2011 year Work Summary Report

Memory for 2011 year , reworte this report . Considering company's factor , delect the real name in these words .

Preface of Report

I wish to dedicate this report to all the friends and colleagues who have provided me help , information andencouragement while I was worked in TV system verification test stages .

In particular I want to acknowledge the bug' root cause andsolution of leaders and TPE colleagues in the technologysupport ,and the fortitude of Jay Zhang in working shoulder by shoulder in PNX85503 project .

2011 Transaction Table

2010 October – 2011 January V-band 19" / 22" / 26"

1. Support LNT verdict MT Small size module project

2010 October – 2011 February V-band 37" / 42" Project

1. Work with Chris complete 37" / 42"(local Power & LGIT Power) SVT stage in January

2. Cleaning 37” / 42” SVT leave over problems

3. Solving 37” / 42” graphics abnormal Problem caused by TCON circuit unsuitable design

4. Solving37”/42” TV screen flashing problem caused by L1807 location

2011 January -- 2011 March V-band 32" LG panel Project

1.LNT Change Panel LED bar parts issue ,pending one month

2. 32" LG panel ( local Power & LGIT power ) pending because of no WSP after SVT stage

2011 March – 2011 May V-band 42" AUO panel Project

1. FW issue HDMI resolution error

2011 May – 2011 June V-band 32" AUO panelProject

1. Panelvs LVDS , don`t match delay SVT schedule in primary stage

2. AC instantaneous reconstruction issue cause by panel old parts for SVT running

2011 April – 2011 May S-band 40" Project

1. Taking a secondment to join the Mainland team forlabor dayshipments

2. 40” audio S-bandstandard vs local standardissue

3.Resonance issue during PP & MP1 stage

2011 May SA-band 32" / 42" / 46" Project

1. Panel display ability not meet SA-band request issue

2. 32” / 42” / 46” pending because of production parameter problems

2011 May – 2011 December V-band 58" / 50" Project

Beginning 58” system verificationtest when return back to V-band team

Solving ELT issues from June to November , five times

Solving Chamber issue about 14 times from June to December

MEMC* can’t work after thermal shock issue test

Giving assistance to FW & Trident to solving firmware test

Disposing of 58" PP & PP2 problems

2011 Weekly Report

2011 year Work Summary Report

Work Experience

1 .Working under pressure and heavy loading

Good working attitude and physical is important .Never withbad mood & personal emotion during working time , otherwise there are a mixture of confusion .Be a EE ,there are lots of bugs or abnormal events need to been solved , heavy loading and hard acceptable pressure , sometimes The work would made us mentally and physically exhausted .Several workmate resign caused of it .Life is difficult , work away from home is painful .a man should learn how to stay better off, good humor , fine attitude , healthy physical .

2 .Strengthen Professional acknowledge learning

professional acknowledge is helpful and important for EE, without this ability & get workmate’s supply , successfully solve bugs and abnormal event will be impossible .

Good soldering skill to rework component and assist FW test *.prj firmware ;

Good ability to assemble & disassemble mechanical helpful for audio resonance solve , understand mechanic and electronic Document finishing ability for well control work status , BOM , circuitdrawing etc..

Foreign language skill help to learn professional literatureMade By Joyce Liu

3 . More detailed serious

we should improve the work effect , it’s necessaryto identify the urgent item and important item,  then deal them in sequence.

Work details serious will decrease abnormal work-time lost&parts waste .

4. Improving communication skills

we must take more internal communication to improve and enhance team co-work ability, the same to whole project team.





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