高级团队成员请求变更,该团队成员忽略变更管理过程并开始执行变更。另一名团队成员通知项目经理,因为他们担心对预算和进度有影响。项目经理下一步应该怎么做?

A client approaches a senior team member and request change,the team member ignored the change management process and begins the changes. Another team member informs the project manager as they are concerned about the impact on the budget and schedule. What should the project manager do next?

  • AA.评估该变更对预算和进度计划的影响
    Assess the impact of the changes on the budget and schedule
  • BB.变更项目范围并与团队沟通该变更
    Change the project scope and communicate it to the team
  • CC.立即通知该高级团队成员停止执行变更,并表示不会容忍此类行为
    Immediately advise the senior team member to discontinus the changes and communicate that the type of behavior will not be tolerated
  • DD.为客户和项目发起人完成所需的变更管理文档
    Complete the required change management documentation for the client and project sponsors

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:非法变更,要重新走变更流程,只有A符合变更流程。

151[单选] 一项任务花费的时间比预期长,经审查,项目经理确定所分配的人员不具备必要的技能。若要将项目任务拉回正轨,项目经理应该怎么做?

.A task is taking longer than expected, upon review, the project manager identifies that the assigned resource does not process the necessary skills. What should the project manager do to get the task back on schedule?

  • AA.制定并管理一份技能不熟练人员的纠正措施计划,以获得必要的技能
    Establish and manage A corrective action plan for the unskilled resource to gain the necessary skills.
  • BB.分配技能熟练的人员以帮助不熟练人员获得必要的技能
    Assign a skilled resource to help the unskilled personnel acquire necessary skills
  • CC.与职能经理会面,请求协助培训技能不熟练的人员
    Meet with functional managers and request assistance in training unskilled personnel
  • DD.与职能经理一起合作,以替换该人员
    Work with the functional manager to replace this person

正确答案:A 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:A 解析:团队成员能力不够,培训。

152[单选] 在项目执行中途,公司希望重新安排一名重要资源,项目经理应该怎么做?

Midway through project execution,a company wants to relocate an important resource. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.分析该请求的潜在影响和风险
    Analyze the potential impact of the request and risk
  • BB.更新风险登记册
    Update the risk register
  • CC.要求和相关方定义风险应对策略
    Ask the stakesholeder to define risk response strategies
  • DD.对该风险进行优先级排序
    Prioritize the risk

正确答案:A 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:A 解析:先分析是否影响项目,如果有影响,才是风险,如果没有影响就不是风险。因此B不是必然。BCD都是识别并确定是风险之后相关措施。

153[单选] 一个数据项目中心项目发起人识别到一个通过升级设备技术降低运营成本的机会,这项升级将使项目成本增加12%。该发起人提交了变更请求并遵循变更管理计划,而且变更控制委员会(CCB)批准了该变更。但是在更新记录计划时,公司首席财务官要求项目经理放弃这项变更。项目经理下一步应该怎么做?

The sponsor of a date center project identified an opportunity to reduce operating costs by upgrading equipment technology ,the upgrade will increase the project costs by 12 percent. The sponsor submitted a change request and followed the change management plan, and the change control board (CCB) approved the change. While updating the plan of record , the company CFO asks the project manager to discard the change. What should the project manager do next?

  • AA.分配该变更进行实施,并遵循规划沟通管理过程
    Distribute the change for implementation and follow the plan, communication management process
  • BB.放弃该变更,并与相关方沟通,不会釆取任何行动
    Discard the change and communicate to stakeholders with there will be no action
  • CC.拒绝该变更,并要求首席财务官与变更控制委员会沟通此事
    Reject the change and ask the CFO to communicate this to the CCB
  • DD.说服首席财务官,可以在不增加预算的情况下实施该变更
    Convince the CFO that the change can be implemented without A budget increase

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:是否变更只根据CCB的决定,要执行、要通知。D是欺骗CFO

154[单选] 项目经理希望为一个新项目进行风险评估。项目经理应该如何收集所有相关信息?

A project manager wants to facilitate a risk assessment for a new project. How should the project manager collect all relevant information?

  • AA.标杆对照
  • BB.焦点小组会议
    Focus group
  • CC.多标准决策分析
    Multicriteria decision analysis
  • DD.思维导图
    Mind mapping

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:题目问收集信息的工具。A是借鉴好的做法;C是拍板决策;D是开展新创意。相对而言,B可以用于收集信息。本题当成常识题,PMBOK中找不到依据。

155[单选] 项目经理正在为刚刚进入第三次迭代的项目使用混合方法。完工预算(BAC)500,000 美元,已经完成100个故事点中的50个,每个故事点价值5,000美元,项目实际成本(AC) 400,000美元。管理层要求在下一次指导委员会会议上提交成本状态报告。项目经理应该使用什么来提交该报告?

A project manager is using a hybrid approach for a project that has just entered its third iteration. The budget at completion (BAC) is $500,000 and 50 story points out of 100 have been completed. Each story point is worth $5,000 and the actual cost (AC) of the project is $400,000. Management requests that a cost status report be presented of the next steering committee meeting. What should the project manager use to present this?

  • AA.信息发射源
    Information rediator
  • BB.S曲线
    S curve
  • CC.燃尽图
    Bum-down chart
  • DD.燃起图
    Bum-up chart

正确答案:B 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:B 解析:项目中的成本(包括PVEVAC)多用S曲线表示。

156[单选] 一位关键团队成员犯了一个严重错误,将导致项目严重延迟。按照相关方参与计划,项目经理与相关方开会讨论此问题。在会议上,项目经理应该提供什么信息?

