Comparison of JIRA system and DevSuite system

Overall speaking JIRA and Dev suite have their  own advantage, the JIRA system is focus on the Issues tracking( including bug, tasks, story, demand) while Dev suite is a more comprehensive System with Testing tasks assignment and Track(Dev Work project), testing plan/cases building and maintenance(Dev Template), and issue tracking(Dev Track).

Comparison of JIRA system and DevSuite system

The comparison table of JIRA system and Dev suite system

Above table is really comparison between JIRA and Dev suite. Both JIRA and Dev Track are popularly used to tracking issues, overall the JIRA system is more easy to operate for end user than Dev track because the interface layout of JIRA is more simple and clear than Dev Track, the JIRA system record and track issue on one page to present one issue relative status while Dev Track would take 8 separate pages to record and present one issue, which makes Dev Track looks a bit complexity. But Dev Track also has its advantage that it can link to testing tasks, which means we can clear know what is the pass-fail criteria and why we can detect this issue.

For small company testing department, Dev suite is more suitable, the reason as below:

  1. Jira system is only a system to track issues while Dev suite is more comprehensive to track testing tasks, testing plan and detected issue. It help to records all the related documents/reports.
  2. Even thought Jira is more convenient than Dev Track on issue tracking, but if R&D engineer and testing engineer can proficient operate Dev Track, this is would not a critical problem.






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