A key team member makes a critical mistake that will result in a significant project delay in accordance with the stakeholders engagement plan, The project manager meets with stakeholders to discuss this issue. What information should the project manager present during the meeting?

  • AA.团队的培训计划,以避免类似错误
    Training plan for the team to avoid similar mistakes
  • BB.说明防止类似问题发生的新规定
    Description of new provisions to prevent similar issue from occurring
  • CC.修改范围以保持项目进度计划的方案
    Options for amending the scope to maintain the project schedule
  • DD.根本原因分析,解释错误发生的原因
    Root cause analysis, explaining why the mistake occurred

正确答案:A 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:A 解析:如何防止团队成员再次发生严重错误,只有A是有效做法。本题可以理解为团队成员能力不够。

157[单选] 在执行挣值分析(EVA)时,项目经理注意到成本绩效指数(CPI)与预期不符。项目经理进行了调査,但无法找到项目中所使用产品的采购订单或收据。应该使用下列哪一项来防止这种情况发生?

While performing an earned value analysis(EVA), a project manager noticed that the cost performance index (CPI) is not what was expected. The project manager investigates and is unable to locate purchase orders or receipts for items used in the project. What should have been used to prevent this from occurring?

  • AA.审计
  • BB.检查
  • CC.数据分析
    Data analysis
  • DD.风险管理
    Risk management

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:防止确保避免都只能通过质量保证来实现,A是质量保证工作。

158[单选] 项目发起人指示项目经理快速跟进项目,比进度计划提前三周完成。在进度压缩之后,项目经理发现可交付成果中因此增加了重大风险。项目经理首先应该怎么做?

A project sponsor directs the project manager to fast track the project to finish three weeks ahead of schedule. After the schedule compression, the project manager finds that major have been added to the deliverables. What should the project manager do first?

  • AA.更新风险登记册
    Update the risk register
  • BB.修订资源管理计划
    Revise the resource management plan
  • CC.修订项目管理计划并实施变更
    Modify the project management plan and implement the change
  • DD.记录变更并继续执行项目
    Record the change and proceed with the project

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:风险识别,先记录。

159[单选] 一位团队成员注意到多个风险均已过期,该团队成员询问项目经理如何处理这些风险。项目经理应该建议该团队成员做什么?

.A team member noticed several risks with expired time periodsThe team member asks the project manager how these risks should be handled. What should the project manager advise the team members to do?

  • AA.将这些风险从主动跟踪风险中删除,并消除项目中的任何相关意外事件
    Remove the risks from active tracking and eliminate any associated contingencies from the project
  • BB.继续被动地监督风险,直到项目结束为止
    Continue to passively monitors the risks until the end of the project
  • CC.继续审查风险,但减少频率
    Continue to review the risks but on a less frequent basis
  • DD.删除风险减轻任务,以便这项任务可以用于其他潜在风险
    Remove the risk mitigation task so that these tasks can be used on other potential risks

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:过时风险,要关闭(删除)。

160[单选] 开发团队完成了一个最先进的软件项目,并计划启动收尾阶段。但是,由于不符合约定可交付成果,一位关键相关方拒绝签字。若要促进验收,项目经理应该怎么做?

A development team completed a state-of-the-art software project and plans to initiate the closing phase,However, one key stakeholder refused to sign off due to of non-conformance with the agreed upon deliverables. What should the project manager do to facilitate acceptance?

  • AA.为可交付成果的变更提供新的工作说明书(SOW)
    Provide a new statement of work (SOW) for the variation in the deliverables
  • BB.记录不合格情况并启动变更管理过程
    Document the nonconformists and start the change management process
  • CC.记录不合格情况并启动项目收尾
    Record the nonconformists and initiate project closure
  • DD.执行偏差分析以确定可交付成果中的任何偏差
    Conduct a variance analysis to identify any deviations in deliverables

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:不符合约定的结果,应通过变更来修复。题目确定不符合,D没有什么必要性了。

161[单选] 在敏捷项目部署期间,客户对可交付成果不满意并要求进行变更。敏捷项目经理下一步应该怎么做?

During an agile project deployment, the customers is dissatisfied with a deliverable and requests that changes be made. What should the agile project manager do next?

  • AA.将这些变更添加进问题日志
    Add the changes to the issue log
  • BB.在交付期间整合实施变更
    Integrate real-time changes during the next review meeting
  • CC.在下次评审会议期间纳入这些变更
    Incorporate the changes during the next review meeting
  • DD.尽可能地限制变更
    Constrain the changes as much as possible

正确答案:A 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:A 解析:敏捷方法强调拥抱变更,不考虑使用变更流程。

162[单选] 一个创新项目已经获得项目发起人的批准,在一次关键项目相关方会议期间,会计主管指出,该项目与会计部门以及整个组织无关。 项目主管应该怎么做?

An innovative project has been approved by the sponsor.During a key stakeholder meeting the accounting director states that the project is irrelevant for the accounting department and the organization as a whole. What should the project manager do ?

  • AA.请求指导委员会的指导
    Request guidance from the steering committee.
  • BB.与会计主管开会,讨论商业论证中概述的项目效益
    Meet with the accounting director or discuss the project benefits outlined in the business case.
  • CC.使用冲突规避技术,继续进行项目
    Use the conflict avoidance technique and continue with the project.
  • DD.识别会计部门中支持该项目的项目相关方
    Identify a stakeholder within the accounting department who supports the project.

正确答案:B 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:B 解析:相关方问题,用利益说服相关方支持项目。

163[单选] 项目管理办公室(PMO)对一个项目进行审计,并识别了几个改进项目管理方法的问题和机会,项目经理在项目快结束时收到这次审计结果。 项目经理应如何处理这项信息?

A project management office(PMO)audits a project and identifies several issues and opportunities for project management methodology improvement.The project manager receives the results of this audit near the project’s end. What should the project manager do with this information?

  • AA.将其用作最终报告的输入
    Use it as an input to the final report.
  • BB.更新质量管理计划
    Update the quality management plan.
  • CC.评估当前绩效
    Evaluate current performance.
  • DD.与项目发起人一起审查
    Review it with the project sponsor.

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:正常应纳入经验教训,但选项没有。退而求其次,只有A可以选。

164[单选] 在风险审査会议期间,团队识别到一个风险。项目经理无法确定内部管理风险的方法, 因为这是另外一个项目团队的领域。项目经理下一步应该怎么做?

During a risk review meeting, the team identified a risk. The project manager is unable to determine a way to manage the risk internally because it is in the domain of another project team. What should the project manager do next?

  • AA.接受风险
    Accept the risk
  • BB.将该风险升级上报给高级管理层
    Escalate the risk to senior management
  • CC.规避风险
    Avoid the risks
  • DD.将风险转移给另一个团队
    Transfer the risk to another team

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:超出项目经理能力范围,上报。

165[单选] 项目团队主要有高级软件开发人员组成。其中几名高级开发人员告知项目经理,初级开发人员通过电子邮件向他们发送技术问题,而这些技术问题最好当面解决。当项目经理询问初级开发人员时,他们解释说书面答复更有帮助,而且更节约时间。项目经理应该怎么做?

A project team mainly comprised senior software developers. Several of the these senior developers inform the project managers that junior developers are emailing them with technical questions that are better resolved in person. When the project managers approaches the junior developers about this, they explain that written responses are more helpful and less time intensive. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.指导初级开发人员当面询问技术问题,因为这是高级开发人员首选的方式
    Coach the junior developers to ask technical questions in person,since this is the styke preferred try the senior developers
  • BB.引导沟通风格评估,并与团队合作确定沟通准则
    Facilitate a communications style assessment and work with the team to identify guidelines for communication
  • CC.安排召开定期会议,初级开发人员可在会议期间询问技术问题
    Schedule regular meetings during which junior developers can ask technical questions
  • DD.要求高级开发人员回复电子邮件以节约时间
    Ask the senior developers to respond to the emails to save time

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:既是沟通问题,又是冲突、意见不同。引导式研讨会可以统一意见。

166[单选] 在错过第二个项目里程碑后,项目经理进行了调查以确定原因。结果显示任务分布不均,大部分工作量由一个小组执行,主要是因为他们经验丰富且熟悉流程。若要解决这个问题,项目经理首先应该做什么?

166.After the second project milestone was missed, the project manager performed an investigation to determine the reason. The outcome revealed that takes were uneven distribution ,The bulk of the workload was performed by a small ground, mainly because they were experienced and familiar with the process. To address this, what should the project manager do first?

  • AA.要求运营和职能经理根据所需的技能和知识水平重新分配项目人员
    Ask the operational and functional managers to reassign project resource based on required levels of skill and knowledge
  • BB.查看工作分解结构(WBS)上的任务,并在团队成员之间更均匀地重新分配职责
    Review the tasks on the work breakdown structure (WBS) and reallocate responsibilities more evenly among team members
  • CC.评估每个团队成员的经验和专业知识,以确定过程改造、培训要求和指导技术,帮助缩小团队内部的知识差距
    Assess the experience and expertise of each team member to identify process improvements, training requirements, and mentoring techniques that will help close the knowledge gap within the team
  • DD.与相应的相关方和职能经理开会,了解项目人员配置时的初步决策,包括所使用的基本原理和标准
    Meet with appropriates stakeholders and functional managers to understand the initial decisions made when staffing the project,.'including the retionale and criteria used

正确答案:C 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:C 解析:工作分配不合理,排除法,C最好。

167[单选] 一个项目刚刚完成,所有相关方都很满意,所有未解决问题均已关闭,且客户己批准结果。项目经理下一步应该怎么做?

A project has just been completed, all project stakeholders are satisfied, all outstanding issue have been closed, and the customer has approved the result. What should the project manager do next?

  • AA.解散项目团队
    Release the team
  • BB.庆祝项目结束
    Celebrate project closure
  • CC.通知项目发起人项目结束
    Inform the sponsor of the project closure
  • DD.记录经验教训
    Document the lessons learned

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:项目收尾工作,B不重要,不是必然工作;D优先于AC本末倒置。

168[单选] 项目经理正在考虑如何最好地处理制造过程所产生的废弃物。这些废弃物可以帮助生产绿色能源,项目经理请求项目发起人允许将废弃物出售给当地供应商。这项请求获得批准并为企业产生收入。项目经理使用的是哪一项风险策略?

A project manager is considering how best to dispose of waste produced by the manufacturing process. The waste can assist in the production of green energy, The project manager request permission from the project sponsor to sell the waste to a local supplier. This is approved and generates income for the business. Which risk strategy did the project manager use?

  • AA.转移
  • BB.开拓
  • CC.减轻
  • DD.接受

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:机会,应该是分享,但没有这个选项。唯一的机会应对策略B

169[单选] 项目经理加入位于两个国家的矩阵项目团队中,而这两个国家具有重大的文化差异。项目经理应该做些什么来启动项目?

A Project manager joins a matrix project teams located in two countries with significant cultural differences. What should the project manager do to start the project?

  • AA.安排一次虚拟的项目启动会议,以介绍团队成员并确定项目范围和目标
    Schedule a virtual kick-off meeting to introduce team members and establish the project scope and goals
  • BB.举行一次在同一地点参加的启动会议,以培养关系并建立期望
    Hold a co-located kick-off meeting to develop relationships and establish expectations
  • CC.向团队成员发送电子邮件启动项目,并确定一个在同一地点举行会议的日期,以便进行需求澄清
    Email team members to kick-off the project and to define the date of a co-located meeting for requirements clarification
  • DD.通过分发团队章程和举行虚拟启动会议来培养动力
    Build motivation by distributing the team charters and conducting a virtual kick-off meeting

正确答案:A 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:A 解析:如果不提到重大文化差异,分两地召开开工会议最好。有文化差异,开工会议有团队建设作用,要一起开,但B不现实。

170[单选] 在项目执行期间,相关方希望添加一个新的产品功能。项目经理应该怎么做才能添加这个功能?

During project execution , a stakeholder wants to add a new product function. What should a project manager do to enable the addition of this feature?

  • AA.咨询团队和直线经理
    Consulting team and line manager
  • BB.请求发起人批准
    Ask the project sponsor for approval
  • CC.向变更控制委员会(CCB)提交一份变更请求
    Submit a change request to the change control board( CCB)
  • DD.获得所有相关方的一致同意
    Obtain a consensus from all stakeholders

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:变更问题,走变更流程。

171[单选] 一家公司必须实施一项产品来解决监管问题。项目经理必须让来自几个国家的不同团队参与进来,并使他们与承诺的里程碑保持一致。项目发起人要求项目经理在本周创建并分发项目进度计划。项目经理应该怎么做?

A company must implement a product to resolve regulatory issues. The Project managers must involve different teams from several countries and align them with the committed milestones. The sponsor asks the project manager to create and circulate the project schedule this week. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.根据所需的里程碑创建进度计划并发布
    Create the schedule based on the required milestones and publish it
  • BB.要求团队提供意见,并根据团队可用性创建进度计划
    Request input from the leams and create the schedule based on their availability
  • CC.获得团队的估算,并使用进度计划工具来调整和满足里程碑
    Obtain the estimates from the leams and use the scheduling tools to adjust and meet milestones
  • DD.使用暂定日期分发活动清单和相应属性
    Circulate the list of activities and respective attributes with tentative dates

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:B没有C更全面、专业。

172[单选] 财务部门正在实施一个预算规划和预测的新系统。关于新系统如何令部门更加分散和效率低下的传言正在流传。项目经理应该如何处理这个问题?

A finance department is implementing a new system for budget planning and forecasting. Rumors are circulating about how the new system will make the department more fragmented and less efficient. How should the project manager handle this ?

  • AA.更新沟通管理计划,以在系统开发期间包含财务部门员工
    Update the communication management plan to include the financial department employees during system development
  • BB.确保组织变更在变更管理计划中得到说明,并以可接受的速度引入
    Ensure that organizational changes are addressed in the change management plan and introduced at an acceptable rate
  • CC.与财务部门员工一起审查变更管理计划,以确保正确记录过程变更
    Review the change management plan with the finance department employees to ensure that process changes are documented correctly
  • DD.向财务部门保证变更管理计划将考虑他们的担心
    Assure the finance department that the change management plan will incorporate their concerns

正确答案:A 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:A 解析:没有及时发布正确信息才有了谣言,这是沟通问题。题目与变更无关,新系统即新项目,项目中沟通问题,信息发布以及汇报问题,需要更新审查或创建沟通管理计划,或者做好沟通规划,A最符合。

173[单选] 一家公司准备重新启动一个暂停的项目。遗憾的是,整个项目团队均已解散。项目经理应该使用什么来重新制定项目计划?

A company is ready to re-initiate a project that was put on hold. Unfortunately, the entire project team was released. What should the project manager use to replan the project?

  • AA.经验教训储存库
    Lessons learned repository
  • BB.项目发起人的意见
  • CC.商业论证
    Business case
  • DD.可行性研究
    Feasibility study

正确答案:A 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:A 解析:曾经做过的项目,要利用其组织过程资产。

174[单选] 项目经理一直在努力安排与项目人员的第一次会议。若要确保人员合作,项目经理应该怎么做?

A project manager has been struggling to arrange their first meeting with project resources. What should the project manager do to ensure resources collaboration?

  • AA.获得总经理的授权
    Obtain the general manager's authorization
  • BB.与每位相关方举行面对面会议
    Conduct face-to-face meetings with each stakeholder
  • CC.获得项目章程批准
    Obtain project charter approval
  • DD.与相关方分享工作说明书(SOW)
    Share the statement of work (SOW) with stakeholders

正确答案:C 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:C 解析:如何获得他人对项目的支持和配合,见PMBOK77页第一段第2要用项目章程来建立组织内部的合作关系

175[单选] 在与产品负责人交谈后,一位项目团队开发人员为当前迭代添加了一项关键功能,以确保新的销售。该团队成员已经开始开发该功能。项目经理下一步应该怎么做?

After speaking with the product owner, a project team developer added a critical feature to the current iteration that will secure a new sales. The team has already started developing this feature. What should the project manager do next?

  • AA.指示团队成员停止开发该功能,直到遵循变更控制流程
    Instruct the project team to stop developing the feature until change control procedures are followed
  • BB.建议开发人员主动添加该功能,并告知产品负责人该功能在当前迭代后可用
    Commend that developer for taking the initiative to add this feature and communicate to the owner that the feature will available after the current iteration
  • CC.如果不影响当前正在进行的任何其他功能交付,指导团队完成该功能的开发
    Direct the team to finish development the feature if will not impact the deliverables of any other features currently in progress
  • DD.将该问题上报给人力资源部门,以确保产品负责人将来不会绕过命令链
    Escalate the issue to the human resources department to ensure that the owner does not bypass the chain of command in the future

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:非法变更问题,要走流程。排除法,A最好。

176[单选] 在项目执行规划研讨会后,所有相关方均讨论、细化了项目范围并达成一致意见。在审査文档之后,项目经理发现在项目生命周期中没有与范围变更相关的参考。若要解决这个问题,项目经理应该怎么做?

After a project execution planning workshop, the scope was discussed,detailed,and agreed upon by all stakeholders . After reviewing the documentation, the project manager identified that there was no reference related to scope change during the project’s life cycle. What should the project manager do to resolve this?

  • AA.要求项目发起人更新范围,以保护这项变更
    Ask the sponsor to update the scope with this change
  • BB.确保范围变更得到管理层的批准
    Ensure that scope changes will be approved by management
  • CC.继续执行项目并根据需要讨论任何范围变更
    Continue executing the project and discuss any scope changes on an as needed basis
  • DD.讨论遗漏范围变更程序的主题并制定范围变更流程
    Discuss the subject of missing scope change procedures and develop a scope change process

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:缺少范围变更流程,要创建。

177[单选] 由于财务问题,客户取消了一个接近完成的项目。项目经理下一步应该怎么做?

Due to financial issues, a customer canceled a project that is nearly complete. What should the project manager do next?

  • AA.立即解散所有项目资源
    Immediately release all project resources
  • BB.请求项目发起人批准停止工作
    Request project sponsor approval to stop work
  • CC.记录经验教训
    Document the lessons learned
  • DD.完成剩余任务
    Complete the remaining tasks

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:项目提前终止,要进入项目收尾,CA后。

178[单选] 一位关键相关方没有空批准项目定义。项目经理下一步应该怎么做?

A key stakeholder is unavailable to approve for a project definition. What should the project manager do next?

  • AA.跟进该相关方以获得批准
    Follow up with stakeholder to obtain approval
  • BB.审查相关方参与计划
    Review the stakeholder engagement plan
  • CC.暂停所有项目活动
    Put all project activities on hold
  • DD.更新批准过程以删除此相关方的要求
    Update the approval process to remove this stakeholder requirement

正确答案:A 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:A 解析:没空批准,不是不批准,不是相关方问题。章程必须批准,否则项目无法启动。

179[单选] 在项目测试期间,识别到多个缺陷。由于团队还在解决积压的缺陷,测试将会超支的风险现在已经增加。 项目经理应该怎么做?

During project testing,numerous defects are identified.Since a backlog of defects is already being addressed by the team,the risk that testing will overrun has now increased. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.将该问题上报给项目发起人
    Escalate the issue to the project sponsor.
  • BB.采用冲突管理技术来审查和确定缺陷的优先级
    Adopt conflict management techniques to review and prioritize defects.
  • CC.提交更变请求来解决缺陷
    Submit change requests to resolve the defects.
  • DD.请求额外的资源来处理缺陷积压
    Request additional resources to work on the defect backlog.

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:监督风险的输出-变更请求,可以通过提交变更请求来解决缺陷问题。

180[单选] 项目经理与生产支持经理开会,将新应用的所有权转移给应用支持团队。会议期间,生产支持经理表达了担忧,指出所提供文件不足以让他们承担支持。 项目经理应该怎么做?

A project manager meets with the production support manager to transfer ownership of a new application to the application support team.During the meeting.the production support manager expresses concern that the documentation provided is inadequate for them to assume support.What should the project manager do?

  • AA.收尾项目并在经验教训中收集该问题
    Close out the project and capture the issue in lessons learned.
  • BB.要求生产支持经理让技术文件作者在项目之外更新文件
    Ask the production support manager to have the technical writer update the documentation outside of the projects.
  • CC.请技术文件作者修改文件,并重新安排支持转移会议
    Ask the technical writer to fix the documentation and reschedule the support transfer meeting.
  • DD.在对文件进行任何变更之前,请求更变控制委员会(CCB)的批准
    Request approval from the change control board(CCB)before making any changes to the documentation.

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:变更题目,选D

181[单选] 在一个时间紧迫的项目期间,项目经理注意到两名团队成员之间的冲突让项目进度停滞不前。项目经理应该做些什么来恢复工作和管理冲突?

During a project with a tight timeline, the project manager observes a conflict between two team members that is halting progress. What should the project manager do to resume work and manage the conflicts?

  • AA.将这两名团队成员分开以防止冲突影响项目
    Separate the team members to prevent the conflicts from impacting the project
  • BB.请求相关方帮助团队成员达成妥协
    Request that stakeholder help the team members reach a compromise
  • CC.要求双方通过分析情况来解决冲突,并与他们合作找到共同解决方案
    Ask Both parties to resolve the conflict by analysing the situation and collaborate with them on finding a common solution
  • DD.指示团队成员采取一致观点并继续项目
    Direct the team members to take one point of view and proceed with the project

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:考冲突策略,没有特殊提示,都选合作/解决问题。

182[单选] 法律要求一个新项目进行环境影响研究后才可以继续执行,这将导致进度延误和成本超支。若要避免这个问题,项目经理应该事先做什么?

Legislation requires an environmental impact study before a new project can proceed,this will cause a schedule delay and a cost overruns. What should the project manager have done to avoid this ?

  • AA.将使用实施整体变更控制流程活动的结果纳入到执行计划中
    Incorporate the results obtained using the perform integrated change control process into the execution plan
  • BB.将该风险纳入风险登记册中,然后在该风险变成现实时重定进度基准
    Include the risk in the risk register
    then rebaselined the schedule if the risk was realized
  • CC.请求作为例外情况按现状实施项目,然后考虑在未来项目的范围内增加此环境影响研宄
    Requested an exception to implement the project as. is,then considered adding this environmental impact study in a future project’s scope
  • DD.执行风险分析以指出这种可能性,并记录当风险变成现实时需要遵循的方法
    Performed a risk analysis to indicate this possibility and document an approach to follow if the risk materialized

正确答案:D 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:D 解析:该法律要求是计划之外的意外风险。如果能事先识别,就不至于影响进度、成本。D是识别风险并制定应对计划。A理解错误;B后半句错。

183[单选] 项目经理得知,因为未得到足够的支持,一位团队成员无法满足指定的截止日期。原计划由另一个部门的职能经理直接管理的一位人员能支持该团队成员,但因其超负荷无法完成,组织内没有其他资源可用。项目经理应该怎么做?

A project manager learn member could not meet assigned deadline because adequate support was not received. An overloaded resource, who is directly managed by a functional manager in another department was scheduled to support this team member, but was unable,no other resources are available within the organization. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.联系该超负荷人员的职能经理,并审查资源进度计划
    Engage with the overloaded resource’s functional manager,and review the resource scheduling plan
  • BB.要求该团队成员与该超负荷人员联系,以解决该问题
    Ask the team member to engage with the overloaded resource to resolve the problem
  • CC.要求该超负荷人员的职能经理解决该问题
    Ask the overloaded resource’s functional manager to resolve the issue
  • DD.与团队开会,以解决该问题
    Meet with the team to resolve the issue

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:原本分配给项目的资源超负荷,属于资源冲突问题,也可以当成相关方问题,都与该资源的职能经理有关,有冲突要面对,或管理相关方参与。


A project’s team members are located in different countries.Since the team must review large amounts of information.what methods should be used to communicate?

  • AA.内部网站、知识库和经验教训数据库
    Intranet sites.knowledge repositories,and lessons learned database
  • BB.即时通讯和会议
    Instant messaging(IM)and meetings
  • CC.视频会议和电话会议
    Video conferencing and phone calls
  • DD.电子邮件、信件和备忘录
    Emails,letters,and memos

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:大量信息,最好用拉式沟通。

185[单选] 在与新组建的团队启动项目后不久,项目经理发现团队成员对意见分歧极为直言不讳。若要在团队建设过程中鼓励进展,项目经理应该怎么做?

Shortly after kicking off a project with a newly formed team, the project manager discovers that team members are extremely vocal about differences of opinion. To encourage progression through the team building process,What should the project manager do ?

  • AA.要求团队成员专注于完成任务
    Ask team members to focus on task completion
  • BB.营造一个反馈和肯定的环境,巩固支持团队的习惯
    Foster an environment of feedback and affirmation to solidify habit that support the team
  • CC.强调团队成员之间达成共识以尽量减少冲突的重要性
    Stress the importance of consensus among team members to minimize conflict
  • DD.经常审查并评团队和项目绩效
    Frequently review and evaluate team and project performance

正确答案:B 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:B 解析:如何进行团队建设,排除法,B最正面。

186[单选] 在系统升级后,客户向支持团队抱怨他们无法使用该系统。支持团队没有接受过从事 升级工作的项目团队培训。若要解决这个问题,项目经理应该怎么做?

Following an upgrade, customer complain to the support team that they are unable to use the system. The support team failed to receive training from the project team that work on the upgrade. What should the project manager do to resolve this?

  • AA.查看支持团队的培训计划,并安排培训课程
    Review the training plan for the support team and schedule a training session
  • BB.应将问题升级上报给项目发起人,并建议项目团队接管支持职能
    Escalate the issue to the project sponsor and recommended that the project team take over the support function
  • CC.遵循变更管理计划,采取必要的纠正措施以满足客户的期望
    Follow the change management plan to take the corrective actions necessary to meet customer expectations
  • DD.与部署团队合作,安排修复升级问题
    Work with the deployment team to schedule the fixes to the upgrade

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:题目信息比较混乱,还是用排除法,A相对较好。

187[单选] 团队成员对问题日志中大量未解决的技术问题感到不满。项目经理应该怎么做?

Team members are unhappy about the significant number of unresolved technical problems in the issue log-What should the project manager do?

  • AA.解释说这些问题应通过让主题专家(SMEs)参与解决
    Explain that issues should be resolved by involving subject matter experts(SMEs).
  • BB.请求更多时间来分析未完成的事项
    Request more time to analyze the outstanding items.
  • CC.将该情况上报给项目发起人,获得支持
    Escalate the situation to the project sponsor to gain support.
  • DD.提交变更请求,替换项目经理
    Submit a change request to replace the project manager.

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:排除法。A推脱责任;B没有大问题,符合常识;C麻烦发起人了;D是杜撰。

188[单选] 项目经理正在管理一个由跨职能团队执行的软件重新设计项目。该公司正在进行敏捷转型,项目管理办公室(PMO)发布了更新后的政策和程序,要求当前项目迭代开发整合到项目管理方法中。若要确保每次迭代交付都考虑质量,项目经理应该怎么做?

A project manager is leading a software redesign project with a cross-functional team. The company is undergoing an agile transformation, and the project management office (PMO) has released updated policies and procedures that require current projects to integrated iterative development into project management approaches. What should the project manager do to ensure that quality is incorporated into each iteration of delivery?

  • AA.与相关方以及和项目团队合作,以确保有明确定义的已完成定义(DoD)
    work with stakeholders and the project team to ensure that there is a clearly a defined definition of done(DoD)
  • BB.将测试和验证活动分配给具有功能背景的团队成员
    Assign testing and validation activities to team members with a functional background
  • CC.安排该项目最后一次迭代的所有测试活动,以便整个团队可以关注同一目标
    Schedule all testing activities for the last iteration of the project so the entire team can focus on the same goal
  • DD.分配专门的软件测试人员,以确保在整个项目生命周期中进行测试
    Assign a dedicated software tester to ensure that testing occurs throughout the project’s life cycle

正确答案:A 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:A 解析:DoD是在敏捷中对质量的要求的描述。

189[单选] 承包商正在根据固定总价(FFP)合同执行一个翻新项目。在项目期间,承包商进行 了多项仍在项目范围内的小变更,此外,一些相关方要求进行变更。项目经理应该怎么做?

A contractor is performing a renovation project based on a firm fixed price (FFP) contract. During the project, the contractor makes multiple small changes that are still within the project’s scope In addition, several stakeholders request more changes. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.修改合同以纳入这些变更
    Amend the contract to incorporate the changes
  • BB.将这些超范围变更添加到变更日志
    Add the scope changes to the change log
  • CC.查阅沟通管理计划
    Refer the communication management plan
  • DD.查阅变更管理计划
    Consult the change management plan

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:变更问题,D选项类似于实施整体变更控制过程。任何变更都要走变更控制流程。

190[单选] 在一个软件项目章程获得批准后,项目管理计划收集相关方、解决方案以及产品需求。两位关键相关方离开项目,由位于不同时区的人员取代。若要完成需求跟踪矩阵,项目经理应该怎么做?

After a software project charter is approved, the project manager plans to gather stakeholders , solutions and product requirements. Two key stakeholders leave the project and are replaced by people located in different time zones. What should the project manager do to complete the requirements traceability matrix?

  • AA.使用名义小组技术收集多个地区的意见
    Use the nominal group technique to collect multiple location inputs
  • BB.安排一次联合应用设计(JAD)研讨会
    Facilitate a joint application design (JAD) workshop
  • CC.举行多次虚拟会议
    Conduct multiplhold virtual meetings
  • DD.执行站点顺序需求审查
    Perform site-sequential requirements reviews

正确答案:B 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:B 解析:如何向众多相关方收集需求,用引导式研讨会,B是引导式研讨会的一种具体实践方法,见PMBOK

191[单选] 一家保安公司正在免费为当地的避难所实施门禁控制。营销团队计划通过善意的宣传活动,确保整体覆盖-包括广播和电视广告,并让避难所及其发起人参与。这描述的是哪一项风险应对策略?

A security firm is implementing access control at a local shelters at no charge. The marketing team plans a goodwill campaign ensuring press coverage, including radio and television features, and engagement with the shelter and its sponsors. Which risk response strategy does this describe?

  • AA.风险分析
    Risk exploiting
  • BB.风险增强
    Risk enhancement
  • CC.风险接受
    Risk acceptance
  • DD.风险分摊
    Risk sharing

正确答案:D 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:D 解析:PMBOK6P444-规划风险应对-机会的应对策略-分享。将应对机会的责任转移给第三方,使其享有机会所带来的部分收益。分摊即分享。

192[单选] 项目经理正在为新项目确定项目章程。此时一名关键项目相关方提出与原先略有不同的新需求。项目经理应该怎么做?

A project manager is finalizing the project charter for a new project .A key stakeholder then proposes new requirements that vary slightly from the original. What should the project manager do?

  • AA.要求项目发起人增加额外资金以适应新需求,并对其它方案召开头脑风暴
    Ask the project sponsor for additional funds to accommodate the new requirements and brainstorm other options.
  • BB.审查项目相关方登记册,重新分类项目相关方,并根据新的需求更新项目章程
    Review the stakeholder register to reclassify the stakeholder and update the project charter with the new requirements.
  • CC.审查谅解备忘录(MOU),重新定义项目的初始意图,并将新需求包含进项目章程中
    Review the memorandum of understanding(MOU)to redefine the initial intention of the project and include the new requirements in the project charter.
  • DD.与项目相关方和项目发起人开会,讨论新需求的影响,并获得一致意见
    Meet with stakeholders and the sponsor to discuss the impact of the new requirements and obtain consensus.

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:范围变更问题,但选项中没有标准的变更流程选项,只能选相对好一点的D。题意是制定项目章程阶段,要和项目发起人达成一致意见才能制定项目章程。

193[单选] 在将项目投入生产之前,一名新项目经理加入团队,项目经理了解到运营问题妨碍任务按时完成。 项目经理应该审査哪个过程?

Prior to moving a project into production,a new project manager joins the team.The project manager learns that operational issues prevented tasks from being completed on time. what process should the project manager review?

  • AA.控制风险
    Control Risks
  • BB.控制范围
    Control Scope
  • CC.控制质量
    Control Quality
  • DD.控制进度
    Control Schedule

正确答案:D 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:D 解析:进度受到影响,应该控制进度。运营不是项目经理的权力范围,在进度控制中,这属于假设情景分析。

194[单选] 不确定项目开发时间时,必须避免预算偏差方面的风险。这应该使用哪一个合同类型?

When developing a project during an uncertain times, risks regarding budget deviations must be avoided. What type of contract should be used?

  • AA.总价加经济价格调整合同(FP-EPA)
    Fixed price with economic price adjustment contract (FP-EPA)
  • BB.工料合同(T&M)
    Time and Material (T&M)
  • CC.总价加激励费用合同(FPIF)
    Fixed price incentive fee (FPIF)
  • DD.成本加激励费用合同(CPIF)
    Cost plus incentive fee (CPIF)

正确答案:A 你的答案:A

解析:参考答案:A 解析:项目的持续时间不确定,意味着可能时间很长,又要风险低,用总价加经济价格调整合同。

195[单选] 在项目规划期间,项目经理识别到多个风险。为减轻这些风险的影响,项目经理应该怎么做?

During project planning, a project manager identifies several risks. What should the project manager do to mitigate the impact of these risks?

  • AA.将风险规避视为风险应对策略
    Consider risk avoidance as A risk response strategy
  • BB.遵循先前项目的风险管理计划
    Follow the risk management plan from previous projects
  • CC.执行储备分析
    Conduct a reserve analysis
  • DD.执行决策树分析并让相关方参与应对措施选择过程
    Perform a decision tree analysis and involve stakeholder in the response selection process

正确答案:D 你的答案:D

解析:参考答案:D 解析:用排除法,D相对较好。

196[单选] 在一个IT项目的第二个交付里程碑中执行了质量评估。由于提出了许多问题,项目经理希望了解质量趋势以及是否存在相关变量。项目经理应该使用哪一项工具?

At the second delivery milestone of an IT project. A quality assessment is Performed ,A number of issues are raised, and the project manager wants to understand the trend about quality and whether or not there are related variables. What tool or technique should the project manager use?

  • AA.石川图
    Ishikawa diagram
  • BB.散点图
    Scatter diagram
  • CC.帕累托图
    Pareto chart
  • DD.统计分析
    Statistical sampling

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:找相关性,用散点图。

197[单选] 项目团队正通过估算每个工作包来制定项目预算。团队使用过往项目的统计值和历史数据。这使用的是什么估算工具或技术?

A project team is developing a project budget by estimating each work package.The team uses statistical values and historical data from past projects. What estimating tool or technique is being used?

  • AA.储备分析
    Reserve analysis
  • BB.类比估算
    Analogous estimating
  • CC.专家判断
    Expert judgment
  • DD.参数估算
    Parametric estimating

正确答案:D 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:D 解析:参数估算强调统计关系、统计分析。

198[单选] 项目经理加入一个项目,该项目要求在两年内更换现有的IT系统。项目经理下一步应该做什么?

A project manager joins a project to replace an existing IT system within two years. What should the project manager do next?

  • AA.与相关方一起执行效益分析
    Conduct a benefit analysis with stakeholders
  • BB.确定商业需求和预期效益
    Identify the business needs and anticipated benefits
  • CC.根据与相关方的讨论执行单项评估
    Perform a project assessment based on discussions with stakeholders
  • DD.制定项目管理计划
    Develop a project management plan

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:新项目,先论证。A强调了与相关方一起,不合适。论证项目需求,制定项目章程后才有相关方概念及管理计划。

199[单选] 项目经理通过每周一次的电子邮件与相关方沟通。在接下来的委员会管理会议上,一名相关方得知项目的状态感到很惊讶,并表明其从未收到任何更新。若要在将来避免这种情况,项目经理应该怎么做?

A project manager communicates with stakeholders via weekly E-mails. At the next board management meeting, a stakeholders is surprised to learn about the project’s status and states they have not received any updates. What should the project manager do to avoid this situation in the future?

  • AA.查阅项目章程
    Refer to the project charter
  • BB.确保遵循沟通管理计划
    Ensure the communication management plan is followed
  • CC.邀请该相关方参加未来的项目会议
    Invite the stakeholder to future project meetings
  • DD.密切管理该相关方
    Manage the stakeholder closely

正确答案:B 你的答案:B

解析:参考答案:B 解析:典型的沟通问题,找沟通管理计划。相关方没有收到更新计划,有可能是PM把他漏掉了,也有可能此相关方根本就不应该知道项目更新计划。应严格按照沟通管理计划执行信息沟通。

200[单选] 高级管理层希望在管理项目相关方的期望时提高项目经理的人际关系技能,应推荐哪种类型的培训?

Senior management wants to improve the interpersonal skills of project managers when managing stakeholder expectations.What type of training should be recommended?

  • AA.商业头脑
    Business acumen
  • BB.组织行为
    Organizational behavior
  • CC.冲突解决
    Conflict resolution
  • DD.沟通技能
    Communication skills

正确答案:C 你的答案:C

解析:参考答案:C 解析:管理相关方工具中的人际关系技能,见PMBOK52713.3.2.3,只有C正确。 有冲突管理,文化意识,谈判,观察和交谈,政治意识,共五中人际关系与团队技能。D中沟通技能是中国人的说法,PMBOK中沟通是一种项目过程。